Through My Veins

"There coming. Fast." Zayn sighed, staring out the window, out to the moon above us, filling the world with just the tiniest bit of light.
"How long do we have?" I asked. Watching them all.
"Approximately 72 hours." I turned my attention to Harry, who's face was completely emotionless. I couldn't get a read on him.
"So whats your plan?"
"We run." Liam's voice was slightly shaky yet steady. His tone, serious...and that's what scared me the most.
Emilia, aka Mia, had no idea what was coming. If only she knew that she was about to be the responisibility of 5 boys. Having to throw her life into their hands. People were after her. MANY people. A whole army in fact. But what did she do wrong? Nothing. Its all he fathers fault. 5 boys have to keep her away from the danger.
She finds out information that shocks many. They are all forced to run. They travel from country to country. Escaping the violence not only to get caught up in it all. Lets just hope Mia can handle a gun.


1. Prologue

   I walked along the streets of London. I was on a holiday here for 6 months. My home was back in Australia. I loved it there. But something about London I loved even more. It felt like home. I had brought my mum out here with me. Her fiancè decided to tag along too. He brought his work with him.

   The cool, gentle breeze of the quiet England morning, brushed against my skin sending shivers through-out my body. As I neared my house I slowed down. I pulled a hair-tie off my wrist and tied back my hair into a pony-tail. I removed my headphones from my ears and put them in my pocket. I turned into my driveway and noticed the pair of legs coming out from under the car.

   "Hey, John." I called out as I gave his legs a kick before passing by him to stand at the end of  
the broken down car. 
   "Hey, Mia. Could you hand me that wrench on the tool kit?" He spoke from beneath the car. I looked down to his tool kit and picked up the shiny, silver tool laying there on top of the box. I held it out as he slid out from under the vehicle. His body covered in oil and sweat. "Thanks."

   "So, got her running yet?" I tapped the car hood slightly, making the sound of my palm hitting the cool metal echoed through the street. He let out a long sigh and wiped the sweat off his forehead before speaking. "Not yet, but she's getting there."

   I stood up and walked over to the front door. Almost knocking over my mother on the way. She held a plate of cookies in her hand. I took one and bit into it in front of her. "Choc chip?! Very nice." I smiled. She loved it when I complimented her baking skills.

   I jogged inside and opened the fridge. The cool air left a trail of goosebumps on my revealed skin. I grabbed out a can of lemonade and drank it, feeling it cooly burn my throat on the way down before setting it down on the bench afterwards.
   "Its a nice day out. One we haven't had in a while with winter just ending. Why dont you go out and help John with the car?" Mum suggested, as she walked into the room biting into one of her cookies.
   "Sure. Just let me change first." I ran into my room and changed out of my swestpants and tanktop. I slipped on some leggings and a tight t-shirt with some high-tops. 

   I jogged quickly out the door to be greeted with the sound of a loud engine. "What are you doing?!" I called out to John over all the noise.
   "Testing her out!" He cut the engine after about a few more seconds. He stepped out of the car and looked down at it and hitting the bonnet frustratingly. 
   "Not working, huh?" I frowned.
   "Nope. I just have to keep trying."

   I sighed and walked out and onto the road. Our house was in a quiet street with a long grass clearing in front of it. The grass actually looked green today, with the bright sun shining down on it. I stopped and sat down, feeling the soft grass through my fingers. I tilted my head back, letting the bright sun shine down on my face, warming it. The grass lightly tickled my legs as I lied them down.

   I was relaxed for the first time for what felt like a decade.

   I heard laughter in the distance. It was faint but sounded close by. I opened my eyes and snapped my head up. Searching for the source of the laughter. I then spotted a skate park in the distance. I had always seen it and heard announcers during competitions but I had never been. I wasn't allowed. I stood up and brushed the grass off my body. I looked back up to the park surrounded by teenagers.

   "Uh, John? Do you mind if I just go for a little walk first?" I asked not taking my eyes off the skate park.
   "But you just went like 10 minutes ago." He gave me a quizzical look before looking back at the old vehicle in front of him. I shrugged. 
   "I know. I just feel like I should go for one more round."
   "Ok, but don't take too long."

   I walked toward the park to watch it as it came closer and closer. The laughs but the teenagers became louder as I grew near. As I stepped onto the concrete, some of the boys hanging around turned to look at me. They smirked and notified the rest of them of my attendance.
   "Hey, the beauty parlor is that-a-way" One boy laughed, pointing down the road. I laughed sarcastically at his failed attempt at a joke, crossing my arms over my chest.
   "And, you would you know that, how?"

   The boy's smile dropped and all his friends laughed and patted him on the back in pity. "I wanna skate, idiot. Unless I come as a threat to you." I continued to tease him.
   "Threat?! Please, I'd like to see you try without breaking a nail." He raised one if his dark eyebrows at me and his smirk grew on his face.
   "Fine, give me the board then." I held out my hand for the skateboard.

   He clenched his jaw and handed me a skate board. I walked up to a ramp and placed it under my foot. I stepped down and let myself roll down the ramp. I was pretty good at it. When I was younger I would skate all the time. It was like, a hidden talent. 
   Once I was finished with 'showing off' I gave him back the board and turned around to leave. I noticed a guy sitting on a bench down near the far corner of the park, watching me. He had curly brown hair but I couldn't make out his face. 

   I shook it off and turned back to the teenager who was in complete shock and walked off with my head high. His jaw dropped behind me. I loved doing that to people. Shocking them to that effect. I find it quite amusing.

   I turned into my street and I could see our house in the distance. I felt as if someone was watching me. I turned around but nobody was there. I'm sure I was just imagining things. I shrugged and kept walking. Movement to the corner of my left eye caught my attention, making me snap my head around.
   Nothing again.
   I swallowed the lump forming in my throat and walked faster. I felt an uncomfortable and strange feeling come over me. As I reached my house, relief swept over my body. I opened the door and ran inside and up to my room. 

   As I reached my room a hand grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Where have you been?" My 13-year-old step brother stood in front of me. His eyes narrowed and his face was full of suspicion. 
  "Its none of your business, Nathan." I snapped at the young boy.
  "Well, as me being your younger brother-" 
   "Step! Step brother!" I cut him off. He sighed, "Step brother, I'm supposed to know what you do. So spill it." He smirked.
   "Not gonna happen."

   I went to turn back to my room when he grabbed my hand and examined it. "Hmmm. A few scratches and smudges....You've been skating again, haven't you?" I groaned, "Don't tell anybody or else your dead."
   "You know your not aloud to skate anymore." He smiled widely as he knew I would be in trouble if my mother was to find out,
   "Hence the whole 'Dont tell anybody or your dead' statement." I snapped.

   "That comes with a price. And, no family discounts."
I groaned loudly. "How much do you want, you little brat?" I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him as I awaited my price.
   "20?! I'll give you 15 and its a done deal. No higher or Lower."
   I walked in my room, handed over the money to my stupid 13-year-old step brother and slammed the door behind him. He can wait until we get back to Australia to spend that.

   I sighed and walked over to my bed. I was absolutely exhausted. I jumped on it, laying down on my back, staring at the roof for a while. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts for anyone to talk to. I sighed as I came to the conclusion at I couldn't be bothered to speak to anyone right now. I like my privacy. 

   I threw my phone to the other end of my bed and walked over to my balcony, opening the doors to embrace the rush of wind that came through them. I walked onto the balcony and sat at the glass table. 
   I watched as some children ran around the grass clearing. Laughter and squeals from the children came echoing through the streets. 

   I notice a 2 figures at the corner of my eye, looking up at me. They had black sunglasses on with a beanie on their heads. They dressed quite casual but also dark and seemed suspicious.
I looked down at them and waved, giving them a sarcastic smile. The one standing up waved enthusiastically, but the second one hit him in the arm forcing him to stop. I raised an eyebrow and shrugged turning away from the strange men.

   I put my head phones in and scrolled through my music. As I clicked on 'Dark Horse' by Katy Perry and placed my phone in my lap. I began to lip sing along to the song, closing my eyes as a smile formed across my lips as the music enveloped me completely. 

   I felt the head phones being forcefully pulled from my ears. My head snapped up and I saw Nathan standing there.
   "What are you doing in my room?!" I shouted.
   "I'm not in your room, I'm on the balcony, outside your room." He smiled, proud of his stupid answer.
   I rolled my eyes at him. "Well, you had to pass through my room to get here."
   "C'mon! My dad needs your help." He shouted and ran out of the room. I stood up and groaned, following him out the door. 

   I rushed down the stairs and out the door to see John, his face twisted in pain as he gripped his right hand over his left one.
   "What happened?"
   "Oh, nothing. Just accidentally cut my hand."
   "Let me see." I walked over to him and pulled his hand towards me. I noticed a deep, sharp cut right across his palm with blood seeping out. "That's nothing?! You need first aid."

   I ran inside and rushed through the bathroom cupboards, searching for the first aid kit. I pulled out the box and ran back out to help John. As soon as I got out there I pulled out the bandages and wrapped it around his hand.
   "Thanks for that." He sighed and went back to work.

   I turned around to notice two figures looking at me. When they realized I had seen them, they turned away. They were the guys I waved at just minutes ago. I walked toward them, my curiosity seeming to guide my feet rather than my own mind.
   "Hi! Is there anything you need?" I asked annoyed, as they were getting on my nerves. One seemed relaxed but the other tensed and became flustered.
   "No thanks, we're good." The relaxed one replied. I noticed that he had an Irish accent, he mustn't be from here. 
   "Uh, we'd love to stay and chat but we have work to do. Lets go." The other boy, who had an English accent grabbed the Irish boy's arm and dragged him down the street. I noticed as they went to walk off, a paper fell out of the British boy's bag. I walked over and picked it up.

   "Hey! Wait! You dropped your;" I stopped to examine the papers. It seemed to be a confidential file of some sort. The kind you only see in films, where only the people who work for the government could look into."file?" I furrowed my eyebrows when my eyes scanned over the papers in my hand again.

   He rushed over to me and snatched the paper out of my hand. I jumped back a his harsh action. He stared at me through his raybans for a while before rushing off with his friend. I widened my eyes and slowly turned back to my home.
   "Who was that?" John asked, he watched as the two strangers rushed away. 
   I sighed. "I don't know."
   "What did they want?"
   "I don't know." I repeated.
   "Don't worry about it. Probably some weirdo's who belong in a mental hospital rather than the streets of London." He chuckled and started to wipe the oil off his hands.
   "Yeah." I laughed along with him.

   "So your Mum and I are going out for dinner tonight. I've called a babysitter for Nathan so you don't need to take care of him." John informed me.
   "Awesome. I won't do much tonight anyway. Probably go get some groceries for myself at the shops or something, then come straight home for the rest of the night." I told him. It's true, I hadn't planned on doing much tonight. 
   "That's fine. If you want to stay over at Molly's place tonight, you can. Just leave a note or tell the babysitter or something. Just so we know where you are, ok?"
"Sure, John."

   He sighed and turned all of his attention onto me, ignoring is oil covered hands. "You know, you can call me Dad if you want."
   I slammed my hand on the outside table. He knew damn well not to bring this up to me, so I would snap just to make my damn point. "Well I don't want to call you 'Dad', because you are not and will never be my father! I won't let anybody ever replace my dad!" 
   I raised my voice at him. I made sure not to look him in the eye othereise a would burst into tears. The topic of my father rarely, if not never comes up and so when it does I can't help but snap. Especially if someone mentions replacing him. 

   "What's going on here?" I heard mums voice behind me. I didn't turn to face her as I bit my lip to stop the tears from slipping down my fsce. I groaned loudly and ran inside. I rushed up the stairs and into my room, locking the door behind me. I jumped onto my bed and cried into my pillow. I was fuming with anger. I would never replace my father, ever. 

   I heard three gentle knocks on the door.
   "Emilia? Open up, please." I heard my Mums calming voice through the door. I walk slowly towards it, wiping my eyes so it doesn't look like I've been crying for too long. 
The second I opened the door I don't even stop to look at her. I throw my arms around her and hug her tightly, weeping into her shoulder. 

   She slowly rubbed my back. "It's ok, Mia. Everything will be fine. John's not trying to replace your father. He just wants you to have a 'father figure' in this house, that's all."
  I pulled away from the hug and looked at my mother. "Mum? I know that. It just doesn't feel right calling someone else 'Dad'. It makes my feel like I'm replacing him."
   "I know, Mia. But you can't change the past." She pauses and then claps her hands loudly, putting on a massive smile. "Now that, that's cleared up, John and I are leaving in a half hour, the babysitter should be here by then. Don't leave the house until she arrives, ok?"
   "Ok. Don't worry. We'll be fine, Mum."

   She smiles and heads back downstairs. I walk back into my room and decided to call Molly.    
   Molly was a friend of mine who I met last year when I visited London. I haven't seen her since then but we still Skype every once in a while. 

   I pick up my phone on scroll through my contacts until I find her number. I pressed the phone up against my ear and she picked up after the 4th ring.
   "Hello?" Her voice chimes through the phone speaker. 
   "Mia! Oh my god! How long has it been?!" She chirped, you could practically hear the smile on her face. 
   I smiled widely, even though she couldn't see it. "It feels like forever. So, guess what?"
   "I'm in London!"
   "No way!" She squealed into the phone. I had to remove the phone from my ear for a bit because if I didn't, I think she would have broken my eardrum. 
   "Can I come over tonight?"
   "Of course! Oh my god, can't wait to see you!" She squealed into the phone again, causing me to drop it this time. I forgot how hyper she is. I groaned and picked it up again.
   "Would you just calm down?! I wanted to ask if I could sleep over too?"
   "Ok, see you soon!"
   "Sure, bye!"

   I put my phone down and grabbed out my over night bag. I opened my drawers and pulled out almost everything and shoved it in my bag as fast as I can. I'll just fix it up later at Molly's house.
    I zip it up and bring it downstairs. I put it down by the table and when I look up, I notice my Mum all dressed up with John.
   "You guys leaving already?"
   "Mia, it's 6 o'clock. John and I have dinner reservations at 6:30. We'll be late if we don't leave now. Besides, the baby-sitter is here already."

   I turn around and see a girl about my age, playing with Nathan and his action figures. He seriously needs to get rid of those. She looks up at me and smiles and stands up. She walks over to me quickly. 
   Her jet black hair, that was pulled back in a pony tail, bounced behind her. She had dark brown eyes, almost black, and long eyelashes which she was batting at us to give herself the innocent look. She had light freakles all over each cheek and had the biggest fake smile on her face.

   "Hi! I'm Shelly. Nice to meet you! I'm your neighbour. I live across the road." She extended her arm out and held her hand out and I shook it.
   "I'm Emilia, but you can call me Mia. I don't mean to be nosey but, doesn't Miss Hardly live there?" I asked her. My mum cleared her throat. 
   "Miss Hardly is her grandmother and she doesn't like to talk about what happened to her." She whispers in my ear.

   I caught on to the messege and turned back to the girl. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. She was a lovely woman." I try to sound as sincere as I can. She raises her hand and places it over her heart and whispers a quick thank you before turning back to my little brother.

   Dramatic much?

   There was something suspitious about that girl. I rolled my eyes and turned back to my mum.  
   "Well, have a fun night you two." I smiled. "Oh, and I'm sleeping over at Molly's house for the night."
   "Have fun. Bye sweetie." My mum cooed. With that, they left. I left not long afterwards. I put my bag in the car and drove off towards her house. 

   As I was half way there, I heard my phone go off in my hand bag. Once I got to a red light I searched through my bag and grabbed my phone. I read the name on the screen. Molly. I quickly pressed the phone to my ear. 
   There was some rustling on the other line before she spoke. "Hey, Mia. Do you mind getting some drinks for tonight. I've run out."
   "Sure, see you soon."

    I hung up and turned around. I drove towards the nearest grocery store that I knew of. I notice there was no more parking so I had to park down the street. 
   As I began to walk down the street I saw a shadow to my left. I snapped my head around, laughing when I saw it was my own shadow. This jet-lag has really got to my head. I might just have a early night tonight. 
   It was almost pitch black if you didn't count the street lamps just metres away from the next one down the street. I noticed the shadow again but to my right. Ok, now something must be going on. I looked around and heard a shout, only to see a figure in the dark ally up ahead. I dont know what came over me, but I felt myself slowly walk towards them. As much as my mind shouted for me not to my feet wouldn't listen. 

   "Hello?" I called out. 
   I walked closer to the anonymous figure. They hid in the shadows, obviously wanting to stay hidden. Only their silhouette being visible with the amount of available light. 
   "Do you need help? Are you ok?" I called out once again.
   They stayed quiet. 

   I opened my mouth to say something, but before I could, I felt my arm being tugged off to the side. A squeal shot out of my mouth before a hand could cover it up. I heard a couple of whispers. 
   How many people were here? Two? Three? But then I saw four dark figures shade my vision. If I counted the one behind me it would be five. Five people who are most likely going to hurt me. I got pushed against the wall while a hand was still firmly clasped around my mouth.
   "Stay quiet." I heard a deep English accent whisper in my ear. I nodded and didn't bother trying to scream. I knew what was coming. 

   I felt something hard, hit my head and the next thing I knew, it all went black.

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