The Cheer Up Book

Lily Anna said I was good at cheering people up so I though I should make some money out of it! Jokes, FREE FOREVER!! Just tell me why you're sad and I'll write a short story or something to try and cheer you up! Hello.


3. For Gracie

Gracie walked down the long winding path to school,

They saw her, they laughed, they teased,

But then out of the blue five boys walked along in the breeze,

They were, none other than One Direction,

The unbelievably famous boy band,

All the girls gushed, some fainted, some drooled,

But Gracie kept her cool,

She watched as her idols walked up to her,

She watched as the others all gasped,

"Look bullying's wrong!" The blonde, Irish one said,

"Yeah, so we're gonna take Gracie here on a trip to clear her head."

"So Gracie, what things do you like?" Zayn Malik asked,

"The Hunger Games and Doctor Who, and 1D, of course.

"Ok, then I think we can sort a little something out." Said curly, winking,

So, suddenly, there stood Gracie, amongst flashing lights, blinking,

She waited backstage with One Direction, when out came her FAVOURITE author,

Suzanne Collins, the author of the ultra-famous Hunger Games,

Gracie stood, he mouth wide open, as Suzie came and sat,

Down next to her and signed all three books, for Gracie, just like that.

There were photos and chats, and Gracie felt at home,

"But wait!" Louis cried, "There's much, much more to come!"

Then, David Tennant AND Matt Smith came swanning through the door,

"Hey Gracie, I hear you're a fan of the programme."

"Yes, yes, I am!"

So there was more talking, and signings and pictures when someone was calling her name,

Gracie woke up, it had all been a dream, but it gave her the confidence to face the day!


Sorry it's so rubbish, but I couldn't come up with an idea.

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