They call me Diana

Skyler-rose a 19 year old girl isn't your ordinary girl she has had a rough life and because of the way she is people call her Diana its been that way most of her life untill five certain famous boys come to her school for the graduation to sing and the wonder about skyler - rose and why people call her Diana when they find out they want to take her with them and give her a better life but will she agree or will she not???


2. School


" beep beep beep " I slammed the button down " SKY HURRY UP ITS 6:45 " I heard vi shout from down stairs I groan while getting up and making my way towards the shower ( skip shower) I walk out of the bathroom in black skinny jeans with a light blue tank top thats hidden under my baggy black jersey with white converse on my feat I made my way down stairs into the kitchen " morning sky" Simon said yes I live with vi and her dad " morning Simon " he nodded towards a plate that was in front of vi at the table meaning go eat " um no thank you I'm not hungry" they both look at me in concern " sky you need to eat" vi said making her way towards me " no I don't " " yes you do" Simon said " I don't need it any way because I could lose some weight" " Jesus Christ skyler do you see how skinny you are you barely weigh 28 kgs " it was true I only weighed 25 kgs but I feel so much fatter " come on let's just go " I begged making my way outside towards vi's jeep she follows behind and jumps into the drivers seat and start driving towards what I call hell school  " were here" vi's voice ringed through my ears bringing me out of my thoughts I hopped out of the car with my bag over my shoulder I pulled my red hair over my shoulder keeping my eyes on the ground me and vi made our way up the steps as soon as we walked through the doors everyone was pointing at me and whispering to their friends while looking at me I reached my locker vi had gone to her locker which is down the hall I opened my locker it was full with pictures of me and vi I sighed remembering all the memories I closed my locker and walked towards my first class history I made my way to the back and slumped down in my chair and flicked my hood up and looked out the window that's on my side I pulled my phone out and put my ear plugs in and played One directions album midnight memories while doodling in my diarie that holds everything look up for a split second to see the lesson has started i looked back down to my drawing which was  a picture of superman wow I never knew I could draw this good well I knew I could draw but not that good well any way I carried on drawing intil I felt a whack in the back of the head I turn my head towards whoever did it and saw it was mr cloud who was holing a ruler in his hand glaring at me I removed my ear plugs and looked up at him only just realising that everyone was looking " WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING MISS JACKSON" I heard mr cloud yell in my face " I was drawing what do you think" he looked even more angry" excuse me but did I ask you to answer me " I didn't answer I only just noticed that my idols were in the room OMG no sky no time to fan girl " DID I " he yelled in my face again I could see the boys from 1D trying to get up to help but were getting held by the jocks wanting to see what would happen my " DIANA IM TALKING TO YOU" I started to get furious I was gripping my pencil intil it snapped which everyone heard and turned to look at me I stood out of my seat and my seat feel on the floor "EXCUSE ME MY NAME IS NOT DIANA" I yelled back he looked surprised just like everyone else was but shook it of "DONT YOU DARE YELL AT ME DIANA" I was getting to the point of breaking " DO I HAVE TO FUCKEN TELL YOU AGAIN MY NAME IS NOT DIANA IT'S SKYLER ROSE GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK FUCKEN HEAD YOU FUCKEN DICK" I punched him in the face he feel on the ground knocked out everybody looked at me in surprise " WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT " I flip my desk over "fuck you all" I leave the class with a proud smile on my face I can't show my face know ill get expelled so I made my way out and ran home as soon as I walked in the door I was faced by an angry looking Simon shit " WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING " I flinched I can take yelling from other people but from Simon I can't take it he scares me when he's angry " I'm sorry" I mumbled "DID YOU THINK YOU WERE BEING FUNNY" then he did what I thought he would never do in a million years he slapped me I fell on the ground holding my cheek in pain with tears pouring out of my eyes " I'm so sorry he kept on calling me diana and yelling at me " his face softened realising what he did " sky I'm" before he could finish I ran to my room and slammed my door closed while locking it I jumped on my bed and cried into my pillow no one cares about me I made my way towards the bathroom when I got in I grabbed a razor blade I brought it up to my skin but I put it down and looked at my wrist I had so many scars covering them I walked back into my room and layed down in bed and I drifted of to hearing Simon  cry in the lounge I don't know why he's crying but ill find out later .

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