They call me Diana

Skyler-rose a 19 year old girl isn't your ordinary girl she has had a rough life and because of the way she is people call her Diana its been that way most of her life untill five certain famous boys come to her school for the graduation to sing and the wonder about skyler - rose and why people call her Diana when they find out they want to take her with them and give her a better life but will she agree or will she not???


3. Boys


i had spent all night up here I'm starving but I'm fat so I shouldn't eat I should at least go get a drink of water so I stood up and made my way out the door towards the kitchen when I did I say Simon siting and the table with a cup of coffee in his hands but he didn't notice me walking in I was about to walk towards the sink when I heard Simon say my name " sky" I turned towards him"what you going to hit me again or are you gonna yell at me for being so stupid for standing up for myself would you of liked it if I just sat there while he was yelling at me calling me diana would that make you happy " I said while grabbing a glass " I'm so sorry it's not right to hit a girl I shouldn't of yelled at you I should of talked to you about it instead of taking matters into my own hands " " why were you crying Simon" I replied while taking a drink of my water " because I used to know your father he told me to look after you" I put my glass in the sink and walked away not saying one word on the way out and went to bed. 

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