What if

Ok so yeah this is filler while I write the best three chapters of my life but I also think this would just be something light for a change that also makes the story even sadder.

Basically its little snapshots from the lives of Jake, Justin, Seth and Jess if they had lived normal childhoods. Yes same warnings apply. And yes i know you don't know everyone I'm going to mention in the shorts. Just yet but if they appear here either they don't matter or they will be showing up very soon.


1. Just Experimenting

Just experimenting. Now that was something Justin had gotten used to saying. He was nineteen years old and living in a dorm. Finally. So he and his roommate, Malik, had gotten pretty drunk at a party the next building over. They stumbled into the room they shared but had no intention of sleeping, they just weren’t tired. “So wha’ chu wanna do now” Justin mumbled lying flat on his back on Malik’s bed. “I dunno” Malik returned sitting with his legs crossed beside him. “Truth or Dare?” Had Justin been sober he might have noticed the evil twist in his friend’s smile. “Sure” Justin said looking up at him. “You first then” Malik pressed eyeing Justin eagerly. He was going to get revenge for that stupid YouTube video of him from the last party. No matter what. “Dare” Justin didn’t even think about it. “I dare you to” Malik paused. Shit. He hadn’t actually come up with a dare yet, he’d been banking on a truth. “I dare you to” another pause, man this was difficult. “To admit something embarrassing” he sighed running a hand through his already wild hair. Justin grinned drunkenly “doesn’t leave this room ‘k?” He wasn’t slurring his speech as heavily now. “I swear” Malik smiled innocently and hit the record button on his phone. “ ‘K so th’s one time I was with m’ boyfriend and m’ parents walked in on us foolin round. To this day they still think I like chicks. I was jus experimentin after all.” Justin grinned impishly. Malik had to admit he could see in that moment a younger Justin getting got and heavy with his boyfriend, stumbling for an excuse. “Do you still just experiment Justin?” Malik asked cocking an eyebrow with and laughing. “Mal, I know I said I love you but, ‘s more like as a sister” Justin said beaming up at the younger man. “Thanks Justin, thanks a bunch” He sighed he wanted to get a dirty secret not something that would get him murdered. Ultra-religious parents and gay sons were not a good combination. He deleted the recording and kicked his best friend. “Off my bed asshole, not all of us can pass out drunk and still look better than the sober ones.” He was in fact quite sober, he figured getting Justin wasted was his best bet but that failed. Oh well back to square one. 


Justin rolled out of Malik's bed and fell face first on the floor with a crack. "Damnit all that's my nose" he groaned sitting up right clutching his face. "Oh no not the face" Malik murmured sleepily barley acknowledging him. "I know now how will I look better than you" Justin smiled Standing up quite steadily. "I don't think I'm as drunk as you think I am, or at all rather. Nice try Malik" With that Justin flopped back onto his own bed and was out in minutes. "I hate you, with all of my hate" the younger sighed before too drifting off to sleep.

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