Dear Diary

A girl named Alexis Torres,16,writes a diary about her life.She moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles and things are a little different to her.There is a lot of drama at her new school,involving her.She makes friends and enemies.


1. My First Day:

Dear Diary,


It was my first day of school in Los Angeles,since my dad got a promotion from his job (but the worst thing is that we had to move from Oklahoma to Los Angeles.) I had to leave behind all my friends and some if my family.I was not very happy about that which made me realize that I'm gonna have nobody in Los Angeles.

When my mom was driving me to school,in my head I told myself, "I hope this day goes by fast,and I just want to be home in my room." We pulled up to my new high school,I glanced as all the kids were getting out of their fancy cars and walking to their big group of friends.My mom wished me a good day at school,I stared at the handle of the car door and hesitated to open it.

Then I faced my fear as I opened the door and started to walk to the entrance of the school.I felt like everyone was staring at me like I was some kind of freak,I was embarrassed.

As I walk into the school,I see girls with their boyfriends and friends.I felt like a loner,or someone that couldn't make friends.I go to the attendance office and I see this cute boy(but I don't know his name,he looked really nice)I get my schedule and my locker combination.

As I walk to my locker I see this girl making out with her boyfriend,which was uncomfortable since they were right next to me.

Then I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder,it was the boy in the attendance office.He said with a Irish accent,"Hi my name is Niall,are you new here?" and he gave me a smile.I said,"Hi my name is Alexis,and yes I'm new here." Niall said,"Do you need help finding your classes?"as he was still smiling.I answered back,"Yeah that would be nice,thanks."

He grabbed my schedule and grabbed my wrist and started leading me to each classroom.He laughed and said,"Come oooonnn,your so slow!"

I hear the ear piercing sound of the bell-I was already half way to my first class.As I step into the classroom the teacher said,"Hello I'm Ms.Rodriguez,and I'm assuming your the new student,Alexis?"I answered back shyly "Uh yeah,I'm Alexis." Ms.Rodriguez pointed to my seat and told everyone to help me out if I need help or anything like that.

As I was walking to my seat,I feel a shoe on my ankle..and I tripped (In thought in my mind "I hope nobody seen that!")I got up fast so nobody will notice,this boy comes up to me and asks "Oh my gosh are you ok?" as I still listen to the giggling from everyone-I answered back "Uh yeah I'm fine,I'm clumsy sometimes.He said with a smile," Ok,well my name is Liam..nice to meet you."

Then he puts his hand out-wanting to shake hands.I put my hand out I shake his hand,he walks me to my seat and smiles.

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