Dear Diary

A girl named Alexis Torres,16,writes a diary about her life.She moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles and things are a little different to her.There is a lot of drama at her new school,involving her.She makes friends and enemies.


4. Meeting Zayn & Louis:

Dear Diary,


Harry,Niall,Liam, and I walk to our lunch table...I see Sarah and Jane...but two unfamiliar faces.They both introduce themselves.."Hello my name is Zayn,nice to meet you." he says in a deep voice as he shakes my hand with a pleasant smile.

The other person says "Hi my name is Louis I'm there friend" he says while giggling and shaking my hand.

**I don't have classes with them.But I wish I did they seem really funny and nice,also really cute!**


Me and Zayn have been talking a lot at lunch and during passing period.But he was acting strange that day.

He walked up to my locker with a cute smile on his face..he was wearing a leather jacket with a white v-neck underneath and black skinny jeans.

"Hey come on I wanna show you something!" he says while giggling and tugging my hand."Ok hold on I need to get my stuff out of my locker haha!" I say while he is tugging my hand waiting for me to be done.

He pulls me to the next hall...I realize no one is in that hall.It was kinda freaking me out.

**What the hell are we doing here?!"

He smiles and touches my face and looks in my eyes.He closes his eyes and our lips touch was a passionate kiss,it felt like it lasted a long time.

**Did this just really happen?! I did not expect this.**

I was happy the whole entire day...but I don't know who I like out of the five of them.

He walks me to my class and gives me a warm hug "Bye Alexis..I'll see you later" he said with a smile on his face which made me feel special.

//Hey Guys! You guys probably not might know but my name is Gianna lol.And I love all the likes and favorites that I get and hopefully soon I will get more fans and stuff like that,but thank you to all of you that read my story and soon I will update this with more chapters and maybe some new stories. But anyways thank you and love you! <3 -❡ḯαηηα :)

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