Dear Diary

A girl named Alexis Torres,16,writes a diary about her life.She moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles and things are a little different to her.There is a lot of drama at her new school,involving her.She makes friends and enemies.


3. Meeting Harry:

Dear Diary,


**Yesterday was good...I guess.Jessica was pretty jealous that I was hanging out with Liam,which made me very irritated because I am NOT dating him.**

I walk in my 1st period class and see Liam standing next to my desk with a smirk on his face.

"Hey Alexis.Can I ask you something?" He asked with a adorable smile on his face.

**For some reason I thought he was gonna ask me out.**

"Yeah sure,what do you need to ask me?" I answered back. "What were you and Jessica talking about?"

**Well my dreams were crushed.**

"She asked if me and you were dati-" I said but he stopped me and said "Oh haha I knew she was going to ask you that!"


I walk to my lunch table like everday....but something was different this time.There was a boy that was so cute with his brown curly hair and adorable dimples.He was sitting at my table talking to Liam and Niall.

"Oh hey Akexis..this is Harry."Niall said as he pointed to Harry.

"Hi Alexis."Harry said with a deep attractive voice.

**We talk for a little and talk about our classes and funny moments.**


**Time went by so fast when I talked to him,I didn't even get to eat lunch!**


Later that day I walk to 5th period and realize that Harry is in my class.I was kinda excited that he was.

This girl walks up to me with her friend and said "Hey I'm Sarah and this is my friend Jane"

We start to talk and we start to become friends.I was happy that I've made 5 friends.Even though that sounds pathetic.

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