Love hurts.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, but why me. I don't deserve him and I fell but he takes it too far. I've learned that , love hurts. Love hurts when the one you fell for is Harry Styles.


4. 4

Harry's P.O.V.

"I-I didn't k-know" I stuttered watching as her tears flowed freely.

Knowing this , it made me realise that there was things I didn't know, things I had to find out.

"It's okay" she answered softly "no one does".

I stood up and walked over to her as she stared at the picture of her brother. I kneeled next to her .

"Hey" I said lightly grabbing her attention "he might not be here anymore but you have me now".

She looked at me her eyes wide ,"Really?" She whispered.

I felt as my face turned into a grin "Really".

She hesitantly wrapped her arms around my torso and hid her face in my neck mumbling "Thankyou, thankyou so very much".

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her "Your welcome".

She pulled away and started wiping her tears away , "I never really caught your name".

"Oh right", I stuck out my hand, "my name is Harry nice to meet you".

She smiled and took it "Kimberly".

I decided to say something cheesy "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl".

She laughed and that made me happy . That was my new goal in life, I was going to make her happy.

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