Love hurts.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, but why me. I don't deserve him and I fell but he takes it too far. I've learned that , love hurts. Love hurts when the one you fell for is Harry Styles.


3. 3

Kimberly's P.O.V.

What am I thinking? Inviting him for a drink is crazy! It is the least I could do though , he was kind of nice to me with the coat, he made me smile, and even if he acts a certain way his eyes say something else.

I opened the door to the empty house, like always "C'mon in".

He looked around "Nice".

"Sorry it isn't as big as your place" I answered lamely making hot chocolate .

He stayed quiet and I could feel his eyes watching my every move. I finished and handed him a cup. It is an average home but I'm an only child now and no ones ever home . I met his eyes and began to read what they said.

He knows something.

"What do you know about me, tell me " I asked lightly.

He looked surprised " I don't know anything actually, but there was something that happened before I bumped into you, your eyes, they were full of tears and you smiled to yourself.... May I know ?.." He finished softly.

My mouth opened but nothing came out so I closed it again. I looked at a picture of my brother and got it holding it close then softly sliding it to him, my eyes finally letting the tears fall out.

"My brother, the guy in the picture, he saved my life. Sometimes I wish it was me instead of him. I had heart problems and I was weak. My parents ... They didn't care, and he.. He told the doctors that he would give his heart so they could make the transition and I could be healthy again... But before that.. He left me a note " I opened the frame and took out a folded piece of paper "it says, "Hey brat, if your reading this it's because everything went well , remember when you asked me what I would get you for your 18th birthday and I said that it was a surprise, well I only said that because I didn't know how to answer, but when this happened and our parents didn't do anything, I realised that I knew exactly what I needed to get you, a healthy future, so what I got you, is my heart, I love you brat, happy birthday" and then he was gone . My parents hated everything of me after that, they loved him and knowing that I was the cause of his death made me despicable, and now, they live somewhere else and I have some time before the bank comes and tells me to leave. He was the only one who understood me, now I'm all alone"I whispered.

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