New Friends and Maybe Love

Joy is a girl who doesn't know who One Direction is, but when she gets to her new school they all fall for her instantly.
What happens when she finds out who they really are?!
Will she fall in love or will she make a mistake?
Who will win her heart and who will break it?
What happens when her and Harry find out that they have a connection that Joy can't even remember? Will this connection give Harry an advantage or will it explain why she was put in an orphanage in the first place?
Read if you wanna find out the answers and follow the adventures of the heart <3


16. Chapter 15

Harry's P.O.V


Joy was still passed out and I didn't know what to do about knowing that she was the girl I saved all those years ago. When I was younger the time I spent with her was very precious. I used to wait for the time I would get to be with her after school. Actually, when I was with her I felt happy to an extent that couldn't be described with mundane words. I was with her while she was laying unconscious. As she was asleep I watched her beautiful face in anticipation of her waking up. I waited for hours and before I knew it it was midnight.

 Niall: Harry, we need to leave. Paul's really mad at us.

Me: Alright just give 5 more minutes.

Niall: (Walks towards Harry) Hey man, she'll wake up and I bet you anything she'll be up by the time we come over after school tomorrow to check on her.

Me: You're right she'll be fine.

I knew Niall was just trying to cheer me up, but for some reason I felt frightened of what would happen if she never woke up again. I lost her when I younger and I didn't want to lose her again because this time I was planning on keeping her. Now that I've found her I would go to the ends of the universe to keep her and make her the happiest girl in the world. When she wakes up I'm going to tell her my feelings and I'm going to protect her with all my power.


I wake up with sleep still in my eyes and get ready for school. When I'm ready me and the boys begin to leave for school. As we get closer to the school gates Louis points out Joy waiting by the entrance.We all run up to her.

Me: Joy! Are you okay? How Are you feeling?

Liam: Are you okay being at school?

Niall: Shouldn't you be at home?

Joy: BOYS!!

Boys: (Go Silent)

Joy: I'm okay. I feel better than I was yesterday and we need to have a conversation after school okay?

Boys: (Nod)

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