New Friends and Maybe Love

Joy is a girl who doesn't know who One Direction is, but when she gets to her new school they all fall for her instantly.
What happens when she finds out who they really are?!
Will she fall in love or will she make a mistake?
Who will win her heart and who will break it?
What happens when her and Harry find out that they have a connection that Joy can't even remember? Will this connection give Harry an advantage or will it explain why she was put in an orphanage in the first place?
Read if you wanna find out the answers and follow the adventures of the heart <3


10. Chapter 10

Joy's P.O.V

A couple days after I forgave the boys the strangest things began to happen to me around the school. On Monday i almost got splashed with a bucked of red paint that fell out of the art room's window. On Wednesday I almost got hit with an arrow from the archery club. And today was the strangest day of all. I was on my way to meet up with the boys when I got yanked into the girls room and was knocked to the ground. When I regained sight of what was going on I realized that I was surrounded by about 20 girls.


Me:Um... can I help you

Girl 1:Yes you can help us by staying away from our boys!

Me:You mean my friends

Girl 2:No not YOUR friends OUR true loves!!!

Me:Um... that doesn't explain anything

Girl 3:Okay I'm just gonna cut to the chase... stay away from them or else

Me:(Gets up from the ground) Or else what? (Serious Face)

Girl 4:Or else... Um...

Girl  1:Or else bad things will begin to happen to you and those you love

Me:Mhm... Sure they will. My loved ones can handle themselves against a bunch of jealous fan girls since we're all very skilled fighters, so that threat doesn't affect me. Well I hope you have a nice day, but I should be leaving my friends are waiting for me. Bye


After that little talk in the restroom I was late meeting up with the boys. As soon as i met up with them them started asking me where I had gone. I told them about what had happened and they looked surprised.


Me:What are you all surprised for?

Harry:Nothing it's just that we're amazed that you could say such blunt and rude words.

Me:Well when I have to be rude to get someone off my back it just comes out so naturally.

Louis:We just didn't think you could speak that way to others since you're so soft spoken around us.

Me:Well how do you know I was showing you all my true personality?


Me:If want to know my true nature I can show you all after school if you want to come over to my house after school. 

Zayn:Sure we all want to know the true you because we want to be closer friends than we are now.

Me:Okay, but fair warning if there's anything out of the ordinary to you that's just normal in my family


After that the boys all agreed to come over to get to know the real me and my family, but i think once they enter my home they won't want to leave.

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