Love First Sight

It's mainly about this young 15 year old girl name Jasmine fell deeply in love with Justin who is a skater dude who loves to hang with friends who are mostly drug dealers. Justin on the other hand is a sweet guy with a great heart but Justin's friends don't want him dating Jasmine cause she's girly and mainly boring to them so instead they all want Justin to get a hot chick who got a good body so they can both have one night for quick and dirty but Justin is not that type of guy but with his friends he acts different. Do u think Justin would do anything to be by Jasmine's side forever? Or will he betray her and hang with his friends to the end of time?


3. The Next Morning

"Good morning sunshine." Justin says to you while you get up from the bed naked and you realized it and said "Oh shit I'm naked haha where's my clothes babe? Justin bites his bottom lip while checking you out naked and says "Babe!! Justin chuckles and says "I love you baby." You smiled and said "oh Justin." Than Justin brought some clothes of his for you to wear and you put them on and say "Babe I think this looks big on me." Justin looks at you and laughs and says "but you still look adorable baby." You smile and say "and you look adorable naked." He smirks and says "that was the best night I ever experience with a girl." You blushed and said "really? He smiles and says "yup." Justin gets close to you and puts both of his hands on your cheeks and leans down to kiss you. He places his tongue inside your mouth making you moan lightly while your sucking on it. Than Justin started sucking on your top lip than went down to your bottom lip and bit it softly making you smile. Than Justin pulls away and says "baby wanna go with me to the mall and buy you clothes for you can wear and look sexy." While he winks at you and you smile and say "sure." He took your hand and walked you out of the house and opened the door of his car and say "for you the love of my heart." You smile and Justin closes the door behind you and goes running quickly to the other side and gets inside the car. Once he sits down he starts the car and takes you to the mall. After an hour of drive he finally made it and parked his car and stopped it. Than Justin gets out of the car and quickly opens the door for you while you get out of the car he closes the door and takes your hand while walking you to the mall smiling. Once you both were inside he found a pair of underwear from Victoria secret which he thought was sexy and he took it and said "babe look at this! You turn around and take a look at the underwear Justin was holding up in his hands and you say "love it looks hella sexy." He smiles and puts it in the basket and starts looking around for more sexy underwear plus short shorts and sexy tops for you to wear. Than when he finally thought he had all the clothes he wanted for you he takes the basket and places it to the cashiers desktop and she begins to take the clothes from the basket and passing it through the machine and putting them in a bag. While she had her eyes on Justin the whole time and than she begins "Um are you single? Justin was texting someone on his phone and he looks up at her and says "nope I'm happily taken." She frowns and says "oh how sad." Justin went back to his phone and totally ignored the fact she wanted to flirt but Justin was too happy with you to do that. When she finished with all the clothes Justin bought for you she begins "the total sir is 400 dollars and 70 cents. Justin smiles and takes out his wallet and hands the cashier the 400 bucks plus 70 cents and takes the plastic bag and begins to look for you through the whole store and found you talking to some guy who works on the mall. Justin quickly walks a little fast and says "babe lets go we got stuff to do." You turn your head and look at Justin and say "okay and nice meeting you." You say with a friendly smile while shacking the guys hand and Justin took yours and quickly said "in case you don't know she's my girlfriend." The guy looks at you and says "yeah I know but we can still be friends right Jasmine? Justin looks at you and you swallowed and said "I'm sorry my boyfriend is a jealous type and so am I so yeah it's better we don't be friends at all." Justin's smile grew on his face and said "okay babe so ready to leave now.? You smile and say "yes babe." Than you hold on to Justin's arm and started walking outside the mall while looking for the car and finally found it and Justin opened the door for you and gave you a kiss on the lips saying "thank you for not being that guys friend it shows you really love me." You smile and say "anything for my man." He smiled and closed the door and went to the other side of the car and started the car and drove off to the house.

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