Love First Sight

It's mainly about this young 15 year old girl name Jasmine fell deeply in love with Justin who is a skater dude who loves to hang with friends who are mostly drug dealers. Justin on the other hand is a sweet guy with a great heart but Justin's friends don't want him dating Jasmine cause she's girly and mainly boring to them so instead they all want Justin to get a hot chick who got a good body so they can both have one night for quick and dirty but Justin is not that type of guy but with his friends he acts different. Do u think Justin would do anything to be by Jasmine's side forever? Or will he betray her and hang with his friends to the end of time?


6. Justin's Friends Are Back

~Justin's POV~  i woke up and found myself cuddling with Jasmine, she was so beautiful when she's sleeping, she looks like a cute princess like the one's in a fairy tale.  ~Knock Knock~ someone was knocking at the door, i got up from the sofa trying my best not to wake up Jasmine from her deep sleep. when i finally got up i peeked out the window in case it was Jasmine's mom, but it be weird cause she doesn't know where i live unless Jasmine told her. i looked out and sall my friends with their skateboards in their hands waiting outside for me. i whispered to myself     Justin:"Oh shit...they probably want me to do something bad drugs with them... ughhhh fuck i hate being two different person to two different people." i turned around to see Jasmine still sleeping, i went up to her and quickly carried her upstairs to my room and lay her down on my bed. i covered her up with blankets and locked the door while closing it not making any noise. i went downstairs and opened the door to my friends.   Justin:"Hey guys." i smiled at them trying my best not to make things weird between them.   Kevin:"Hey Justin..are you busy?"  i looked at him trying to guess what they actually want from me.    Justin:"Not really why?"    Kevin:"Well... we were all wondering if you wanted to hang with us for a while at the skate park to skate and ya know maybe get all of us a girl." i didn't wanted to go but... i didn't want my friends to suggest something was up with me.. and besides i love Jasmine i love her with all my heart but i can't tell them that.. they are assholes basically they don't have hearts at all. i know once they see Jasmine they gonna want me to have sex with her and than leave. Justin:"Alright meet me outside I'll be out in a second let me get dressed."    Kevin:"Alright bud."  i closed the door and locked it while quickly running upstairs, once i opened the door of my bedroom i sall Jasmine yawn and sits on the bed.     Justin:"Morning sunshine."  i went up to her and kissed her forehead.     Jasmine:"Hey.. good morning." i lay beside her. she started playing with my hair.    Jasmine:"So what we gonna do today?" she smiled at me.   Justin:"Well...i kinda have to leave now i have to work." i got up       Jasmine:"Wait..."   i turn around and look at her.    Jasmine:"When are you coming? and you never told me you work... besides I'm staying home alone?"    Justin:"Babe i need to pay your friend okay... I'm doing it for you... so you can stay and spend more time with me..."    Jasmine:"Alright babe thanks." she smiled.   i got dressed in front of her and she wouldn't stop looking at my body.   Justin:"Like what you see?" i smirked at her.    Jasmine:"Hell yeah...wish i can kiss the body of yours..."   Justin:"You will tonight." i gave her a quick peck on the lips and left wearing a black shirt, blue jean shorts that are up to my knee and black converse. i went running down the stairs and opened the door while grabbing my skateboard on my other hand.    Kevin:"Ready to have some fun?"      Justin:"Yeah..."   i closed the door behind me while putting a lock on it. i started to walk with my friends to the skate park and i had an idea. i could do one of those bad works so i can get the money to pay Jasmine's friend. i turn to look at Kevin.    Justin:"Bro i got a problem.."   he looks at me.     Kevin:"What kind of problem?"     Justin:"Well..i have this guy who i owe money too... cause he did me a favor and now he wants me to pay him..."   Kevin:"How much does the guy want?"        Justin:"300 dollars."   Kevin:"Mmm.... what we can do is......we can all dress up in black and rob a store of guns and that way we all could have our own guns or..... we can try calling Lazaro for a pack of weed and that way we can sell it in the skate park to the freaks."  i took a moment to think.     Justin:"we'll call Lazaro than..."    Kevin:"Alright guys stop right there."  all my friends stopped walking and waited for Kevin to finish talking on the phone.    ~Kevin Dialing The Phone~   Lazaro:"Hello?     Kevin:"Hey Laz its me Kevin my bud Justin here has a situation going on and we need your help..."     Lazaro:"How can i help?"      Kevin:"Well... he basically owes this guy money and we need you to give us a pack of weed so we can sell it at the skate park to the freaks and that way Justin can pay the guy back with the money we make."     Lazaro:"How much money we talking about here?"     Kevin:"300 dollars.."     Lazaro:"Alright here's the come by my house right now pick up the weed and by next week i want 500 dollars got it?"       Kevin:"We got your back boss don't worry we will pay back as soon as we do some serious work."     Lazaro:"Okay meet you than here at my place... Later."  Kevin hangs up the phone and looks at me.    Kevin:"Okay here's the thing Justin.... Lazaro wants 500 dollars by next week.... he's giving us enough what we all can do is....we go right now to Lazaro's house to pick up the weed, than we sell it to the freaks at the park...and after that we all go to the gun store and rob the money of the cashier and all the weapons ... and than we can pay back Lazaro and you can pay back the guy you owe money too." i started to think it was a good idea but at the same time it was really bad... i could get arrested if the cops find out i robbed with them and i was part of all this band. i looked at Kevin serious   Justin:"One thing though.....we can't take too long cause i need to pay the guy by 11 pm so i needa be home by that time okay.."   Kevin:"Alright lets move out..."   we all started skating to the skate park following Kevin. once we got there Kevin started talking to some guy there. he started walking back to us with the guy.    Kevin:"Hey guys this is my friend Jo and he's willing to give us a ride to Lazaro's house."     Joe:"Hey guys."    everyone said hi to him but me i was quiet not knowing what to say after what I'm getting myself into.   Kevin:"Alright lets head out." we went inside Jo's car and he drove us straight to Lazaro's house.  ~30 Minutes Later~  Jo:"Were here.."  everyone got out of the car and i was standing by Kevin's side. he knocks on the door  ~Knock Knock~   the door opens and Lazaro was standing beside it.    Lazaro:"Hey guys come in."  he shakes everyone's hands and mine.    Lazaro:"So Kevin... here's the weed you needed.."  he hands the pack of weed to Kevin.    Justin:"Thanks Lazaro for helping me." i pat him on his back       Lazaro:"No problem Justin." he smiles while patting me on the back.      Kevin:"Laz thanks we owe you big time."    Lazaro:"Hell yeah.."   we all left his house and went back inside Jo's car.   ~30 Minutes Later~ we made it to the skate park and Kevin had the pack of weed on his hand while skating to the park.  he started talking to a freak that was sitting on the bench.    Kevin:"Hey bro do you smoke?"   Freak:"Yeah..who doesn't?"   Kevin:"Good one haha... well i was wondering what do you smoke?"  Freak:"Well i always smoke with my buds... and most of the time its weed or pot... but right now we aint got any so yeah we kinda need some though.."    Kevin:"i can help you out with that bro... I'm selling weed here and I'm trying to sell as fast as possible cause i need the money."     Freak:"Okay... alright wait just a second bud."  he went walking up to another freak and they both started walking back to Kevin.   Freak's  Friend:"Hey man whats up?"     Kevin:"Hey bro.. soo your friend here said you needed some weed?"    Freak's Friend:"Yeahh.. how much for the weed?"    Kevin:"400 and the whole pack is yours."    Freak's Friend:"Alright here you go."  he hands Kevin 400 bucks and Kevin gives him the pack of weed.   Kevin:"Thanks man."  they both shacked hands and Kevin started walking back to us.   Kevin:"Here's your 300 dollars."  he hands me the money.   Justin:"Thanks man." he pats my back.    Kevin:"That's why were here bro.. to help each other out...anything you need come to me i will try my best to resolve your problem."   Justin:"Thanks man it means a lot." we all head out the park and we all went to our house to get masks and dark clothes for the robbery we were gonna commit in the gun store.   Kevin:"Justin we all be waiting for you outside okay once we get ready i will knock at your door."    Justin:"Alright."  i open the door and quickly got inside while closing it behind me. i find Jasmine sitting on the sofa watching TV, she tilts her head and once she sall me a big smile crossed her face while she gets up to hug me. Jasmine:"BABE!......i missed you soooo much..."   Justin:"Awww i missed you  too shawty." i hugged her back while kissing her cheek.  she pulls away      Jasmine:"So... did you got the money?"  i took a deep breath.    Justin:"Look um...about that.... my boss just told me i could take a little break cause i told him i wanted to see you... so he let me for 10 minutes only and....i have to go babe but first i have to do something so.... stay here don't leave."    Jasmine:"Okay than?"   i quickly ran up the stairs and locked the door behind me, i took off my clothes and searched in my drawers for a black long sleeve shirt, and black pants. once i found it i put it on and took the mask and hid it inside my pocket. i went downstairs and went to sit next to Jasmine. i picked one piece of strand of her hair and put it behind her ear.   Justin:"Baby please understand I'm doing this for us ... for you so we can be together... i guess you don't want that.."  i shrugged.    Jasmine:"Of course i want that... i just wanna be with you Justin and i love you okay nothing can ever change that." i smiled.    Justin:"i love you too." i gave her a quick peck on the lips.    Justin:"ima go now shawty ima be back before 11 pm okay?"   Jasmine:"Okay and good luck babe."  i kissed her forehead and headed out the door. once i was outside i put on the mask and there was Kevin heading towards my house about to knock at my door.   Kevin:"Hey you ready?"    Justin:"Yeah."  we all started skating as fast as possible.  ~After 20 minutes~ we finally made it, we all stopped skating and paused for a minute.   Kevin:"Here's the plan everyone gather up.... Justin i want you to take this.." he hands me a gun, i take it and put it in the corner of my pants while looking at Kevin waiting for him to make the plan.    Kevin:"Okay so now what you gonna do Justin is you gonna take that gun and use it at the cashier don't shoot him.... i just want you to point at him  scare him.... that way he will surrender and give you the money, once you walk inside that door all of us got your back we will all point at him and anyone who is inside the store... got it?"  everyone nod their heads Justin:"Got it." everyone puts on their black mask, i went inside the store and sall only two customers and the cashier, i stayed inside and took a deep breath before making my move.  Justin:"ALRIGHT EVERYONE HANDS IN THE AIR!!!."  the two people put their hands up high while they were on the floor and the cashier was as well. i quickly went to the cashier and pointed my gun at him.     Justin:"GIVE ME THE MONEY...."    The Cashier:"i will get fired....sir...."  i felt my face got red from the anger and fear.       Justin:"I SAID GIVE ME THE MONEY OR IMA FUCKING SHOOT YOUR HEAD." the rest of my friends came out and began to point their guns at the cashier and the two people that were inside the store. the cashier gets up from the floor shaking and hands all the money to me. i quickly put all the money in a bag and still point the gun at him.   Justin:"NOW I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME ALL THE WEAPONS OF THIS STORE OR IF YOU DON'T MY FRIENDS AND I ARE GONNA KILL YOU AND THOSE TWO CUSTOMERS YOU HAVE HERE." i pointed to the two customers who were on the floor shaking and crying.  he looked at me with fear in his eyes.   The Cashier:"Alrighhht....jjust...taakkee...theeem...all...."  i got my gun and smashed it towards the glass tables and broke it, while putting my hand inside getting all the guns and putting them inside the bag that was filled up with money.   when i was done i quickly ran off the store and so did my friends, my heart began to beat faster than ever, i was scared i was gonna get caught by the cops. and my biggest fear was i was gonna get separated from Jasmine and who knows for long i wouldn't be able to see her for a crime i commit. i looked back to make sure the cops weren't after us. once we got outside my house we all took off our masks.  i was breathless and i hand the bag to Kevin.    Justin:"Here you go...."    Kevin:"Thanks.."  he takes out 500 dollars and gives it to me.    Kevin:"This is an award for doing a good job at the robbery." i took the money and put it inside my pockets.    Justin:"Thanks a lot man.."     Kevin:"Oh and don't forget this..."  he hands me three guns.      Kevin:"So whenever you need it use it."    Justin:"Thanks again."   Kevin:'No problem.... well call me when you need me.."   Justin:"Alright man Later."  Kevin and my other friends left. i went inside the house and i opened the door Jasmine wasn't in the living room. i closed the door behind me and checked the time on my phone, it was 10:30 pm. i hide the guns Kevin gave me inside my pants so Jasmine wouldn't see them. i ran up the stairs and found Jasmine sleeping, i quietly hide two guns inside my drawer and i changed to my normal clothes. i hide the mask in the same spot as i hide my guns. i opened the door silently and closed it without making any noise what so ever. ~Knock Knock~  i heard a knock at the door, i went to open it and see a girl standing there.   Justin:"Hi...can i help you?"    Girl:"Yeah I'm Jasmine's friend."   Justin:"Ohh okay... walk in.." she walked inside the house.  Justin:"Take a seat." she sat down the couch next to me.  Justin:"Okay here's the thing... you gotta work first and than I'll pay you.."    Girl:"How would i know your not lying to me?"   Justin:"Cause I'm not believe me i wouldn't wanna lie if all your doing is me and Jasmine a favor for us to stay together."    Girl:"Alright than.... fine... what do i have to say?"      Justin:"Once you walk in her house you politely greet her tell her basically your Jasmine's mother and that you will be in charge of taking good care of her.... and you will make sure that we have supervision at all times, and that we won't be sleeping together, that I'll be sleeping with you and Jasmine will be sleeping in my room by herself.."    Girl:"Alright.. that's so simple.."   Justin:"Hope wait right here I'll go wake up Jasmine so we can go."  Girl:"Okay.." i went upstairs and opened the door to my room, Jasmine was still sleeping, i went up to her and shake her gently while whispering in her ear.     Justin:"Wake up beautiful."  she opens her eyes and looks at me.   Jasmine:"Huh??"   Justin:"let's go to your mom's house your friend is downstairs waiting for you." i smiled at her.    Jasmine:"Alright let me get dressed first and wash my face."                                                                                                                                                        ~Jasmine's POV~ i went to the bathroom and washed my face while brushing my teeth, i quickly dried my face and got dressed. once i was done i went downstairs with Justin. my friend was waiting for us. i went up to greet her.    Jasmine:"Hey girl."   Friend:"Hey sweety."  she gave me a hug and we both head out the house.  Justin opens the door for the both of us and gets inside by the other side. he starts to drive to my house.   ~After 13 Minutes Later~ we arrived at my house, we all took off our seat belt and got outta the car. Justin looks at my friend.    Justin:"One thing... don't mention were dating...just say were just close friends okay?"  Friend:"Got it."  Justin knocks at my door, we waited patiently for someone to answer. the door finally opened and there i sall my mom standing beside it.   Mom:"Hello come in come in.."  she smiled at us. my friend gives my mom a kiss on the cheek and greets her.    Friend:"Hello mam I'm Justin's mother." she gave her a friendly smile.   Mom:"Nice to meet you I'm Jasmine's mother.."  they both kept looking at each other, i was hoping my mom gets convinced and let's me stay over for another 3 week.    Friend:"So... i was just telling Justin... that I'm  very happy to receive your daughter over at my house to stay..."    Mom:"Well I'm glad too cause at first i thought they were a couple cause they were holding hands and i was thinking my daughter's too young to be thinking about guys.. you know what i mean..."   Friend:"Of course i do mam.... and no worries there just close friend.."  Mom:"Okay..... and one quick question... I'm a little concern of where my daughter would be sleeping at.... and if she's gonna be under adult supervision cause she really needs it.... not saying she's a bad girl or anything but i mean she's a minor every minor needs supervision once in a while."   Friend:"Well... my son he's gonna be sleeping with me and she will be sleeping on his room by herself.... and they will be adult supervision i always watch over my son and i wouldn't mind doing the same for your daughter."   Mom:"Thank you so much mam it was a pleasure meeting you..."   Friend:"The pleasure is mine mam." they both shake hands.   and Justin my friend and i head out the house. i didn't say a word to my mom cause i was scared she might change her mind.... so i we all got inside Justin's car and drove back to his house.  ~After 13 Minutes~ we were in Justin's and once we were inside we all sat down in the couch.                                                 ~Justin's POV~  Jasmine's friend looks at me while i look back at her.   Justin:"You did a very good job i was impressed.."    Jasmine's Friend:"Thanks... and that's why most people hire me for any kind of job like this... but this is my first time acting like a mother.... I'm always hired for modeling, a teacher, a nurse, and so much more but it was fun working for you... anytime you need me give me a call."     Justin:"Okay.. and here you go for doing your job.."  i took out the money from my pocket and hand it to her.     Jasmine's Friend:"Thanks.. call me when you need me.."  she heads out and Justin and i started watching TV.

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