Love First Sight

It's mainly about this young 15 year old girl name Jasmine fell deeply in love with Justin who is a skater dude who loves to hang with friends who are mostly drug dealers. Justin on the other hand is a sweet guy with a great heart but Justin's friends don't want him dating Jasmine cause she's girly and mainly boring to them so instead they all want Justin to get a hot chick who got a good body so they can both have one night for quick and dirty but Justin is not that type of guy but with his friends he acts different. Do u think Justin would do anything to be by Jasmine's side forever? Or will he betray her and hang with his friends to the end of time?


2. Home At Last

Once the date was over Justin gave you a ride to his house and asked for you to stay a little while. Justin starts the car and says buckle up and you put your seat belt. Justin turns on the radio and puts as long as you love me which is your favorite song and than starts driving straight home. Than after five minutes of driving Justin says "Home at last." And turns off the car and steps out to open the door for you. Once he was at the other side of the car he opens the door and says "For you my love." And you look at him smiling an say "thanks Justin your such a gentleman."afterwards Justin lead u inside his house and said "if you don't mind you can stay here for the night cause you seem tired and ill drive you tomorrow to your house if that's okay with you? You nod your head and say "yeah that's fine." So Justin says "do you want to sleep on your own or you wanna sleep with me and trust me we won't do anything unless you want too." You smiled and said "yeah I rather sleep with you cause I get scared sleeping by myself."so Justin leads you to his room and takes out from his cabinet a pair of pajamas and say to you "here that way you can sleep more comfortable ." You smiled and kissed his cheek and said "thank you your really sweet Justin." He blushes from the kiss you gave him and you took a shower and dried yourself with the towel he gave you. Once you finished you came out in the pajamas Justin gave you and you lay next to Justin in bed while he was watching netflix.Therefore he was really focused into the movie. so you wanted to make out with him already and you couldn't help yourself and grabbed his face while kissing him nonstop so he turns to you and gets on top of you while kissing you back while you wrap your arms around his neck feeling his neck warm and good. So you left a soft moan from the butterflies you felt and Justin heard that and says " babe are you sure you want to make it more than just a kiss." You look at him and say "Justin baby I can't control myself when I'm around you but I feel like doing it to you but what if you think I'm a whore? He looks at you and say " I would never think that way about you never I respect you too much jasmine." You smile and say " do you mean it? He looks at you straight in the eyes and says " when I say something is cause I mean it." So than you begin to take off his shirt while he takes off yours and unclips your bra from the back. Therefore he begins to kiss your neck leaving you marks of his lips on them. After he went down to your pants and pulled it down while he takes off his too. Than he grabs your underwear and pulls it all the way down to your feet taking it off and throwing it a the floor. Than you grab him by the waist and pulled his boxers down taking them off and placing them on top of your underwear. And takes his dick and puts it inside you making you moan loud and sticking it in and out and than once he got the pace of it he started going fast while kissing you and having one hand on your hip and the other on your cheek while wetting his lips with yours. You began to moan loud "oh yeah oh yeah." And Justin began moaning "ohhhh Jasmine your pussy feels good." You smile and bit your bottom lip moaning in pleasure . After 30 minutes of rough sex with Justin he explodes his cum all inside you making you but your bottom lip hard and after that Justin asks you "did you liked it babe? You smile and say " mhm did you? He smiles and say "anything I do with you I like it." You both fell asleep smiling while Justin wrapped his hands around your waist and the both of you naked together.

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