A Very Wanted Christmas?!

One Direction were having a great year. They couldn't wait for the happiest time of the year. Christmas. But what happens when the very jealous The Wanted steps in and steals all their platinum records and fans by brainwashing them? Stealing every song and every commercial? Every tour, every hairstyle? Will they ever get things back to normal? Or will they lose all their hard work? Find out in A Very Wanted Christmas?!


6. Christmas together

Zayn's POV

I looked at the time and smiled but soon after frowned. We didn't make it. "Guys it's 10:55. We'll never catch the plane in time." I grumbled. "As a wise Bieber once said, Never Say Never." Liam quoted, and sped up breezing past the hobos and onto the main street. We flew past stop signs and red lights, passing many close calls. "Liam! You're gonna kill us!" Harry yells. Liam just laughs as the airport comes into view. I checked the time 10:57. We might actually make it! "We start chanting Liam's name as we reach the tarmac and he screeches to a halt and we run out and run as fast as our long legs could carry us. They were about to shut the door when we walked up to the pilot. We saluted them and hopped on. We all sat in the seats buckling the seatbelts, taking off. Niall was already on his iPhone. That boy and his iPhone. "Guys! The twitter's back!" He showed us our twitter's and we actually had more followers! "All thanks to Louis!" We clap for him. "Thank you, thank you very much." He impersonated Elvis. We laughed. "I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help from Niall's sweet sassy comebacks." He applauded. We laughed and clapped along. "I learned from the best." He winked. In an hour we were back in London, we parted our ways heading home by our cars which were graciously dropped off. Snowflakes drifted down from the grey sky. I smiled. It was a beautiful Christmas. A Christmas that I'll never forget. Ever. Merry Christmas! AND A happy New Year!

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