Drowning Love

Salayna had her scars and lots of them to .She was raped at a young age and now has a verbally abusive step father. But when she tries to escape everything he ends up saving her. He is there to listen to her ,care for her and love her. Will she trust him enough to tell him everything? What will happen when she is forced to move to Germany? What happens when the plane there has mechanical problems??will they keep in touch?? Will she fall for him??Will she love him? Will he be able to fix her???? -Niall Horan Fanfic


5. Secrets & Surprises

"Salayna , I called Marie we are going to be staying there for a while, your brother is gonna stay with one of his friends. He already left."

"Okay. Everything will be alright,Mom. I promise."

I could hear the hurt ,in not just hers but my voice as well.But I quickly had to hid it because I knew my mom was broken and if I wasn't strong this family would crumble to pieces.

I was happy to find out I'd be at Marie's though, she was my best friends mom so it would be nice to have my best friend ,Carter,around.

I decided I would quickly text Carter.

To: Carter Cat😸

Sup beach. I'm coming over get the ice cream and get ready for a partay!!!And I got something to tell you:) ohhhhh secrets.....

Carter knew about my situation but I never let ANYONE see me hurting ,not just my mom.

From: Carter Cat😸

Yay! I love dem secrets more than I love those double chins u make:)

Oh gosh This girl never failed to bring a smile to my face.We are weird I get it!


We pulled up to Carter's house and I immediately jumped out if the car and ran to the door.

"Hi!Salayna, it's nice to see you.The girls are in Carter's room you can head up." Marie was the sweetest person ever I swear!

"Ha nice to see you too, and girls? as in plural?"

She just shrugged her shoulders gosh why do people not tell me things!

I rushed up the stairs to Carter's room and barged in immediately.


We don't like cursing so we just change the words. Both my bestest friends , Carter and Phoenix, jumped up and engulfed me in a giant bear hug.

Carter was shorter than me all though she was a year older than me. She had shoulder length dirty blond ah right hair. She was absolutely gorgeous but she never believed me when I gave her compliments. I just hoped one day she'd meet someone that made her understand her beauty.

Phoenix had medium length dirty blond curly hair, it wasn't as curly as mine but it still had curls. I was the only brunette in our group but at least I wasn't the only curly top:). Phoenix was also shorter than me but still taller than Carter. Phoenix was like the middle sibling in age, height and pretty much everything.

"Spill the secrets now!!!!!" Phoenix said right as we all pulled from the hug she didn't like wait for things , kinda like a high maintenance princess.

"Gz dude I barely even got through the front door and your already pestering me like I know a celebrity or something." I said with a wink hinting to my secret.

They both started squealing so loud my eardrums almost bursted and I haven't even told them who!

"Guys you realize I haven't even said my secret?!?!"

We all went down to grab ice cream we all decided to get some snacks before we started our gossip and before I told my secret. I really just wanted to make them wait.

We got our snacks and headed back up to Carter's room. We sat on the floor in a circleish triangle thing. Both girls stared hesitantly at me wait for me to spill my secrets.

"Sooooo you know one direction?!?........"

I went on and told them everything that had happened. Leaving out why I was at the bottom of the pool. I tired my best to continue telling them with out them screaming ,we all were HUGE Directioners. I had to beat them a couple times for screaming so much. Right as I finished telling my secrets and we had started watching The Notebook I felt my butt vibrate.

From: Nialler pie xx

Now you aren't at the hotel how are we supposed to part all night together?!? I'm heart broken!💔

I laughed at his randomness and was relieved he didn't ask who I was running from.

To: Nialler pie xx

Sorry! but I'm partying at Carter's house for now sucker😜

From: Nialler pie xx

I'm hurt! ........Can Harry and I crash your partay?!? All the other lads went to bed and we are crazy bored😥

Wow Niall inviting your self to others houses so rude shame shame.

To:Nialler pie xx

Sorry girls only!

Jk fine I give in but on one condition!!!

From: Nialler pie xx

Yes! it was my charm that made you give in wasn't it?!?!:) and I'll do anything to see you what is it you want?

I giggle from his response then read the last part and began to blush. The girls heard me and immediately looked at me asking why I was laughing and who I was texting.

"Secrets and surprises girls:)" I said with a wink. ooh boy that set off the squealing and questioning I just told them they would we up all night:)

To: Nialler pie xx

No it was the irishness. And I want you to bring cookie dough, magazines featuring one direction:) and a scary movie. Can you handle that ,Nialler?

From: Nialler pie xx

Odd requests... But you got it love! see you soon 💜

I blushes when I read his message even though it meant nothing to him it gave me butterflies. Stop it Salayna you can't like him you just can't.

I texted Niall the address figuring he would need it.


20 minutes later u finally heard the door bell gosh what took them so long!

" Carter would you get that?" I said as nonchalantly as possible I was bad at hiding surprises.

" Ugh you are such a lazy arse aren't you Layna!"

She rushed down the stairs and ..... 5-4-3-2-


and there it was the surprise :) I giggled to my self knowing I made this happen how could they have not suspected this considering I had JUST told them I had met one direction.

"What the helicopter ?" Phoenix was as confused as a boy in a pad isle.

"Let's go see what she's freaking about." :)

We ran down stairs to see a scared Harry and Niall gz Carter way to freak them out!

"Hey boy hayyyyy!" I ran up and hugged Niall.

"Hey layner pie."

Both if the girls had slight confused looks on there faces knowing I never let anyone call me layner but they quickly shook those looks of as they payed attention to the boys at Carter's front door.

"So Niall , Harry these are my bestest friends Phoenix and Carter." I pointed at each girl as I said their name.

" Hey I thought I was your bestest friend!"

" Oh calm down Harry ! maybe one day...."

We all headed up stairs after we introduced the boys to our parents.

We all sat down in a circle in Carter's room started at each other for a moment then Niall shouted

" Let the Partay begin!"


A/n: I'm really sorry for not updating in a while I know I hate when I read fanfic a that never get updated I'm sorry but I'll try to update more cause I go on Christmas break soon so more chapters coming so please keep reading!!!! I tired to write a longer chapter but that didn't work to well hehehe....... I tried! For you! don't hate me ! so um comment vote and share to your friends my lovelys !


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