Drowning Love

Salayna had her scars and lots of them to .She was raped at a young age and now has a verbally abusive step father. But when she tries to escape everything he ends up saving her. He is there to listen to her ,care for her and love her. Will she trust him enough to tell him everything? What will happen when she is forced to move to Germany? What happens when the plane there has mechanical problems??will they keep in touch?? Will she fall for him??Will she love him? Will he be able to fix her???? -Niall Horan Fanfic


3. A Day Out with Them

A/N Hey! my lovelys! how are chu??oh thats get! well i noticed some authors have songs for some chapters so for this chapter the song will be...........Love Somebody by the great Maroon 5! Alright well with out further ado I give you chapter three of drowning love!!!!


Beep Beep Beep

I rolled over to turn my alarm off.It was 10:00 and I was meeting the boys in an hour and a half. I reluctantly got out of bed , yes I was excited to meet the rest of one direction but I am not one to be all happy and cheerful right when I wake up.

I went in the bathroom to shower. I turned the shower on and began undressing.I washed my hair and shaved my legs. Don't want harry legs when I meet the boys!

I got out and dried off and went to change my clothes. I was wearing some dark wash denim jeans, a red sleeping with sirens t-shirt and some black converse, and a white beanie and a black sweater.

I began doing my hair I didn't do much because I was to lazy , as usual.

When I finished I ate breakfast. My mom had already been up and ordered me some breakfast. I gladly ate. By the time I finished it was 11:20 so I decided to head down to the lobby.

I asked my mom if it was alright that I was going out with friends today and luckily she didn't ask who and just said yes. I left the room and skipped down to the elevator I could tell people were thinking ' is that girl on drugs?' ha why yes I am Ive been overdosing on Payne killers (see what I did there??!?!?).


I finally made my way to the lobby, when all the sudden someone was tickling me. I fell to the floor laughing. Then I saw their face it was Niall.

"Hey beautiful"

I blushed he must of been talking to someone else I was not beautiful.

"What the hell Niall?!You scarred the Nandos out of me!"

We laughed remembering last night.

"Come meet the lads!"

Niall led me over to a group of 4 handsome guys. I tried so hard to hold in my fangirlness. This is really hard!

All the guys greeted me with warm hugs.( I just hugged 4/5 of 1D!!!!!)

"So how'd you two meet?" Liam asked

"At the pool last night." I said casually leaving out the part about Niall saving me.

"Ah, so your the reason Niall came back so late." Louis said with a wink Niall and I blushed.

"Alright well should we get going?" I said wanting to break the silence.

"Sure where we goin?"

"You'll see!" and with that we left and I drove of course because they didn't know where we were going.

I decided to first take them to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.Who doesn't like the zoo!?!? and it was only a 5 minute drive away from the hotel so that was a plus.

I turned one last time reviling the zoo the boys were extremely happy that's where I brought them.

"Alright guys this is it ,the animal feeding zoo ,known specially for feeding British /Irish pop star/ boybanders to the monkeys!" I said it with a totally serious look on my face and they all freaked out

"Laaaayyyynnnnaaa! I don't want to go!" Harry pouted "I don't want the monkeys eating me!"

"Don't worry Harry they give the curly ones to the hippos!"

"What?!?....Wait doesn't that mean you'll get eaten by a hippo too!"

I don't think about that. I dragged the boys in they are so stubborn!

I told them I was kidding but that we can feed the giraffes cracker and lettuce, that was one of the things this zoo was known for.

"Layna! Look she's giving me kisses!"

"Gee I knew all the girls were all over Harry ,I didn't know giraffes were too!"

A giraffe licked my whole face and to my luck Niall snapped a picture just in time and then without my conceit posted it on twitter!

"@NiallOfficial:Breaking news! @SalaynaMiller found kissing new boyfriend.Im hurt you chose him layna!"

I laughed at Niall's tweet.

Through out the whole zoo trip we saw most of the animals avoiding the monkeys :) and Harry avoiding the hippos. But the boys seemed to really enjoy it.

By the time we started walking to the parking lot it was still early in the day so I decided we would go up to Denver and go to the huge mall up there and also get lunch there.

"Alright guys so now we are going to Denver! I know you guys were there for your concert but we are still going whether you like it or not!" gez I sound like my mother!ha! They all looked scarred and nodded but of course mr.sass master from Doncaster made a sassy remark.

"Liam I believe you now have a wife meet mommy Directioner!"

I turned around and stared Lou dead in the eyes and put my hands on my hips.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing mom!"


And with that we were headed up to Denver. Since Niall was sitting next to me ,in the passenger seat, he had the music almost on full blast and all the boys were singing to the radio.

"Tik-tok on the clock but the party don't stop tonight imma fight til we seen the sunlight"

UGH! This song was seriously still on the radio?!?!?! I mean I love you Ke$ha but I have had enough. I flipped the radio to a diffrent station and I heard several "awws" from the back of the car but then a song they knew all to well came on.

"OMJ I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, and yes i did say omj it means oh my jennings its better than omg trust me!

"You're insecure don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-o-o-r , don't need make up to cover up because the why thatyou are is e-e-n-o-o-o-u-g-g-g-h-h"

We all sang as loud as possible and this went on all the way to Denver.

"Guise!!! We're here!Time to be Crazy Crazy Crazy til we see the sun!" they all gave me blank stares! well fine guys don't laugh at my jokes!

"Salayna, we already did that." If I didn't know any better i would think Harry was being serious. I went up and playfully hit him.

"Ow!' i just stuck my toungue at him.

Niall came up behind me and put is arm around my shoulder. I felt something right as his skin came in contact with mine. What was that? You like him don't you? No I don't! I can't I just can't fall for him, but I want to so badly.

"Laynnnneeeeerrrrr!" Niall snapped me out of my thoughts and made me a little upset about the nickname he called me, thats what my ..... step dad called me. I had almost forgot about the things going on at home, almost.

"What ,Nialler pie?"

"Oh, so I'm pie now?"

"Why yes yes you are, now what do you want?"

"Well aren't you sassy! I wanted to know what you wanted for lunch because i'm hungry!"


"Yes i'll have two #7's one of those and oh! that and a soda! What do you guys want?"The boys all stood there with there jaws dropped. Yes I eat I eat a lot problem with that?

I smacked all of their arms and then they all ordered. When we sat down a few girls noticed them and asked for pictures and stuff not to many people came over luckliy it was a weekday so not many people were here.

"What stores do you guys want to go to?"



"Toys!" Great answers boys-_-

"Aww I wanna go to hot topic" I pouted. Niall patted my shoulder.What was that?No stop it Salayna!He's just so adorable!

"I'll go with you love the other boys can go where ever the want."

"Well at least someone cares thanks Nialler PIe!" Niall stood up and grabed my hand and we literally skipped off through the mall to hot topic.We walked in and to my luck the had tons of Doctor Who stuff I am a HUGE Whovian i even have two hearts! I walked over to that section Niall not to far behind. He was so cute. No Salayna stop it you are already hurt enough and if you tell him what happened he will just walk away he wouldn't want someone damaged.

I keep walking around the store and then a beautiful necklace caught my eye. It was the most beautiful necklace i had ever seen. It had gold deatiling and it made some weird celtic knot thing and it encaged a beautiful turquoise gem.Niall Caught me looking at it.

"Its beautiful" I nodded, " but not as beautiful as you." I shook me head , he didn't mean it.

" I mean it Salayna, i may have just met you but you are and i can tell your beautiful on the inside too and I really want to get to know you better."

"Whatever Niall i know your just saying that." i looked down at the ground not wanting to look him in the eyes.I didn't want to get hurt and all I knew to do was to push him away.I really wanted so much to love him.

He took his finger under my chin and made me look up at him.

"Why were you upset last night?" I knew it would come the question I had been dreading since he found me how would I avoid it now?


A/N: Dun Dun Dun!!!!!! what will she do now ????? keep reading to find out please comment tips or special parts you like please share this to you friends !!! I love you guys so much! well I have to go but thanks for reading guiseeeee!!!!!!! bye my lovelys!!


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