Chased by shadows

I can not walk away. I must sprint. Sprint to the place that I may find love at. Sprinting away from the monsters. While sprinting it hits me. I'm being chased, by shadows.


1. No No! This isn't real

Walking into my home, I scream to my fiancé "Daniel I'm home." Strangely I get no reply, I'm not to worried though he was feeling sick so naturally he must be asleep. Walking up the stairs, peeking in each door, I began to worry mentally noting that he was not in any of the rooms. After a checking every room, I realized that I did not check the very last room.

As I walk towards the last room the hallway seems to stretch longer and longer. I start running, faster and faster until I finally reach the door. Palms sweating, heart racing, I push open the door. "" I manage to breathe out. Laying there cold as ice surrounded by a scarlet liquid is my fiancé. " no..this isn't possible" I sob, while trying to cover the wound that blood is freely flowing out of. The mark is directly over his heart, there is no way he could have survived. I know that all to well but refuse to believe it anyway.

Hands shaking I dial 911, "hello 911 what is your emergency?" The lady on the end asked to calmly for my liking. "My fiancé is wounded and bleeding freely" I scream, still sobbing. "Oh no, the paramedics are on there way!" Finally some panic sounds in her voice.

Less than 3 minutes later the paramedics pull up into the driveway. They rush out and bring in the stretcher. They follow my sobs until they reach the room. One of there eyes go wide as they see him, another's show absolute pity. From their eyes I can tell that they know as well as I do that Daniel has no chance of survival. Yet they don't say anything, all they do is rush him out of the room on the stretcher.

I fall onto the ground weeping more, as the memory of him laying in a pool of blood reappears in my mind. I pull myself together, jump into my car and follow them to the hospital. It's not far away from our no my house so I arrive there in around 5 minutes. I park horribly but I have better things to worry about. I sprint into the hospital faster than I've ever ran in my life. As I approach the front desk, I ask very loudly and rushed "what room is Daniel Hauls in?!" Again too calmly for my liking the nurse replies "room 264." As I run down the hallway I remembered my manners somehow and I shout back behind me "thank you so much!" To my surprise the nurse stops talking to the next person in line and yells back to me "your welcome honey, I hope he's okay!" I flash her a bright white smile.

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