My poetry story

I got bord one day so i decided to write this poetry......... Will add more when i write them


1. The Shooting

I was sitting there.

minding my own business

when it all happened


There was two children in the park

A boy and a girl

They was playing on the swings

When something went bang


I turned my head in the direction of the sound

but when i looked

all i saw was pitch black


I shrugged my shoulders,

thinking it was my imagination


i turned my gaze back to where i was watching the swings


the childrens bodies

just laying on the floor

but only one of them moved


I stood up and started walking to see if they was okay

but when i got there

all i saw was a dead boy


The girl still living

Cuddling the boy while crying

She must have heard me

Her head shot up


Another loud bang happened

Now there was two dead children

laying in front of me


I looked up for my eyes to meet something

It was a gun

The thing making the loud bangs


He clicked the safety cap back

And pulled the trigger

As the last bang went off

My body too, dropped dead


I saw something bright

It was blurry

I wanted to stay put 

But my feet was dragging me


Every step i got closer to the bright object

I saw it was a light

I walked into it

And there was no chance of me coming back


One year later

they found the guy with the gun

He was nothing but a friend

The man i was friends with in school


Came back to give revenge

For something i didnt do




A/N- What did you think of it then guys. Please tell me in the comments below






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