"so baby stay with me so happily..." i stared into his eyes as the words escaped his lips. "so what about it? will you stay with me?". Summer is just your average teenage girl...but with a twist her brother is Louis Tomlinson. so her life has never been exactly 'normal'. when her mother is rushed to hospital she is sent away to stay with Louis in london but hes changed since she last saw him...he became one of the most famous people in the world! But what will happen when she falls head for heals for Louis' best friend the one and only...HARRY STYLES!


1. Fresh start...i hope

Summer's POV:


I sat at my desk staring blankly at my bedroom door trying to rethink through my mind what had happened in the past week although it made me brake down into tears....


#~flash back~#:


I was sitting in  the hospital waiting room when a doctor came out. "I am afraid I have some bad news...its your mother...she" he paused almost as if he wasn't able to finish his sentence. I knew what was coming and tears started to brim on my eyes. " i'm sorry for your loss" he said before leaving. I broke down into tears then I saw someone coming towards me I didn't care if they saw me crying. "Hey princess, I'm so sorry about your mum but it will be ok I promise" it sounded like my uncle rick. He was always there for me. I was glad he was here I really needed the comfort of a family member right now.                                             

                  #~end of flash back~# 

I had to force myself not to think of that horrible day. Then i herd a knock on my bed room door breaking me from my thoughts. "oh...come in" i said slowly. "hey princess". it was my uncle Rick. 

"...hi..." i said weakly. " are you ok, you seem quite tired. Well i wanted to talk to you about where you are going to live permanently". Since my uncle traveled alot i couldn't stay with him which i was really upset about because he always cheers me up and hes really funny. "so...i want you to stay with Louis in London" Louis is my  brother. i hadn't seen him in years. about 3 years ago was the last time i saw him right before he auditioned for the x factor and got a RECORD DEAL!! So now hes one of the most famous people in the world. Well...this will be interesting...


a/n: hi guys lottie here sorry for the short chapter but im lazy and indenity thief is on YAY! i will update with a longer chapter next time and please check out my movella one direction images ;) 



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