Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


5. Trudging Excitement

I awoke warm, covered by a quilted sheet. I shook my head, still dazed with pain and rolled onto my left side. Long strands of black curly hair lay in front of me. It took me a while to realise but once I did, I leapt out of the sheets and fell onto the floor, naked. Dani, thankfully was still asleep. I searched around the floor for my clothes while the ideas of what had happened ran through my head time and time again, none of which deemed to be legally on my side. I finally found my trousers and top, hung across the TV at the end of the room and I crawled over to them, ripping them from the corner of the TV. I put them on quickly, suiting myself in the mirror just to the right of the bed and then grabbing my briefcase which was still near the door. Turning back to take a commemorative look at Dani, fast asleep, such an angel, in which I had spent the night with I enriched my worry and attempted to partake in finding the silver lining in whatever had happened.

"Bye." I mumbled to myself, whispering into the empty, person-less house and bidding Dani a wonderful day. I then grabbed my jacket from the coat rack near the front door and left the plagued fortress. I ran out into the road, following the trails down to the closest bus stop. From what I gauged I was just outside the capital in the suburbs, but the time I had to wait for the bus differed. I sat, sheltered by the rain but exposed to loneliness in the middle of nowhere, hours on end, attempting to find some peace with myself. Gladly, this peace was never found and within an hour or two a bus pulled up onto the marsh land in which quilted my feet. I pulled my bus pass out of my back pocket, flicking the label upside down and then sliding it through the entrance gate, the door opened swiftly, revealing the under mellowed tone inside the bus. The doors shut behind me, trapping me in the mobile cell and forcing me to go and find a seat near the back.

There were not that many people on the bus, an old lady sitting relatively close to the front, accompanied by a slightly older man with his head in his hands and a hat, covering what little hair he had left, what looked like a teenager, a rural one, one that had not been exposed to the toxic of technology, wide eyed and open minded, passively preparing to take everything in, and then, at the back I noticed a flicker. A woman, flung her hair around her shoulder as she leant to the right to search through her black leather purse, hiding her face behind the chair. The curls in her hair were recognisable, but I was not as sure as to shout from 10 feet away and disrupt the many many 7 people that were on the bus, so I slowly walked to the back, peering over the head rest of the second to last row.

"Well well, who do we have here." I laughed mockingly, realising who it was.

"Well, wasn't expecting to see you out here!" Rylee popped up from the shadow of the chair, standing and giving me an amorous hug before she was thrown back down again by the spinning corners of suburbia.

"I could say the same thing. What brings you out here? I thought you were more of a city girl?" I bounded her with questions, coupled by my confusion.

"I could ask you the same thing, but yes I am, I just needed to get a few things done out here." She replied confidently, placing her phone back in her purse and closing the latch.

"Oh I see, confidential things I assume. Is that why you were not in yesterday?" I questioned further, remembering the void that accompanied my heart when she wasn't there.

"Why are you down here?" She combated, deciding to turn the tables.

"I just needed to see a client." I also responded truthfully, yet feeling really guilty knowing that the client was supposed to be hers and that legally I am still at error after last night.

"Oh look at you, is that your first client? He must be quite the case for you to travel all the way out here." Rylee speculated, smiling with joy on my success, making me feel even worse about myself.

"She, I am sure, is involved in some twisted shit." I laughed as I saw Rylee drop with an aura of jealousy as I plundered 'she' into Rylee's gut.

"Well I guess I can only say good luck." Rylee attempted to smile, coming off as sarcastic. At that moment I was thrown forward into the middle of the bus, about 15 feet from where I was sitting down the middle walkway. I lay in the centre of the bus twitching, as the bus came to a stop in the middle of what looked like marshland.

"Why are we stopping?" I questioned the bus driver, peeling myself off the floor and shouting forward.

"I am afraid I am out of fuel, you will have to make your own way from here." The bus driver spoke mindlessly through the speaker, opening his door and stepping out into the road. I turned to Rylee with a puzzled look, she mirrored me.

From the outside of the bus I heard an immediate roaring sound as a car approached from the mist of the far terrain, leaping onto the badly paved road and crashing into the bus driver, slaughtering him, and throwing his remains off to the side of the the road. Rylee and I jumped out of the bus, now alert, scared and frightful. I grabbed her hand as we walked further down the weathered pathway. I then looked back towards the now motionless bus, still holding the other passengers which were still frozen, stuck within time, stuck within memories.

"Where the hell are we?" Rylee panicked, grasping my hand tighter, the blood started to leave my hand as the vessels constricted. I looked around for any signs of, well, anything. Yet all that met my eyes were a green fog and blue mist in the distance.

"Where the hell are we!" Rylee raised her voice again, almost shaking with fear.

"Calm down, I know a way back." I reassured Rylee as I spotted a faded house in the distance, it was large, modern and glimmered through the mist, almost like Dani's house did.

"Come on!" I ordered Rylee to follow, as I grabbed her hand, pulled her towards me and walked forth into the smoky terrain.

Minutes later we trudged through the end wall of the mist, coming in contact with Dani's front drive. We were soaked and I continued to pull forward until I stopped outside the large curved doors, I knocked aggressively.

"Dani!" I shouted continually, banging on the door as the rain poured behind me.

"This Dani?" Rylee started... looking around. "Is she like an attractive girl, one that doesn't really need to ask for attraction but rather just receives it?" Rylee asked interrogatively.

"Yeah I guess. But what does that have to do with?..." I questioned, slightly confused. Rylee acknowledged my response, bending down and lifting the front porch carpet. She then rose, producing a front door key like it was nothing. I smiled, quite astounded by her knowledge of her own attractiveness. I then took the key from her and opened the front door, letting Rylee walk in and then I followed.

"So where is Dani?" Rylee asked shivering, sitting at the closest worktop seat and wrapping herself in a thin jacket.

"I have no idea, her car isn't outside and..." I paused for a moment, throwing myself around the corner to check the room in which I had just escaped from many minutes ago, it was perfectly clean and made up, empty, without any impediments at all. "Yeah she's not here." I laughed, returning to the kitchen and searching through the cupboards for something warm. I kept searching until I found a blanket cupboard, with neatly folded blankets dotted inside. I tore apart the neatness until I found a blanket that was big enough, grabbing it and placing it around Rylee.

"Thanks." She said happily, throwing off one of her mesmerizing smiles.

I walked over to coffee machine #1 and fashioned together a quick two coffees, bringing them over to Rylee and then sitting on the chair directly across from her on the the worktop. We took a few minutes of silence just to return to normal conditions and sip our coffee, until Rylee broke out into questions again.

"This Dani girl? Do you like her?" Rylee asked awkwardly placing her cup down.

"In what way do you mean? Because you know I am in a legal position which doesn't allow me to cross certain boundaries?" I trod carefully with my response. She giggled before responding.

"Just as a person, she must be nice for someone of your class to like her you know?" Rylee continued.

"What do you mean class? We are of the same class!" I exploded into argument, slamming my cup on the worktop.

"Calm down, you can belittle yourself if you want, just don't do it around me" She waved her hand, dispelling me of any anger.

"Rylee, you would be completely honest with me right?" I asked nervously, pulling my collar.

"That depends..." Rylee swivelled on her chair, getting up to turn on the central heating and then returning.

"Well if I were to ask you whether you knew anything about espionage in our company to do with conspiracy, could you give me a truthful response?" I continued questioning, digging into deeper and deeper territory.

"Unfortunately no..." She said, after taking a couple sips from her coffee.

There was an awkward silence as a horn went off outside.

"When did you call a taxi?" I questioned suspiciously.

"Just on the bus." Rylee got up, waving her phone and then walking towards the door. "You coming?" She asked, opening the curved door.

"No I will just wait for Dani, just have to clear a few things up." I went with a snap decision, knowing that I needed to speak more about the case with Dani.

"Fine." She responded in a dull tone, walking over to me, melting me with a hug and then silencing me with a kiss. "Good luck." She smiled, turning and walking out of the door,  walking out into the darkness as the curved wooden door trudged behind her. 

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