Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


8. Three Times the Beauty

I immediately ran down the stairwell, throwing off any sweat and tears that had previously plagued me on the rooftop. I took one look at Jennifer, walking over to her and kissing her on the forehead before dashing away, finding the closest bus stop. Waiting at the bus stop I wondered. I looked forth into the shrub just outside the capital. What if there was a better way to live? What if I belonged out here? What if Dani and Rylee are distractions from my true potential?

My thoughts subsided as the bus pulled up, I walked onto the bus, taking the first available seat and crashing the side of my head against the window. Nothing could enter my mind and Jennifer was not leaving it, therefore I went to go and see Dani. She, coupled with Rylee, were the only persons I could go to and feel Young again, and as I did not know where Rylee lived, Dani was my only option. I jumped off the bus at the marsh, turning and looking into the fog in which I had previously travelled through, I then started walking.

Minutes later I reached Dani's house, dirty, frustrated and tired. I hobbled up on the step and knocked on the door lightly.

"Dani!" I shouted, knocking the door harder.

There was no response.

"Dani, it's Tatton, we need to file the case!" I shouted even louder, hearing the weakened echo of my voice throughout the marshes.

There was still no response.

I flashed back to the time in which Rylee and I were in a similar situation, using my previous knowledge, I reached under the front door mat revealing to me a key, one that hopefully matched the front door. I placed the key in the door and turned it, opening the large curved door and allowing myself to stroll in. All of the lights were off and the house was silent. I was near to 100% sure Dani wasn't in, so I took off my jacket, threw it onto the coat hanger at the front door and then walked over to the coffee machine. Setting the coffee machine to an espresso I heard light yet a continuous knocking sound on the door.

I was frightened, yet I still wondered if it was Dani or something like that. I strolled over cautiously grabbing the latch on the door and opening it gradually. A large man stood at the door wearing a dark blue shirt with a crest. He was partially bold yet extremely built. He was shadowed by two men wearing black suits behind him.

"CIA. Tatton Daniels, I'm going to have to ask you to come with us." The officer stood, displaying his badge. I immediately went with my impulse and turned, into the house, running through the worktops. They didn't seem to chase.

Looking back at the men, still standing at the door, I crashed into a frying pan which hung out seamlessly, from a rack above me. A swollen pain rushed to my head as I fell to the floor. My eyes shut, and I was left in complete darkness, I was out, like a light. Again.

I awoke groggily, sitting in front of what looked like a psychiatrist in a pink jacket. I took a look around, I was slightly foggy but could still make out the fact that I was in a containment facility. I panicked and attempted to flair my arms about, however, I was handcuffed.

"Don't try to escape, there is no need to rush." She spoke slowly, angering me even more.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do!" I yelled, smashing my handcuffs on the table, not braking them, but in turn near to breaking my arm instead.

"I am just here to help, Daniels doesn't need to be here." She spoke calmly again... That annoys me.

"No you don't understand, I have a case that I need to do, a conspiracy case involving Rylee, and Dani, I think..." I sat down, dizzy, my head started to throb intensely.

"Rylee is dead." She started. I had no response.

"As is Dani" She continued. I had no response.

"As is Jennifer." She ended the list smiling, almost gaining pleasure out of messing with me.

"No, I only killed Jennifer!" I blurted, spilling my brains out.

"And Dani and Rylee. Tatton... They are the same person." She smirked.

"I froze, running through every single memory that I had over the past month. How!?" I broke down, throwing myself off the seat onto the floor.

"You have a problem, a multiple personality problem, whether that be with others. Or yourself? Now who's this Daniels?" She belittled me, questioning my life.

"Daniels is gone, disowned, so I lost my family, so I lost my wealth, so I lost my wife, Tatton Young is a new man, and I like it that way!" I shouted to her.

"And who was your wife?" The psychiatrist questioned.

"Tracy..." I spoke under my breath.

"This Tracy?" She questioned, removing a picture from her pocket.

It was a picture of Jennifer.

"Fuck no!" I jumped , throwing myself across the room into a corner. Reducing myself into my own ball and closing myself off from the world.

"I am done with him." She mocked, walking out of the room and leaving me to be carried out my two large men in suits. I was thrown down inside a cell a few minutes later.

The walls were dark as the darkness itself dripped from the cracks in the cement and the sink willowed with a dry tinge. I was trapped within a mental constitution, whether that be Daniels or Young. It was me, and I had trapped my self within here on my own legislate.



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