Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


4. The Thieves Experience

It had been two long and dreary weeks. Long shifts of what seemed to be frivolous writing and reviewing over previous statements took up all my time, as well as energy and interest, I was deep within my scope of boredom and was searching for a case that really pushed me to get out of my seat. I, however, got no where and everyday, I would have to look across through the stained glass that lay next to me, into her room. I was near to always jealous, bubbling in envy of the heavily plated glass which got all of her company, after all, with me wasting my time taking calls from the paperweight company all last week, Rylee and I hadn't had a proper conversation since god knows when. I hate to leave such thoughts wandering through my mind, but who goes to say she doesn't already have 50 clients?

I brushed off the normal feeling this morning, knowing that the amount of work I got done was directly proportional to the rest of my time at this firm. I unlocked the door to my office and flung it open. Dashing inside and running into the cushioned desk chair. I relaxed and then sat up, removing my top button and unbuttoning my suit blazer. I wheeled casually over to the coffee machine, setting it on a light drink and then wheeled my chair back momentarily. After filing through the initial office fax on my front desk I swivelled, noticing the barren emptiness that was Rylee's office. I had never seen it empty, as she was always in before I was, regardless of anything. Yet it was a relief, I had at least one day to catch up. I paused the coffee machine and then strolled out of the room, heading towards the bosses office with a mischievous look on my face. Reaching the boss's office a few seconds later I knocked, aggressively.

"Yes?" She questioned with little emotion as I peered my head through the little crack in the door space. I walked in and shut the door behind me, then took a seat on the long sofa in front of her desk.

"I noticed that Rylee is not In today..." I could only begin to express my worry before I was cut off.

"Do not worry about that, it is none of your concern." She folded her arms, slouching back in her seat.

"Well it is too some extent." I argued confidently.

"Just know that Rylee has taken a well deserved brake, she works harder than you think Daniels." The boss smirked. I immediately flipped, grabbing a pair of scissors on the side of the desk in front of me and hurled it toward her face. She moved slightly allowing the scissors to cleanly fly by and hit the window behind her. Frustrated, I got up and left the room, slamming the weakened hinged door behind me.

I approached my office door and went to grab the handle, yet I couldn't ignore a constant ringing sound in my ears. I turned, listening closely to where it was coming from. From what I gauged it was coming from Rylee's room. I didn't really want to be that guy, but my senses were urging me to go in and check, just for her sake. I turned around, checking my surroundings and then slid into the room. It was dark, macabre and the drapes hung to shut out the light. It seemed as if it had been barren for a while, almost shut off from reality. I looked across to her desk, covered in paper, metallic clips and other office stationary and indeed the sound was coming from there. A small black phone sat across the room, singing a melodious tune, telling me to come and take it.

I turned, cautiously, checking if any passers by were confused as to why the new intern was casually strolling through his competitions office. Honestly, I felt the same way, I felt like an intruder, but anything that got me closer to Rylee, that gave me that extra bit of knowledge on her and her life, was worth it.

I picked up the phone nervously.

"Hello." I said in a lowly tone, waiting for the reply intensely, realising that it could go either way.

"Hello, is this Miss Rylee Walker?" The voice from the other end questioned, I believed it to be a woman, as she spoke in an extremely high yet mellow tone.

"No it is her legal partner." I scrambled, trying to come up with a valid label without trapping myself within stone cold bricks.

"So will you be covering my case?" She questioned. I stumbled across a wire on the floor trying to process the situation.

"Can you excuse me for a second?" I paused the phone, sitting on the cushion next to the desk and throwing the phone onto the wood beside me. I slouched, as I was placed with an ultimatum. I could either do the right thing, and keep the respect and trust from Rylee through telling the woman that I wasn't, but in parallel, possibly sabotaging my future career. Or I could scrap all my morals, betray Rylee's trust, steal her client and risk loosing her forever, but in perpendicular, secure my future career.

It was a hard decision, and I wasn't given any leeway to juggle the difficulty of it. The woman called back immediately, forcing me to go with my snap judgement.

"So?" She continued, dumbfounded by the slightly long break.

I took a deep breath.

"Yes, I will take your case." I said nervously, waiting for a response of acceptance and relief.

"Good to know." I could feel her smiling through the phone. Immediately after I had done the unthinkable, I stopped trying to think about it. What was done was done, and therefore I should just focus on the case, for my clients sake.

"So, how far has Rylee gone into depths with your case?" I questioned, requiring to know more before I bolted out of Rylee's room

"Not much at all actually. We were actually supposed to meet up at Contrail Square just about now to discuss it over some coffee." She replied, giving me the information I needed. I got up and walked over to the windows, pulling back the drapes and looking out into the open square which shadowed underneath Rylee's office window.

"Where are you in the square? I am there now, if you still want to discuss then I am free." I lied again, wanting to get the case over and done with before Rylee came to her senses.

"Yeah sure, would love to. I am just at the little coffee shop off Coequal Street. The names Dani Gardener." She replied gladly. I searched the junctions at the ends of the square for Coequal Street. It took a few seconds but I spotted the nestled side road directly opposite and indeed the little coffee shop which hung at the end of the road.

"OK. I am Tatton, Tatton Young."

I heard a sigh, followed by "See you soon" in which I finally ended the call. I took a look around the room, the walls frowned upon me, dragging my emotionless soul into their grouting. I had done a bad thing, but I mean people have done worse right? I dashed out of the room and then into my room to gather a few things together. I took the sheets of paper on my desk, a couple of pens, a laptop and a contract sheet and threw them into my satchel. I then flung on my jacket from the corner of the room, swung the satchel around my shoulder and headed out of the building.

I fought my way through the crowds which gathered at the bottom of the stairs, creating an escapade just to go up a flight of steps, then ran out of the front doors, previously my inferior but now my equal. I walked harmlessly over to Coequal Street, spotting the small office shop in the corner of my eye. I couldn't spot anyone sitting outside so I came to the decision that she could not handle even the slightest of winds and was sitting alone, inside the coffee shop. I walked over to the coffee shop turning into the seating area, sliding through the chairs, wooden and curved and then opening the door. There was a chime, as I entered the shop, immediately spotting Dani across the room. I took the worn satchel off my back and walked over to the table, the woman stared at me longingly.

"Dani?" I questioned, just to make sure I wasn't being completely over my head.

"Tatton?" She replied in that high voice off hers, it wasn't as high as to annoy me, but a perfect high, one that creates innocence, magnificence and amazement. Nonetheless, I knew it was her.

"Indeed, that would be me." I offered my hand to shake as I took up a seat opposite her. The waitress came over to take my order. I told her to get me a Chai to go, she gladly agreed. I took out a few sheets and placed them onto the table, including a notepad and a contract.

"Really? I didn't think you would be so..." She stumbled as I attempted to fill her sentence.

"So what? So young? So..." I gave her an opportunity to continue.

"So handsome." She attempted to mumble but didn't do a very good job, then rested her cheek on her hand.

"Flattery won't win you this case dear." I laughed.

"Oh you heard that did you?" She questioned slightly embarrassed, holding back any blush.

"Let's pretend I didn't." I laughed again, smiling and then taking off my coat. I swivelled around the contract and produced a pen from my pocket and then asked her to sign the agreement.

"Agreement? For what?" She asked while signing the papers.

"Just to let all of them other lawyers know that you're mine, for now." I replied willingly as she threw strands off her hair over her shoulder, smiled and then finished signing the papers. I grabbed the papers and slid them into my satchel.

"So about my case..." She started as I leaned in, preparing to listen.

"I'm being charged with stealing trade secrets, against a conspiracy case." She sighed, having to recite such a accusation again.

"And you didn't do that?" I giggled trying to keep a straight face.

"What do you think?" She questioned, giving me a puzzled and sarcastic look.

"I don't know, sometimes my clients forget to tell me that." I reduced my tone to a more formal and serious one, taking out my notepad.

"And what company?" I asked her. There was a short pause while she thought about it for a second, hesitating as the words left her mouth.

"Yours..." She mumbled it slowly, as I blinked in shock.

"Mine? As in my firm now?" I questioned further. She nodded silently. I then stopped writing, placed the pen in the ring binder along the side and then slid the notepad into my bag. 

"Shall we discuss this further perhaps some place more private?" I asked formally, whispering under my breath.

"If you wish, we could go to my house?" She smiled, lifting the keys out of her pocket.

"Sure, that shouldn't be a problem." I spoke towards the table, attempting to tell the time off of my slightly old watch. She was deemed impatient as she jumped up, ran out of the door, grabbing me and pulling me along. I finally stopped looking at my watch and she let go. Her car was parked just to the right of the junction. She walked around the outside, opening the door and climbing in while I fumbled a bit before grabbing the latch and working my way into the seat.

"You look like you've never got into a car before!" She started to stare at me humorously.

"Oh, I have though." I pulled myself onto the seat finally and took a deep breath. I pulled my seat belt over my shoulder, swinging my satchel around onto my front lap. When we reached the house she pulled up, got out of the car and opened my door. I climbed out, slightly better this time and admired the mansion sized house in front off me. I stood in amazement for a second.

"What are you not coming in?" She asked walking towards the curved doors and opening them. I followed mindlessly. I walked into a large open space, white and black cupboards dotted the wall while the floor was covered with marble worktops, high quality ovens, fridges and just about anything else that you think would fit into a kitchen. It was truly a sight too see, one in which I had never seen before.

"My study is off to the right, which should have all of the papers and that inside, I am just going to get something from my room." She let me wander into the jungle as she left me, walking off into the far corner of the kitchen and then up a spiral staircase which was plotted at the end. I wandered into the far right room, deemed to be the study. It was a much simpler room, wooden flooring, a classy chandelier over my head and then a small desk at the back, dotted with a computer and floating papers. I walked over to the computer, flicking the switch on the side and then rotating around in the insanely comfortable chair that resided at the end of the room.

Going onto the internet I attempted to do searches on my company, intrigued as to what had been happening before I started working there. However it was insanely difficult to focus on the trillions of bytes flying across my screen at a time when you had Dani running in and out of my field of view with very little clothes on. It was quite the distraction, insanely toxic to my work as well it seemed.

"Can you please stop that. Making it really hard to do work on your case!" I shouted across the room. Dani was in the kitchen, and I am pretty sure that she heard me.

"I'm not doing anything wrong though am I?" She asked innocently, holding a plate with a finely crafted sandwich on it.

"Yeah you are, you're distracting me, so stop running around!" I exclaimed again, realising the desire I had to get this case done quickly. She turned, placed the plate down on the worktop and brushed off her hands.

"Make me." She mocked, giggling and prancing around in the kitchen. Waving around my phone. I felt my pockets rigorously, wanting it not to be my phone. But nonetheless it was. That phone held so many secrets, and it was just a matter of time before the started to spill from the casing. 

I attempted to block it out, but what seemed to be possible, was not plus I no longer had any knowledge of what was on the computer screen at all. I jumped up out of my seat and flung my satchel off, placing it on the chair behind me. Dani darted around the worktops until she reached the far corner of the kitchen. I followed silently while I was in the study, however, as I broke out into the sunlight off the kitchen I pounced, rushing over the first initial counter to try and close the gap. I dashed through the middle pathway, running in between the curved edge of the worktops. Dani giggled from the end of the room, walking off into the hallway while I carried on. I increased pace as I neared the end of the worktops but in an instant I crashed into a large frying pan which hung out seamlessly, from a rack above me. A swollen pain rushed to my head as I fell to the floor. My eyes shut, and I was left in complete darkness, I was out, like a light. 

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