Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


6. The Shrew in the Brush

I sat in darkness, over watched by the mansion, boring my eyes into the curved door just waiting for it to open. I waited countless hours until I finally heard a clicking sound in which the door swung open and Dani emerged.

"Oh. I wasn't really expecting you here." Dani stood in shock at the entrance, pausing for a second and then resuming her amazing walk across the room.

"Well you should of!" I commented drastically, giving her a reason to think.

"What did what happened last night confuse you or something?" She questioned, throwing her keys down onto the worktop and getting a glass of water from the fridge.

"Yeah about that..." I got up as I waked over to her, standing, illuminated under the fridge light. I attempted to start speaking but she just cut in, swallowing a large basin of water.

"Can you complain about how illegal you're being on the sofa? I think I have a major case of whiplash." Dani cracked her neck, placing the water on the side, grabbing my hand and leading me into the front room, a room in which I had previously not been in, located in the far front corner of the house.

"So what's up?" Dani looked up at me longingly as we sat facing each other on the sofa.

"Just about last night, no one can know what happened." I murmured, insanely nervous and clammy.

"Why does anyone have to know?" Dani smiled mischievously, grabbing my hand which was resting comfortably on the sofa portion in front of me.

"What's between us is between us right? Try and keep your job separate Tatton, that is all I ask." She stared at me, waiting, longing for a response. I knew that I had to understand, and that it was an easy expectation, yet I still wasn't comfortable doing it. Nonetheless I nodded half heartily as she fell into my arm, which rested along the back of the sofa.

"Do you know of a Rylee Walker?" I questioned, risking everything just to pull a sediment of information out of the beautiful girl in my arms. She sat up, as her facial expression changed from loving to on edge and intrigued.

"Where did you hear that name?" She questioned hastily, raising in tone slowly.

"Just internet research..." I calmed the tone, reminding her that it was only me in such a large house.

"Well..." She started, reducing her tone and searching through her mind uncomfortably. "She may or may not be the person who is actually stealing trade secrets." Dani continued, biting her finger and pausing for a moment. I kept my face straight, streamlined. No emotion, no reaction and no change. It was not humane to show my inner reaction so I just let it be that. Post battling any urgencies to spew lava, I muttered.

"I see"

"Do you know her?" Dani questioned, attempting to maintain eye contain with my eyes which were crumbling apart.

"No, not at all!" My voice went high for a moment.

"Because your eyes say you do." Dani lowered her voice into a tone of manipulation.

"No they don't!" I continued to attempt to avoid eye contact, but she kept it wherever my eyes travelled.

"So why do you think she is the one?" I finally moved past hyperventilation and got out a question for further clarification.

"Why do I know she is the one? Well because a few years back I used to work for that company, she, Rylee Walker was there, just under a different name, she then got fired for stealing trade secrets and now I believe Miss Rylee Walker is back, just as Rylee walker..." Dani explained, constantly nodding her head, flashing back to the reminiscent scenes of her old career.

"So you used to be a lawyer? And what was her other name?" I sat up, intrigued by what Dani had just told me. Dani lay back into my arms and with a great sigh resided to speak.

"Yeah... J...." Dani could just about get out the first letter before she fell to the floor. She rolled off the sofa onto the front room carpet, seemingly unconscious. I jumped up scared, not knowing what was wrong, as Dani lay there near unconscious. I placed her in the recovery position and then opened her airways.Luckily, It only took a matter of seconds before she awoke from her random slumber.

"I apologise, I faint sometimes..." Dani got up, brushed herself off as if it were nothing and then resided back on the sofa. I was slightly confused as to what happened, but nonetheless continued the conversation.

"So you were saying a name?" I continued from where we left off, before she rudely interrupted herself.

"Sorry, I forgot." She shook her head in doubt, as I recognised that she was still slightly hazy.

"Don't worry, we can talk about it tomorrow, I'll stay tonight..." I whispered, comforting her and allowing her to fall asleep in my arms. I finally took a deep breath as I then, minutes after, fell into a dream myself.

As I awoke I stretched out along the sofa, covering the immediate sunlight from my face. With my ability to stretch all the way out across the sofa I alerted to the fact that Dani was not there, as she was when she fell asleep. Nonetheless, she was a busy woman and I was a busy lawyer myself, I needed to dig up a bit more information on this Rylee situation and therefore, as I withdrew the front room from the curtains shade, I hobbled upstairs into the bathroom and had a quick shower, before escaping the castle and heading in the direction of work. Unlike last time, I did not feel the need to wait around for another bus to see someone die, therefore I just called a taxi, a taxi to take me straight into Contrail.

I stepped out onto home ground, or above home ground at least, as I smelt the redundant smell of fumes, hot dogs and coffee being thrown around the square. I paid the taxi driver and then turned, facing my firms building, a cauldron full of lies.I fixed my tie and walked up to the door, walking through with power. A short and stubby girl interrupted my stride, handing me a letter and waiting in front of me, almost demanding that I read it then and there. I opened the beautifully crafted letter.

Dear Tatton,

Following your great work within the company as an intern, before deadline day, Ms Axel would like to take the time to invite you to the annual, Daniels Firm banquet celebrating all of our achievements over the past few years. The location is at the Royal Celestial Hall off Albert Road. Be there promptly at 6 pm with dress matching 'formal attire'

Thank you, and hope you can make the dinner


Kind Regards, Rylee

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