Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


9. The Laws of Attraction

5 years.

It had been 5 years since I was thrown in this dump, and I, Tatton Daniels, have never felt like such an under-classed man. I used to have it all, all in which was reduced to nothing. Within a matter of weeks, I lost my true self, lost it's orbit, lost all sense of gravity. 

I walked towards the administration desk, allowing the guards to pat me down forcefully.

"Clear!" They repeatedly shouted down the line as I was passed onto the next person like a piece of used meat... Then when that was done... It was back to the meat locker for me.

"Wait you." The secretary at the desk turned, leaning across the desk and handing me a slip.

"What is this?" I questioned, frowning at the very existence of something so light and airy.

"It is your lucky day. I suggest you use it while you can..." She giggled, returning to her computer to attack her keyboard. I looked closely at the paper, reading through the fine print first and then moving through the larger text at the top. 

'Dismissal notice'

'In the eyes of the court you have been deemed stable, and as a result you have permission be withdrawn'

I read over the paper multiple times, increasing with pace each time, up to which I realised the reality of it and started to hop around in the administration area. I paused for a moment, still intrigued by the notice.

"So who withdrew me?" I ran over to the desk, allowing them to first remove my handcuffs and then asking them the question.

"Why don't you go and see..." The administration officer nodded down the pathway which led to the front gate at the forehead of the building, it was wet and rainy, but I was willing to traverse the soil in order to finally leave this dump.

I left the glass doors, the first time in 5 years and headed down the weathered pathway. As I walked, I finally found what I was looking for, I finally learnt something that wasn't just out of a textbook.

I learnt that, attraction itself is not governed by law, it is governed by the deception in which hides behind it. There is no such thing as true attraction ,as there is no such thing as a true law abiding citizen. The dream in which we chase to achieve both is frivolous as is the lie in which we all forge from our own ideals. Law and Attraction are separate things, the two should never cross, but like every other fucking thing in this world...






They Do

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