Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


7. Clashing Glasses

I stood in front of the mirror at the office, fixing my newly bought tie and straightening my blazer jacket. I looked like a penguin, nonetheless  I looked like a nice one and as it was all for show it was deemed acceptable. I finalised my outfit as I leant over to the counter to pick up my phone and check the time, 5:45 pm. Taking one last look at the mirror I ran out of the door, throwing my woollen jacket over my shoulder, holding it from the branding label. Shaking, with blood marching through my veins, I stood outside in the freezing cold, forever anticipating a taxi. I looked towards the sky for a moment, admiring the outline in which the skyscraper directly in front of me left, knocking me back into the reality that we are always lower than something. After about five minutes a black, unparalleled taxi appeared from the nestled corner street, in which I respectfully stopped, throwing my jacket out, flailing it in front of the drivers windscreen and gladly, it stopped. I clasped the cold door handle, pulling it open quickly and getting in the back seat of the car. Folding my jacket into my lap, I spoke, ordering the driver...

"Royal Celestial Hall"

Sitting against the window, I waited many minutes before I could get out of the fogged up taxi. It took an immense amount of time to travel what I thought was within walking distance,  I had never had a more strenuous ride, and I wasn't even doing any work. The taxi finally pulled up outside a glittering hall, pasted with the moonlight from the stars and softly humming smooth music through its walls. I flung the door open, threw the driver the required bill and then ran over to the cobbled steps which led the Royal Celestial Hall. Reaching the top step in due course, I grabbed onto the latch of the door and pushed it open, forcefully.

The lights were dashed in front of me, thrown around the large decorated room in which I stood in. The smaller room which I stood in had been split with tables and other brasserie such things in the far corner an then the rest being used as catering space. While the slightly larger room to the right seemed to be more formally 'sociable' and held much more people. I pivoted in amazement, never having been to such a up scale party in my life. I spotted the boss in the corner of my eye, sitting around a wonderfully decorated table, brash with wine and bread. I walked over cautiously, not wanting to misconstrue any of her previous actions and reactions.

"Ms Axel?" I questioned, not knowing whether or not I should approach as a strong character or a weak one. I knew she loved to feed off weaker prey like the multiple men on the board which she kept in her wallet, but sometimes even people of her standard need a challenge.

"The man himself..." She swung around on her chair, standing and shaking my hand resolutely.

"Have you seen Rylee?" I immediately questioned, wondering where she was hiding.

"Rylee I am afraid cannot make it, nonetheless, she would want you to enjoy yourself..." The boss responded, throwing around her handkerchief in which she withdrew from her blazer pocket.

"What do you mean she can't make it?" I asked aggressively, throwing my jacket over my other shoulder and staring at her. She walked around aimlessly for a second, completely disregarding what I said and taking a fashioned sip from her glass of wine. 

"Don't you worry about that. Here, my daughter Jennifer will show you around." The boss resided in her seat as the unsurprisingly alluring girl, in which rested in the seat beside, stood up and welcomed me with an amicable hug.

"Hello." I stepped back, fumbling for words. There was a pause for a moment as she leant down to pick up her purse, a black leather one, which still rested on the chair.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer, I hear you're one of the interns? You ready to go?" She questioned.

"Hi, yeah I am indeed one, Tatton Daniels is the name." I responded with a pause. "Yeah sure, let's go..." I finished, inviting Jennifer to show me around the hall. We walked past the catering table picking up two drinks and cherry. We placed the cherry in the tall glass, and stood at the edge of the small room as the cherry bubbled, boiled and sautéed in the slightly fizzy champagne.

"This is the larger room, everyone who is everyone is in here." Jennifer continued to walk, working her way through the crowd until she reached the opposite wall, I, unfortunately, had to do the same. It was enough that I had to squeeze through heavy crowds of people but when those people are well known, it just makes it awkward. Although I did make it too the other side, somewhat successfully. Jennifer took a sip from her drink and then left into the room behind, I followed.

"This is the kitchen clearly..." Jennifer gestured to the large room compact with ovens, fridges and cake machines.

"How is it clearly? I mean I can't see any food." I laughed, searching the room for anything edible.

"That is because all the food is out there... Interns" She whispered to herself, giggling, in which I could only shake my head to.

"So the Royal Celestial Hall is only that? Is it not more, I mean it is royal right?" I wondered, there is always another secret around the corner, I just wanted to see if Jennifer was willing to show me that against her mothers will. I smiled, attempting to be somewhat charming, but ultimately that wasn't really effective as Jennifer continued down the kitchen giggling.

I went around the table, noticing a door tucked away at the back, I pulled the handle. What followed was a large ball room, towered with chandeliers and floored with the most amazing maple flooring. It was smooth, with a urethane coating, reflecting the light in which it was constantly pounded with.

"Jennifer!" I shouted back, knowing that she wouldn't have seen this before. Jennifer came walking slowly, and then strolled into the room.

"Wow, impressive." Jennifer proclaimed, twirling in the middle of the room. She twirled gracefully, mixing within her own combination of gracefulness and beauty, it was truly a sight too see.

"Look over there!" Jennifer stopped twirling, and rushed towards the marbled staircase which led to a door. I ran over. The door led to the open top roof.

"Do you want to go up?" Jennifer asked seductively, preying on my manhood. I knew I would get in trouble if I got caught, but 'getting caught is part of the fun right?'. I laughed to myself as we opened the door and made our way up the steepened staircase. Opening the door at the top, Jennifer burst out into the open space, prancing on the roof. However, the roof was not nearly as polished as the hall, there were bottles, weapons, homeless shelters. It wasn't very appealing and worried me that Jennifer felt so comfortable.

"Come on!" Jennifer called, dancing over to the ledge and leaning on it, looking out towards the stars. I followed, standing beside her.

"Why does it feel like I've known you for so long?" Jennifer turned and questioned, staring at me longingly

"I could say the same thing" I smiled. I found myself lost in the eyes of someone who seemed to be already lost in the stars, we were star crossed, yet my impulse did not subside and I found my hand move to her face as I pulled her closer, our lips meeting. Soft, warm, comforting- like home. I gripped her tighter, sealing the pressure, placing us within a glass box, that only we could go in, all that mattered was making her happy enough to stay for longer...

It was perfect until light suddenly flooded into our dark hideaway. The door across the roof opened sharply, throwing me off my balance, shocking me. I immediately jumped, pushing Jennifer off the side of the ledge. I had not noticed until a few seconds had passed, in which I started to crumble. I fell to the floor as I peered over the edge. Jennifer lay on the floor below, sweetly, without sound.

She was dead, and Tatton Daniels had killed her.

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