Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


3. Cafinated Competition

I stood inside the elevator as the door opened and the office lights were dashed in front of me. I paused as she walked out of the elevator.. How can she be my competition, so prestigious, such grace, such beauty... I cannot compete with such a monster, I was clearly over my head. I attempted to restrain from stepping out of the elevator but she was too graceful a person to resist. I therefore stepped forward in an awkward manor, tumbling over my feet and falling onto the soft chequered carpet in front of me.

"Are you OK?" She questioned while running over and crouching beside me. It was undoubtedly a moment of realisation. Where I no longer had to look up to her as a lower classed man would. I, in that moment, finally felt like someone.

"Aside from still not really knowing what is going on? Yeah." I responded sarcastically, picking myself up off the floor, brushing the dust off my shoulder and fixing my untarnished suit.

"There honestly isn't much to it. All you have to do is be yourself and look good." She stated, fixing the collars of my suit... She gave off a smile, melting me a little bit. "Unfortunately my powers don't work on women, so you have the upper hand." She added disappointingly, turning and walking off down the hallway.

I followed awkwardly.

Walking down the hallway, we were encased by rows of endless glass offices. They held caged beasts, drinking coffee and aggressively hitting their keyboards, desperate to always finish the next sentence. The glass was slightly tinted and so I knew that whatever image I got back, was slightly distorted. She continued to walk until she reached the end of the narrow hallway, she then stopped outside a slightly larger room. I stood against the glass and looked inwards. A woman sat alone at the end of the boardroom table, she had a broad face and covered her eyes with a dark pair of sunglasses, in front of her sat a Turkish coffee, without water, strong, intense and continually burning through the unfilled gaps in the walls.

"Good luck!" She remarked, winking and then turning to open the door. I pulled her back.

"Can I at least get your name before I completely fail whatever I am supposed to do?" I asked begging. She gave off a lowly sigh.

"Rylee, Rylee Walker" She said, twisting her nervousness into a mesmerizing smile.

"Courageous and Valiant I assume?" I smiled, those hours of reading the baby names section in the 'Weekly Cheaply Newspaper' finally paid off. "I am Tatton. Tatton Young." I added, wiping the sweat from the palms of my hands and offering a handshake of gratitude. She looked at it first in confusion and then with a satirical laugh turned and pushed open the door. The light rushed out of the room, escaping while it could, throwing all darkened emotion out with it. Rylee walked into the room and quickly rushed towards the opposite side of the boardroom table. She passed around the back of the still figure, still sitting in the chair and took a seat in the middle of the table towards the windows. The chairs were heavy, a darkened wood, the kind that has been susceptible to weathering for a while. I then followed as per usual, awkwardly. I took an immediate right and stayed against the wall closely. I sat across from Rylee on the table, avoiding all eye contact and clasping my hands together.

The woman on the edge sat up out of her chair, then clicked her fingers towards Rylee. Rylee swung the purse over her shoulder and pulled up the latch. She scoured through the leather bag until she came across a white sheet in which she produced from the purse and slid across the table in the woman's direction. The woman took about 10 seconds to flick through her C.V and then threw it down in front off her, she then clicked towards me.

"I am afraid I do not have a C.V with me." I mumbled disappointingly, hoping my worthless suit and tie were enough to prove my suitability.

"Sorry, I did not hear that." The woman sat up even more, raising her voice and removing the dark glasses (worn indoors by the way) from her face.

"I do not have a C.V." I said it loudly this time, making sure that she heard.

"Well that is not ideal is it. One should start as they wish to continue I believe. Don't you think Tatton Daniels?" She questioned aggressively, attempting to spur on a reaction.

"I do not go by that name any more. It is Tatton Young." I mumbled again, holding back on any profanity I would usually use.

There was a short pause, in which the woman took a sip from the lightly warmed coffee in front of her.

"You need me Tatton, I could make you work in the basement If I wanted to." She responded aggressively again, raising her voice in tone.

"No. You need me. If you want proof then look at the newspaper, that is as C.V as you are going to get." I shouted as I drew the newspaper from my pocket and threw it on the table in front of me. I then bowed and removed myself from the room, taking a seat on the couch outside the room. I lay my head in my hands.

"Rylee can you please wait outside while I speak with the board." The woman spoke deeply, as Rylee jumped out of her seat, exited the room and then took a seat beside me on the sofa outside the office. A few moments after, a group of slightly older men came down from upstairs, filing into the office and taking seats around the board room table

"Who are they?" I questioned.

"They are her lessors, she likes to keep all the power." Rylee responded half heartily. "What is this about your name?" Rylee then questioned eagerly.

"That my dear, is something that you do not want to get into right now." I responded with all intended purpose, cautioning the article.

"I have time." She twisted her eagerness into a smile again. It was hard to resist and say no, but luckily the odds were in my favour. I pointed behind Rylee in which the boss was just walking out off her office, she sat down on the opposite side of the sofa, shadowed by the board of directors. We immediately sat up.

"We have decided, with much careful thought to give you both temporary, shared contracts. You will both work here for two months, as equals, the person that wins the most cases at the end of that gets the promotion, the person that doesn't I am afraid is blacklisted from the magic circle. Any problems?" She asked almost rhetorically, knowing that I had no other choice but to take the job.

"Good. Rylee show him around." The woman removed herself from the couch, straightened her upper body blazer and then drew the glasses from her blazer pocket. "Good day, Daniels." She mocked one last time, placing the glasses over her eyes and turning to walk away. I lost all sense of gravity and hit the ceiling, I prepared to lunge forward off the couch and teach her a lesson but Rylee stopped me from doing so, placing her hand on my thigh, completely paralysing me.

"You really got to tell me what that name thing is about." Rylee stated, standing up in front of me and walking down the hallway.

I paused for a moment.

"Are you coming?" She turned in the most discerning way, paused for a second, smiling and then walking on.

"I guess." I hid my amazement and acted as my usual mellow self, following her down into the main offices. We walked through the small entrance in the second part of the building.

"The mail rooms are to the right, mailing, printing, sorting are all done in this office." She said walking past, I looked into a large plain painted room. There were leathered sofas in the right corner with a long counter along the right side. It held many coffee machines, a TV and an oven which was currently warming what seemed to be a long baguette.

I continued following until we reached a glass door. She pushed the glass door open leading me into a large open office area, complimented by an en suite buffet at the end of the hall. There were rows of desks and high end computers with elves tapping away, holding their food trays tightly. Golden muffins, grilled steak and smoked salmon. All there, all right in front of me.

"Nice right?" She questioned, smiling and turning back for a moment.

"Wait so if you are new, how do you know so much about this place?" I asked intriguingly, stopping at the coffee table, taking a large cup and setting it under the coffee machine.

"I do my research." She laughed, pressing the Mocha button on the coffee machine and then continuing to walk into the final segment of the building. I watched the darkened liquid pour into my cup followed by the plain white milk which swirled into the centre. I leant around the back to take a lid, then I took the now secured cup and rushed in the same direction. She stopped outside two parallel sets of glass offices.

"Is this my office?" I stopped outside the two offices and took a sip from my coffee.

"Indeed, and this is mine." Rylee giggled, pointing to the office behind her, directly opposite.

"I guess this is goodbye for now then?" I sighed, offering my hand in competition. She pulled against my hand leaning up and kissing me on the cheek. She then paused, and took a sip from her coffee.

"What was that the kiss off death or something?" I mimicked her laughed, hiding my happiness.

She laughed incompetently.

"Laugh about it all you want, from now on your're my one and only enemy, Tatton." She finished, turning and walked into her office. It seemed that I had some competition on my hands, I took another sip from my coffee and then turned, escaping into my new office. 

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