"It takes more than one look to know that you've fallen in love.." "Your right. It takes a heart beat." Ashleigh had never shown anyone that certain side of her that craved to be loved. She never told anyone how she cried her heart out at romantic movies, or how she longed for a boyfriend like the movies. She was a hopeless romantic, but she knew she could never have anything like it.. Until, one night, while she is out, she makes a bet with a certain 'Louis Tomlinson' that falling in love isn't as easy as it seams on TV. The deal is that if he can get her to fall in love with him after 4 months of spending time together, then she has to stay with him, but if he can't, then she can walk out the door and never speak to him again. Ashleigh agrees, and thinks that she will be able to resist his beautiful eyes and his cheeky smile... But that task proves harder than she may have thought.


13. Your back...


Oh my god. Oh.. My.. God. She looked amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Her auburn hair was straightened out and flowed down her back. Her short dress revealed almost the top of her thighs and she managed to dance around in those heels! I'd never seen her looking more beautiful, more confident, then she was right now. She finished the first song and bowed. "Good Evening ladies and the few gentlemen!" She announced happily. "I'm Ashleigh and I'm One Directions Mystery supporting act!" She smiled. All the boys turned to me, then back at Ashleigh. She was phonomonal! I couldn't believe my ears! I was frozen in my seat for the rest of her performance, as well as the other boys. "ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR SOME MORE ONE DIRECTION!" She screamed after another song. Everyone started to yell and she announced us. "INTRODUCING!!!! NIALL HORAN! LIAM PAYNE! HARRY STYLES! ZAYN MALIK! AND LOUIS TOMLINSON!" He bellowed into the mic. This was our cue to come on, but we couldn't move. We were to astonished. "Um.. Guys?" She said, searching the side of the stage for us. Suddenly someone hit me in the back of the head and we ran on stage. "GOOD EAVNING!!" Harry yelled as the girls went crazy. I was headed straight for Ashleigh but she ran off before I could reach her.


Louis face was priceless. And the others! It was the best feeling in the whole world! Being up on that stage, everyone singing along to the music I was singing. But as soon as I spotted Louis, my heart started to race. What if he didn't like this idea? What if he was mad that I lied to him? Would he want me back? Would he want me on tour with them? I shook it off and sat back to watch the rest of the show. As soon as it was over, I raced back to the little room they had designated for me and lay on the sofa, breathing heavily. I had managed to avoid eye contact and physical contact with Louis, and I just wanted to get straight on the road. There was a knock at my door and I froze. The door creaked open a little and a friendly face poked around. "Hey!" Perrie smiled. PERRIE EDWARDS! She was like my hero! My breathing was still all over the place as she came and sat down next to me. "You were freaking awesome!" She complimented, hugging my shoulders. She ha no idea how much that meant coming from her. "Thank you!" I smiled back at her. She gave me a small pat on the head and walked out. OH MY GOD! Was I going to have to get used to being start struck!

I was just about ready to leave. I had taken off all my make up and changed back into my comfortable jeens, and was just about I leave, when someone knocked on the door. "Come in." I called happily. I turned my head as the door opened and my heart started to make funny patterns again. Louis. Louis was standing in the door. His expression was unreadable and I had the most awful feeling he was angry. I started I back up as he came closer, closing the door behind him. I was terrified he would hurt me. "Hi." He said simpy, no expression yet to cover his face. "H-h-hi." I stuttered looking at the floor. "Um.." Louis was rubbing the back of his neck and getting closer to me. I was trapped, right up against the wall, with no where else to go. Louis was only a few feet away now, and I still couldn't tell weather he was mad or not. "You were outstanding." He smiled, but it wasn't a convincing smile. "Thank you, but it was your show." I muttered, still looking at the ground. Louis finally got right up to me and lifted my chin up with his finger. "Why didn't you tell me?" He wispered, sounding a little hurt. I was lost in his beautiful blue eyes for a while, until I could finally answer. "It was a surprise.." I whispered back. I wasn't sure weather I should smile, so I continued to stare into his eyes. Then, my heart warned up as the beautiful, sexy smile that Louis would only show when he was truly happy, spread across his face. I sighed with relief and smiled back at him. "So, your coming all over the world with us.." Louis raised his eyebrows. "Yep." I clarified, "that's a really bad decision." He grinned. I flung my arms around his shoulders and closed into his face. "I don't care." I whispered before pulling him in for a kiss. A kiss that I had wanted for the last month.

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