"It takes more than one look to know that you've fallen in love.." "Your right. It takes a heart beat." Ashleigh had never shown anyone that certain side of her that craved to be loved. She never told anyone how she cried her heart out at romantic movies, or how she longed for a boyfriend like the movies. She was a hopeless romantic, but she knew she could never have anything like it.. Until, one night, while she is out, she makes a bet with a certain 'Louis Tomlinson' that falling in love isn't as easy as it seams on TV. The deal is that if he can get her to fall in love with him after 4 months of spending time together, then she has to stay with him, but if he can't, then she can walk out the door and never speak to him again. Ashleigh agrees, and thinks that she will be able to resist his beautiful eyes and his cheeky smile... But that task proves harder than she may have thought.


12. The First Show.


*One Month Later*

"Come on boys!" Paul called from behind the door. All the other lads were being their usual selves, running away, stealing things, messing around, the usual before our first show of a tour. But not me. I was still too upset about Ashleigh. I had gone a whole month without talking to her, and I could feel myself breaking inside. I was sitting right in the corner of the dressing room, and I had only moved to get changed and have hair and make up done. I just sat, thinking about Ashleigh. Imagine if she was in the audiance, imagine if she was with Sophie during half time and came backstage? I doubted it. I sighed and followed the rest of the boys out and backstage. This year, they were changing things around. Our supporting act would come on after the first half, ready to start the second, and they weren't telling us who it was. I stood in my correct position, and waited for my cue. Best Song Ever started to play and we were about to step out on to the stage, when Harry looked me in the eye. He stuck his thumb up at me and smiled. I forced a smile on my face and tried to hype myself up ready for the opening number.

The first half of the show went amazingly. The crowd screamed louder than usual, the boys were more exited than usual, and I was trying to keep my energy going until the end of the first half which was unusual, since i would get into the music straight away normaly. But finally it came to half way and we all scurried off stage and just sat on the floor, exhausted. "Louis," Harry panted, "your doing great mate." He smiled. All the other boys grinned in agreement. I was feeling pretty proud that I was able to keep my head up, so I smiled back at them and we all drowned our lungs with water.

We were given a few snacks during the interval, but we wanted to wait at the side of the stage, exited to see who our supporting act. "Maybe it's Jessie J!" Harry said exitedly. "Or Leona Lewis!" Liam jumped in, "Or Little Mix!" Zayn grinned. "Or Demi Lovarto!" Niall chuckled. "OR SUSAN BOYLE!" I yelled. The boys rolled around in laughter and tried to calm down. Just then, music started and we all watched the stage egarly. It was the opening to Skyscraper by Demi Lovarto. We all looked at Niall who seamed pretty proud of his prediction,. As the first line was sung, we all knew that it was not Demi.. I turned back to the stage and saw the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen in my life.

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