"It takes more than one look to know that you've fallen in love.." "Your right. It takes a heart beat." Ashleigh had never shown anyone that certain side of her that craved to be loved. She never told anyone how she cried her heart out at romantic movies, or how she longed for a boyfriend like the movies. She was a hopeless romantic, but she knew she could never have anything like it.. Until, one night, while she is out, she makes a bet with a certain 'Louis Tomlinson' that falling in love isn't as easy as it seams on TV. The deal is that if he can get her to fall in love with him after 4 months of spending time together, then she has to stay with him, but if he can't, then she can walk out the door and never speak to him again. Ashleigh agrees, and thinks that she will be able to resist his beautiful eyes and his cheeky smile... But that task proves harder than she may have thought.


6. Don't Tell.


As soon as Louis left, I shoved the money into my bag, so that no one had the chance to steal it from me. I was about to get up, when I saw a very familiar face approaching me. "ASHLEIGH!" Sophie screamed. I raced towards her and embraced her in a huge hug. "I SAW THE WHOLE THING!!!" She exclaimed, sitting down where Louis had just been. "What did he give you before he left?" She questioned. "Just some money.." I said, pulling it out of my bag. "LETS GO SHOPPING THEN!" Sophie grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the town.


I invited Sophie back to Louis house when we had finished shopping. This gave her a miniature heart attack, but she agreed. I dragged her down the street, until we reached the right house. "This. Is. Huge." She said, utterly gobsmacked. I pulled her into the porch and knocked on the door. Niall answered it straight away, and His eyes widened at the sight of Sophie. "Louis!" Niall called over his shoulder. Louis ran to the door and smiled. "Come in girls!" He said cheerily. "um.. I Live here now.." I reminded him. We entered the living room and placed our bags on the floor. "Have fun?" Liam said as he walked into the room with Harry and Zayn. Sophie nodded quickly and they smiled at her. "I'll take these up to your room." Louis said, grabbing the bags. I pulled Sophie down onto the sofa and she immidiently relaxed. Niall came and sat down next to her, causing her to stiffen up again. "Hi." Niall smiled at her. She stayed still. I nudged her arm and she stuttered out a "Hello." I looked back up at Liam and Harry, who were obviously watching Niall too, and I motioned for them to follow me out the room. We left Niall and Sophie alone and made our way into the kitchen. Louis came back down and we pulled him into the kitchen too. "whoa. What's going on in here?" He asked, looking around a bit confused. "Niall and Sophie.." Harry whispered and a huge grin grew across Louis face. The other boys grinned in exactly the same way and they dashed off towards the door to the living room...


Everyone left the room, leaving me and Sophie alone. She was beautiful. her blonde hair flowed down to the small of her back and her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires. she sat, tapping her thumbs together, as the awkward silence filled the room. "so" I finally said, and she jumped. "I'm sure this is really weird for you..." I said, shuffling round in my seat so that I could see her. "extremely." She smiled. "But, I'm just going to come clean and keep no secrets.." I admitted with a sigh. "I really like you Sophie. I really, really do." I breathed, and she looked at me. I could see the excitement in her eyes, as she took a deep breath and started to talk. "Niall this is so surreal. you have been my idol for three years, and I've had countless dreams of meeting you. And now, your sitting here, telling me you like me. I just.. I'm having trouble believing this is not  dream." She explained the whole thing with a huge smile on her face. "Well, You don't have to dream any more.." I said timidly. "Excuse me?" She said, a little more confused. "Will you go out on a date with me?" I asked slowly. her face lit up and her already huge smile got even bigger. "Of course.." She grinned. I sighed with relief and gave her a hug. I could feel her heart beat faster as soon as I touched her. she really was amazing. "come on, lets go get the others." I muttered into her shoulder. We both stood up and went over to the door. As I opened it, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn fell onto the floor by my feet. "eavesdropping?" I asked Louis. He nodded. "What did you hear?" Sophie gasped, her cheeks flushing bright red. "Everything.." Harry whispered. Sophie looked at me and I just smiled. "So... You wanna go out somewhere?" Liam asked. "BOWLING!" Ashleigh screamed from the kitchen. "Bowling it is.." Louis beamed. It was so obvious he was falling for Ashleigh.

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