"It takes more than one look to know that you've fallen in love.." "Your right. It takes a heart beat." Ashleigh had never shown anyone that certain side of her that craved to be loved. She never told anyone how she cried her heart out at romantic movies, or how she longed for a boyfriend like the movies. She was a hopeless romantic, but she knew she could never have anything like it.. Until, one night, while she is out, she makes a bet with a certain 'Louis Tomlinson' that falling in love isn't as easy as it seams on TV. The deal is that if he can get her to fall in love with him after 4 months of spending time together, then she has to stay with him, but if he can't, then she can walk out the door and never speak to him again. Ashleigh agrees, and thinks that she will be able to resist his beautiful eyes and his cheeky smile... But that task proves harder than she may have thought.


5. Band Meeting.


I searched my bags for something nice to wear to go out in. I knew that this was going to be the first time that anyone would see me with Louis, and I was really sceard. What if they didn't like me? Or approve of me? I sighed and eventually just pulled on my jeans and plain blue tee. I fixe my hair and threw on a little make up. When I got downstairs, Louis was waiting by the front door. "You read the rules right?" He asked, raising his eyebrows at me. I nodded and understood what he was getting at. We had to be all couple like while we were out. He escorted me outside and locked the door. It was then I realised how crowded the streets were. There was no way we were going to get around without being noticed. Louis looked me in the eyes, and I nodded. He reached for my hand, but I hesitated at first. But, I wasn't going to show him I was weak. So I took his hand softly and me pulled me in close as we walked out into the busy streets.

As we walked, Louis kept me close to him so that we didn't get seperated. The first few minutes were okay. We hadn't been noticed. But then, girls started to scream Louis name. Great. Suddenly a huge group of girls swarmed around us, reaching out for Louis. "WHOS THE SLUT!" Someone called. "YOU CAN DO BETTER!" Shouted another. "GET RID OF HER!" They screamed at me. I had never felt more like dirt in my whole life. Why were people this mean? What was their problem? As they continued to scream at me, my eyes began to fill with liquid. I dug my face into Louis arm and let the fluids spill from my eyes. Louis started to walk faster and we finally reached a small café with hardly anybody in there. He dragged me to the ladies bathroom, not bothered about the women ordering him to get out. Without saying a word, he lifted me onto the side and looked me in the eyes. "Are you okay," he asked looking pained. "The fans can get really crazy.." He admitted. I sniffed and nodded. "I'll be fine" I assured him. He nodded, have me a quick squeeze and guided me out the bathroom and onto a table.


We were finally settled at a table, and luckily, no one really recognised me. The waitress took our orders and we waited. "So..." Ashleigh said awkwardly. "Are you looking forward to these next few months." She said smugly. I leaned forwards and smiled at her. "Can't. Wait." I simply said. She then leaned in too. "Me. Either." Her nose was inches from mine and I was so tempted to taste her plump red lips. I was about to close the gap between us when our orders were placed on the table in front of us.

We were half way through eating when i got a phone call off Liam. "Lou, we need you here... Like now." He said sturnly. "Where?" I asked in concern. Ashleigh looked at me, obviously confused. "Niall's house." Liam informed me. "Okay... I'll be there." I said, kind of upset. I shoved my phone back into my pocket and grabbed my coat off the back of my chair. "Band meating?" Ashleigh guessed. I nodded in apology and slipped her some money. "I'll go pay for this... And I want you to go shopping.. Treat yourself"I winked at her. She smiled and I rushed out the café and down the road to my house. I climbed into the car and drove quickly to Niall's house.

I finally pulled into his drive and hurried up to the front door. Before I could even knock on the door, Harry flung it open and guided me into the living room. All the boys were there along with Simon and Paul. I sat down cautiously next to Niall and Simon took a deep breath. "What's up simon?" Liam asked carefully. "Um.. We have had to move your tour forwards by a few months." Simon said slowly. Our mouths dropped. Our tour originally started in 6 months, and I really didn't want to go on tour while Ashleigh was staying here.. But I had the most horrible feeling it was going to happen while she was here. "It's going to start in two months.." Paul finished. My heart sank. I was going to have to leave Ashleigh here alone.. I would have to leave her...

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