Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


11. Snap.

I was startled awake by the wind howling outside of the tent. I sat up, taking in my surroundings. My head was pounding as a consequence of my tears last night combined with an unhealthy amount of alcohol. I checked my watch- ten past six. Too early for me to be awake. I gazed over at Oli who had unknowingly rolled away from me in the night, and was now sleeping with his arm around our luggage. I chuckled despite myself, and turned over to try and get some more sleep. Other than the wind and the screeching of the birds, not a sound could be heard so I assumed nobody else had got up either, but I was wrong. My eyes widened and I jumped as somebody started to unzip the tent. It was only Etienne. “Oli’s asleep at the moment, you might want to come back a bit later because I don’t think waking him up is a very good idea” I told him, remembering the amount of times that his mum had dragged him out of bed by the legs just to get him up. “It’s okay, I wanted to talk to you anyway” he replied.

“What’s up?” I asked, rubbing my eyes, confused as to what he could possibly have to say to me.

“I just wondered if you were okay, you know, after last night….” He trailed off, not wanting to go into detail about the events of the previous night. I didn’t reply, so he continued “I just want you to know that I don’t think any of what they said is true, and that you shouldn’t believe it. I’ve known Oli for three years now, and although he is a frequently happy person… what you call an optimist… I’ve never seen him so happy and contented before, and its you, you make him happy! You both are so perfect together, you just click. So don’t take any of what they said to heart, they’re just jealous and deep down I know you understand that.” He smiled reassuringly at me, his speech giving me a lot to consider. My mind began to run in circles like a gerbil on a wheel before he interrupted my thoughts with “Just think about it, yes?” and with that he disappeared out of the tent and into the rough conditions beyond, picking his way carefully across the wet and slippery grass towards his own tent.


I checked my watch again to find that a full hour had passed, and so I got up and paced around in the confines of the tent. I nudged Oli gently with my foot, only for him to grab it with alarming speed and pull me down onto the floor next to him. “arghhh” I groaned, lying on my back, dazed. He burst in to fits of laughter. “Do you even realise how long I’ve been awake without you realising?” he didn’t wait for me to answer “twenty minutes! What was Etienne doing in here? I woke up to him leaving… I hope you both weren’t doing anything naughty” he winked at me.

“No thanks” I scowled at him, unappreciative of his comment. He sat up and reached out to me, as if signalling for a hug. Obligingly I moved towards him, but instead he began to tickle me and I recoiled, giggling. I spent the next ten minutes running away from in the tent, but eventually he caught me and I was subjected to the worst torture imaginable for someone as ticklish as me. And just like that, all the hardship caused by last night evaporated


That is not to say that it didn’t resurface. We both emerged from the tent giggling, the light blinding us as we stepped out into the open. The wind had died down, and the trees now rustled melodically in the soft breeze. Everyone was beginning to wake up and materialize from their tents, and a feeling of anxiety overwhelmed me. Gripping my hand and a bag full of washing supplies, Oli led me up towards the hut and the showers.


I received the shock of my life when I turned on the shower and received a downpour of icy cold water. Not only that, but a particularly hairy spider had decided to join me in my morning routine. I could hear Oli laughing outside, and I just knew that this was product of his scheming. “When I get out of here, I’m going to kill you!” I shouted through gritted teeth as the icy water dripped down my back. Usually my showers were spent with me deep in thought, losing track of time, but my routine was ruined thanks to Oli turning off the hot water especially for me. I got out of the shower, dried myself off, and shivering, slipped into clean clothes. My hair was still dripping wet as I padded across the floor of the hut in search of Oli, but he had made himself scarce. “You can run but you can’t hide” I laughed, but I had yet another shock as he popped up from behind one of the counters. He made off down the hill and I chased after him, knowing I’d never catch him. We met the others coming up the hill, and they narrowed their eyes at me as they passed, followed by Etienne who gave me a thumbs up right before I tripped and began to tumble my descent down the hill. “Damn wellies” I cursed, but it certainly was a faster way of travelling since I knocked Oli over on the way down. I was more embarrassed than hurt, but I still checked to see what damage Oli had suffered. None apparently, as he lay on the soaking grass, crying with laughter. When he had regained the ability to speak coherently, he said, “breakfast, I’ll race you!” and he set off back up the hill. Rolling my eyes, I made after him, more carefully this time.


Disaster pretty much sums up the way that breakfast turned out. It started off with one small comment from Lucas about me not eating breakfast and ended with Oli shouting at all of them and following me as I stormed back to take down the tent, with a whole row of fat jokes in between the two events. “I can’t carry on like this” I told him as we made a joint effort to take down the tent, a more difficult task than it first appears. We continued to argue over my low self confidence and whether or not he was too good for me until eventually we worked ourselves into mutually angered silence.


The car journey home was one of anger, sadness and awkward silence. Yet again his Mother looked like she was about to break down, and still I could not figure out why. Sensing tension between us, she switched the radio on to drown out the deafening silence. “Are you still angry” Oli whispered, his voice barely audible above Jessie J belting out ‘price tag’. “No… I’m not angry… I just cant do it anymore, I think we should spend some time apart” I finished, and a look of understanding spread across his face and his features arranged in a grave expression. “I see.” He said simply, and turned to look out of the window, remaining silent for the rest of the journey.


We pulled up outside of my house and I turned to him, expecting him to ignore me. He didn’t, he reached over and kissed me, and I could feel a sense of urgency in his kiss as he pressed his lips against mine. When we broke away, he looked at me and a tear ran down his face as several ran down mine. “I love you” he mimed as the car pulled away and out of sight, leaving me standing at the top of my driveway, drenched by the rain.

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