Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


12. Slipping

I wish I could say that we instantly made up and got back together, or that I found a new Oli the next day, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I spent the following months of our “break up” thinking about what could have been. My self confidence deteriorated even more than ever, and soon I hit rock bottom and stayed there.


It wasn’t until several weeks later that I received a call from Etienne. “What’s happened between you and Oli then?” he began, his voice filled with suspicion.

“I couldn’t cope, I don’t handle being insulted very well” I replied sharply, almost daring him to criticize my actions. He didn’t, but instead he said softly “I want to see you” which took me by surprise. He had never taken that tone of voice with me before. “Ok…when?” I hesitated, not knowing where this was going. “How about Saturday, eleven O’clock” he asked, and I could just tell that he had been planning this for a while from the hint of nerves that I could sense in his voice. My heart began to race and all the feelings that I had whilst falling for Oli returned to me. I panicked, sure this wasn’t right. I couldn’t date one of his closest friends. But then I remembered how he had walked away and the vicious nature of all of his friends and realised it no longer mattered; I didn’t belong with Oli. This thought process took less than a second before I said “Sure” and I could hear his sigh of relief. “I’ll meet you outside HMV at the Arndale centre” he said, before we said our goodbyes and he hung up.


“Who was that?” my dad questioned as I put the phone down, moving with superhuman speed into the room. “er….nobody” I answered stupidly, only arousing more suspicion. “I bet it was a boy” he narrowed his eyes at me but gave up his interrogation. “You can’t fool me” he said, “I will find out one way or another” before shuffling out of the room.


The week passed by excruciatingly slowly, and school was not getting any easier. Not only did I have Oli on my mind, but now also Etienne. My thoughts would wrap around each other, and soon became a tangled mess. Would I ever get back with Oli? Who knows. And what was the deal with Etienne, why all of a sudden did he seem interested in me? Who cares, he’s good looking, kind and intelligent, I couldn’t want for anything more. Except maybe Oli. Urgh why couldn’t he just get out of my head alr-
“Sophie are you even paying attention? This is important!” Miss Lee, my geography teacher shouted, having noticed that I was still staring out of the window 20 minutes into the lesson. She was a really nice lady but she quickly became exasperated by my tendency to daydream, and I always felt that she loved the sound of her own voice perhaps too much.


Daydreaming was fine until my grades began to slip. One by one, my A and A* predicted grades slipped away, and I was left with grades like a C in maths. I wasn’t sure what was distracting me more, the thought of being with Etienne or the thought of NOT being with Oli.


I woke with a start having tried to press the snooze button on my alarm which my beloved father had lined with drawing pins. I cursed as my finger began gushing blood from the wound.  “At least I won’t be late meeting Etienne” I thought to myself, trying to shed a positive light on my situation like Rianna always told me to.


After more hitchhiking and a long bus journey, I reached our meeting place and checked my watch. Eleven o’clock exactly. And as if on purpose, Etienne emerged from seemingly nowhere. He rushed up to greet me and put his arms around me, something that I was not expecting from someone as shy as himself, but I felt safe in his embrace. We spent all day wandering around the shops, laughing and joking as we went. By the end of the day we were sharing a smoothie and already arranging to meet again. “I have an inset day soon, how about then?” I asked. Although he wasn’t keen on the idea, he didn’t see my hidden motive. I was hoping that I could get a glimpse of Oli. After a lot of persuasion, he finally gave in and I arranged to meet him outside of his school. He kissed me on the cheek goodbye before we parted ways, and I blushed deeply, concealing my face underneath my mass of hair.


As I sat on the bus on the way home watching the sun go down, I began to think, and hard. Is this a good choice? Should I be doing this? The questions just kept on coming, and eventually I settled them all with the saying “Live like you’ll die tomorrow.” Why question your own every action when you can just live life day by day and enjoy it?


I found out why. As arranged, I went to meet Etienne at Seaford head, his school. He didn’t turn up at the gate so I ventured in to the school, asking passer bys if they had seen him, and they sent me in the direction of the field. I had almost given up hope when I saw a shape of a figure across the field that vaguely resembled Etienne. Drawing closer I noticed that he was with someone, but I thought nothing of it until I was standing ten metres from him. Ten metres from him and the girl who had her tongue down his throat. Sensing my presence, the girls eyes snapped open and she broke away, embarrassed but not knowing who I was. Etienne turned to see what was wrong, and his eyes fell on me. “I can explain I promise” he said, but I would have none of it. “I hate you” I hissed, gritting my teeth and scowling before I sprinted away across the field and out of sight, ignoring his plea’s for me to come back. I managed to hold back my tears whilst heading back to the bus, throughout the journey home and whilst trying to hitchhike home. It was only when I had thrown myself down onto my bed and pulled the covers above my head that I allowed myself to break down. And the worst thing was, Oli had seen it all happen. I wondered if he was having a private victory, glad that I couldn’t find happiness with Etienne. Probably not, it was Oli, he really did care about me, my happiness included.

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