Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


6. Peace of mind

Life continued much the same- I’d spend my weekdays working at school and then my weekends spent doing, you guessed it, MORE WORK. That was, of course, until the prospect of an inset day cropped up. The thought of a long weekend put a huge grin on my face. I immediately grabbed my phone and tried to arrange a meeting with Oli, only to realise he wouldn’t necessarily have the Friday off. “nevermind” I muttered down the phone, disappointed as I hadn’t seen him in what felt like forever. “No Sophieee don’t worry, it’s a Friday…. I tell you what, why don’t you meet Ellie and I at the school gate at about half past three? You can meet some of my friends and we can all go camping or something!” he said, his words rushed. “Okay” I laughed, the smile put back on my face, I spent the rest of the day planning out my route and what excuse I would use for my parents. I didn’t particularly enjoy lying to them, but it was a necessity.


Friday came around excruciatingly slowly, and the day itself dragged on until it was finally time for me to leave to get the bus. The pre-meeting nerves that I had experienced before re-arose, leaving me feeling particularly queasy, so I was glad to finally get off of the bus at my stop. I scanned the landscape searching for familiar faces, and my gaze fell on a large group of people who looked my age, standing outside of the school canteen. “Sophie!” Ellie screamed, and everybody’s attention turned to me as she rushed up to greet me. “How are you” she asked, breaking our embrace and smiling brightly at me. “Meh, you?” was my indifferent reply. “Same as that, nice to see you though” she smiled again as the rest of her group followed to greet me, but Oli was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed, only to get the fright of my life when I felt somebody’s arms around my waist and I was being spun around. He had taken the stealthy approach and decided to creep up behind me, and only after 10 minutes had I recovered enough to shout at him, only jokingly of course. “Awww I’m sorry I scared you” he whispered into my neck, kissing me softly.

“URGH GET A ROOM YOU TWO” I heard somebody yell jokingly, followed by wolf whistling from bystanders. My face deeply reddened, I broke away from him, biting my lip and smiling despite the embarrassment. Oli’s hand clutched in mine, we made our way to the school gate, us and the whole raucous crowd of students eager to get away from school on a Friday afternoon, the dawn of the weekend.


It seemed that Ellie and I were outnumbered by boys, and problems arose when one suggested a game of football as we sat on the grass in the local park. “Nooo thank you, Football is boring; it’s just kicking a ball!” Ellie replied, strangely angered by the suggestion. Ellie, not liking being outnumbered, stormed away back to her house, cursing under her breath. Nobody said a word as we watched her march down the road until someone said “how about that game of football?” and we all erupted into cheers.


Unfortunately, I hadn’t picked the best shoes for football (white pumps that were a size too small), and consequently I ended up taking them off. Bad move. After a while I began to notice a sharp pain in the side of my foot, and I looked down to see it had swollen up, was red and bruised. I sat in the grass, clutching my foot as Oli rushed over to see what was wrong. “Are you alright” he asked, unable to keep the hint of panic from his voice. “Yes….just my foot” I flinched in the effort of trying to stand. He ordered a few of his friends away, and they came back carrying a glass of water and some ice packs. I was extremely grateful for their efforts, but was still unable to get up and it was already beginning to get dark.  I began to panic. “Change of plan people, we won’t be camping today but I promise we will make plans during the October holidays.” Oli announced, and without warning he slid his hands underneath me and lifted me. I screamed and gripped onto him tightly, scared that he was going to drop me. “shhhh princess” he winked at me, planting a kiss on my forehead, immediately having a calming effect on me. “You’re strength amazes me….you amaze me!” I giggled. “Nah that’s just the drink talking” he said, flicking my nose playfully as he set me down gently. “Hey I’m not that drunk!” I protested. He pulled down all of the blinds and arranged the duvet as I took in my surroundings, and I soon realised that I was in his bedroom, in his bed. “Already got you in my bed…..Scoreeee!” he shouted, bursting into fits of laughter when his mum entered the room, a look of horror on her face. “Mum I was joking!” he chuckled as he explained the situation, and she left us again. After hours of talking softly, Oli whispered “time to get some rest, its getting late, night night….sleep well in my bed!” he joked.

“But…where will you sleep?”

“The floor, lucky me.” He said, pointing to the floorboards.

“but… I’m taking your bed…..that’s not fair on you!” I sat up quickly.

“Anything for you, Sophie” he replied softly, his voice like velvet as he pushed me gently back down on to the pillow. “I feel like five years old” I scowled at him as he tucked me in to bed. I was quickly hushed when he pressed his lips softly against mine, and my breathing quickened tenfold. The warm touch of his fingertips on my skin made me blush deeply, making him smile. “Damn now how am I going to hide this one from Rianna” I whispered, laughing to myself.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m like a book to her, she will find out about this somehow.”

“Well why hide it?” he said, giving me one last kiss before he slipped into his sleeping bag.

“Night Sophie”

“Night Oli”



“I Love you”

Again, I blushed a deep shade of red and my heartbeat quickened.

“I love you too” was my delayed reply, and I let sleep consume me, still smiling.

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