Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


3. Envy

Now there was no way I was getting left in those awkward circumstances, so in one swift movement I was on my feet and running after her like an obedient puppy. Feeling slightly belittled, I trudged back into the house after her, contemplating the fact I would probably never see the mysterious “Oli” again. Ellie emerged from the living room as I was slipping off my shoes. “Never talk to him again, you hear me? I have a major crush on that boy and have done for ages, so keep your hands OFF! Have some respect for your friends yeah?” she said as she leaned in threateningly. She expected me to react in the way I usually did, agree with everything and try to make peace, I was so predictable and never wanted to upset anyone, but the fact that she was shouting at me for talking to people made me so mad I just couldn’t contain it. “ I will talk to whoever the hell I want thanks, just because you’re my friend now it doesn’t mean you can go around ordering me about, as it is I ditched Oli to come after you, and I very much doubt you would do the same for me!” I shouted in her face, barely taking a breath and I could practically feel the tension between us. But then she did the strangest thing. She started to laugh, and said “dayyuuum guuurl no need to go getting up in ma grill!” which completely wrecked whatever ability I had to keep a straight face, and we were both on the floor in fits. That’s the good thing about friends I guess, you can never stay mad with them for long.


I had been secretly wishing that it would be soon time to go to bed, and sure enough the time came around. Not because I’m some sleep freak, on the contrary,but because I just needed time to think. When Ellie eventually stopped talking at around 4am, my mind began to drift into the realms of improbability. Would I ever see Oli again? Probably not. Was he actually interested in me? See first answer. My thoughts became more entwined with each other, mixed up and confused until I could no longer make sense of anything anymore. With a huge sigh, I gave up thinking about the possibility of being close to someone like Oli and tried to direct my thoughts elsewhere. I was still lying in the same position, awake and dwelling on things, when Ellie’s Mum came in at 8am to announce that I needed to be home for 10.


Dragging myself out of bed reluctantly, I shuffled into the bathroom in my sleeping bag to be met with a shocking sight. Yes I was looking in the mirror, and did I look terrible! I sat in the shower for a good 40 minutes before Ellie started hammering on the door for me to get out, and that’s putting it politely. The morning continued much the same, and the car journey home was one of stern silence, and I was glad to be walking back down my own drive and into my own house again. My immediate thoughts “sleep”. Yet again I paced up the stairs two at a time and crawled into my freshly made bed and swatted my thoughts away like flies, I just needed rest.


Many months passed before I saw Ellie again, not because of our minor disagreement, but because we lived such different lives. She was very busy with her athletics training and I….I was just lazy and wasting away the weekends making up the sleep that I had not got during the night. We made an agreement to meet up more frequently, and It became a once a fortnight event. I looked forward to those weekends, not just because of my funny, crazy new-found friend, but also because I still clung on to the glimmer of hope that I would see Oli again. We did everything from bike rides to trips to the beach, even shopping in the colder weather, and much to my delight, I did see him again. In fact I saw him quite a number of times, and each time I found myself falling head over heels for him. Nothing ever seemed to quench the butterflies in my stomach when I saw him, made worse still when he put his arms around me. I’m pretty sure he could sense my nerves and apprehension, but he seemed to have found it entertaining that he could have such an effect on a girl.


There was a period of time where Ellie was too busy for us to meet up during the summer, but that didn’t stop Oli asking after me. Everyday I would get at least one text from Ellie telling me “Oli wants your number, he also asks how you are” and I could detect just a hint of jealousy, even if it was only through text. I didn’t want to seem easy so kept my number to myself, after all, he came across as quite big-headed as it was! Part of me expected him to perhaps give up on me, and I told myself that if that was the case, I clearly wasn’t worth the fight and he clearly was not worth my time. I had to keep reassuring myself of that, but it was not long before my mind began to wander and I started thinking of what my life would be like with him in it.


The pestering didn’t stop, not once, he only ever became increasingly persistent in his efforts, and for once I actually felt wanted by someone, which was a nice feeling as well as a new one. The day came when I simply had to give in, and I texted his number, just a simple “Hey J It’s Sophie J”, nothing suggestive. I thought I’d have to wait maybe an hour or so as he was probably busy, but to my utmost astonishment, the screen of my phone became illuminated carrying the message “1 New Msg”. Eager to see what it read, I fumbled to unlock my incredibly old, virtually useless phone. Sure enough, it was him, and the text read “This has just made my day <3”. Reading it, I couldn’t control the smile that crept up my face, my dad even asked “what are you smirking at?” and with a huge grin on my face, all I replied was “What’s not to smile about?”


Texts flew back and forth between Oli and I throughout the next few days and beyond. Every time my phone lit up my heart would begin to race and my stomach felt as if I was on a white knuckle ride. Each text brought a bigger smile to my face, and soon people began to wonder; what was the cause of my happiness? You see, I was often quiet, vacant, and miserable for various reasons. I did some stupid things to help take away that pain, but the point is that I was never truly happy until I met him. It was like I had found the other half of me, like a piece of me had been missing for so long and I had finally located it. He spread warmth and happiness wherever he went, and nobody wanted to be his enemy. People stood up to greet him, hugged him; he was everybody’s friend. He got all the respect he deserved, because to this day I have never met anyone so genuine, loving and caring.


The flirtatious texts turned in calls, and soon it became a day to day occurrence. My school days were spent daydreaming about him, much to the dismay of my teachers. Nothing could tear the smile off of my face, and one person most definitely noticed. My friend, Rianna, could not help but notice my suddenly cheerful manner. One afternoon whilst I was texting her, she sent me a single text saying “Sophie”. Confused and slightly concerned, I replied with “Yeah?” and she told me “you seem different?”. It was at this point I knew I had been found out, but still I asked “Different how?” and she replied “you seem happier… if you’re in love…. Yeah that’s it, you’re in love… is it that Oli you mentioned?” and of course I immediately denied it, but she saw right through me as always and the truth quickly came out. Just talking about Oli was giving me butterflies, which was why I became hyped up and cheerful leading to a lot of teasing and joking from Rianna at my expense. I didn’t mind, though, as Rianna could understand and it gave me a chance to talk bout Oli, who was constantly occupying my mind. Soon the subject of a personal visit arose.


And so it was arranged, I was supposed to go down to Seaford in order to visit Oli. Needless to say I was scared, terrified in fact, I had never been on such a long bus journey by myself, coupled with the fact I had never been to his house, met his parents, and MY OWN parents didn’t know where I was going. They couldn’t know, I couldn’t let them. Whilst I loved my family, I didn’t feel I could tell them about Oli just yet, the time didn’t seem right, so I kept it my secret, and that made our meetings even more exciting.

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