Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


7. Champion


I went back to school the following Monday, a picture of happiness. “No.” Rianna said as I walked in “just no.” she finished.

“What?” I asked, screwing up my face in confusion.

“You’re smirking like an idiot, something’s happened, what is it?” she demanded.

“Nothings happened.”

“That’s crap and you know it!” she retorted, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Can it wait? I’ll tell you tonight, Facebook?”

“Fineee” she agreed. And so my day continued much like any typical Monday, daydreaming and half-listening to anyone who struck up a conversation with me. My conversations with Rianna about Oli became restricted to Facebook for fear of someone overhearing, but that did not stop her from making the occasional comment and mocking me. The problem was that she could read me so well, and something about her personality made me feel comfortable telling her things, despite knowing that she would blackmail and mock me as a consequence. After all, anything that I didn’t tell her, Ellie told her, who by then had figured out how to hack into every one of my accounts thanks to prior knowledge of hacking. Her dad worked for the government in that field of work, and passed his knowledge onto her much to my misfortune. Her intense jealousy caused her to do spiteful things and create no end of trouble for me. I suffered fall outs with close friends and even my family, but these were later resolved. She fed people misinformation through my Facebook, creating absolute havoc. All this simply because she was jealous that I had what she wanted, Oli. She proceeded to try and make my life a living hell, but as long as I had Oli, I felt that I could battle through anything.


However Ellie wasn’t the only one who had hacked into my accounts; Oli had got into my Facebook too, and spent a lot of time talking to Rianna. This began to worry me as she was so much prettier, sportier, cleverer, and just all round BETTER than me. Probably a better match for someone like Oli. Word got around through Ellie and soon everyone knew about Rianna. Everyone was convinced that he was cheating on me, and I guess I was too. I told myself I wouldn’t blame him, he DID deserve better than me anyway, but I felt so uncomfortable with all the doubts that plagued my thoughts. Ellie had an indefinite obsession with contacting Rianna, and soon it became shared with the rest of her strange group of new found friends. She no longer spent so much time with Oli and his friends, which I guess was a good thing for me. One day whilst waiting in the park for an arranged meeting with Ellie, a whole group of her friends approached me, demanding Rianna’s number. I refused, despite having my doubts about her and Oli, she was still a good friend to me, and besides, nothing had been proved. Consequently I was attacked as they tried to grab my  phone. In my best attempt to try and protect Rianna from being subjected to all kinds of crap from Ellie, I screamed and drew as much attention to myself as possible. In the end they ran away without my phone and the information they needed due to me making so much of a commotion. I sighed, “The things some people do for information”, bewildered by the extreme lengths that they went to in order to get in touch with Rianna.


I spent more time seeing Oli than I did Ellie, and soon enough we became extremely distant. By the time the first term of school had finished, we were barely even communicating by text anymore. Well that said, she didn’t stop plaguing me with texts, messages, phone calls, I just didn’t answer because I knew she was bad news. Three days in to the October holiday and I had already arranged to meet with Oli. He said he was going to take me somewhere, and that it was a surprise, and this filled me with wonder. We took a risk by having him pick me up in the car as opposed to me catch the bus, but my parents were oblivious as it was 7am and they were already both at work. I spent most of the journey trying to figure out where we were going, at which I was hopeless, until we reached our destination- Sheffield Park. But it was no ordinary day there; thousands of people were milling around, and there were huge marquees set up as far as the eye could see. “What’s all this?” I asked, bewildered.

“A mini Olympics” he replied, “but….big!” he continued as the car ploughed slowly on across the rough, bumpy dirt track.


We stepped out of the car only to feel the first drops of rain. Oli looked down doubtfully at my spotlessly clean bright pink converse and frowned. “Ah… I assume you didn’t bring wellies?” he asked. I looked at my feet and shook my head, and he led me in to a marquee nearby. “here” he said, handing me a pair of black wellingtons decorated with intricate white hearts, “I’ll cover the cost” he added.


It began to tip it down, but that did nothing to dampen our spirits. We took part in everything from archery to equestrian (fortunately he was a confident horse rider, so I shared with him). Archery was by far my favourite because, although it was outside and the rain continued to come down hard, he was extremely close to me, holding my arm steady so that I could get a good shot. “It’s raining” he whispered to me softly, his voice almost carried away by the wind despite having his mouth next to my face. “No, really?” I said sarcastically, turning to him.

“I hear most girls like the idea of being kissed in the rain…. Well isn’t this convenient?”

I let go of the string and the arrow was sent soaring towards its target. “Ten!” the scorekeeper shouted. I looked Oli straight in the eye and said “Well I’m not like most girls” smiling as I said it.

“And that’s one thing I love about you” he breathed as he leaned in to kiss me.

“YOUR TURN” the scorekeeper shouted before our lips touched. Oli paused inches from my face, opened his eyes and grinned, only to take me by surprise with a kiss on my nose. I pushed his face away playfully, and soon it turned into a full on wrestling match which even the scorekeeper had to laugh at. By the end we were both covered from head to toe in mud much to the amusement of everyone else, but we didn’t care. Both soggy and bedraggled by the rain, he led me by the hand into another marquee where a crowd could be seen gathering.

“Barn dancing.” I raised an eyebrow as I read the sign, looking at him bemused.

“Oh come on, it will be fun!” he shouted over the noise of the speaker and the crowd.

“Guess I’ll just have to take your word for it” I mumbled as he dragged me further into the abyss of people. “Grab a partner!” the speaker voiced into the microphone as people began to organise themselves and the faint sound of barn dance music could be hear under the voice of the speaker. “Are you ready?” Oli looked at me, and grinning, shook my head “nope” but too late as the speaker said

“Lets go!”.

We copied the moves demonstrated and soon enough I was spinning so fast I felt sick. I was too dizzy to notice that a clearing had formed, and people were watching us, clapping out a beat that matched the sound of our feet. We carried on dancing as the music got faster and faster, until we eventually collapsed in a muddy, dizzy, giggling heap in the centre of the crowd, which proceeded to erupt into a series of applause and ‘awwww’s. Oli leapt to his feet to be greeted by a microphone being waved in his face. Helping me up, he spoke into it “Thanks ladies and gents…I’ll take the fact that none of you can sit down as our first standing innovation!” and he led me out into the open air, leaving the crowd in the marquee to appreciate his sense of humour and self confident manner.


“I’m starving” Oli groaned “what say you, gorgeous?” he asked, much to the amusement of two girls passing by, one of which was wearing a crop top imprinted with ‘dork’. He moved towards them “Excuse me, is there a problem?” he asked them, a hint of hostility in his usually friendly voice. “Don’t… Oli….leave it” I croaked, feeling shy, self conscious and nervous, but he shook his head.

“Oh nothing… we just overheard you calling THAT gorgeous” dork top girl replied, regarding me with a look of disgust.

“Firstly, she’s a human being so you better treat her like one, and secondly I speak the truth, she is gorgeous, inside and out, which is a hell of a lot more than either of you can manage.” He finished coolly.

“You could do a lot better” they both laughed scornfully.

“I’m quite happy with the way things are, thanks, and if going out with YOU would be considered “doing a lot better”, there’s something very wrong I’m afraid. You think you’re so ‘it’ in your crop tops and smothered in layers of makeup? Well I’ve got news for you, you don’t look sexy, you just look easy. Your persistent desire to cover your face up with foundation just goes to show how little self confidence you have. Must be why you insist on taking it out on those unwilling to defend themselves. Come on Soph, we’ve wasted enough time talking to these two.” He said sternly and led me away. I looked back at the two girls and they were still stood there in gobsmacked silence. “Thank you” I said, studying his face and biting my lips anxiously. His features changed and the hostile look evaporated to reveal his usual, friendly smile, “not a problem, it’s not right, what they said, just remember that.” I nodded uncertainly, and we continued to make our way around the vast expanse of the park.


Five o’clock came around, and we were wet, tired and aching. “I have a little money left, what would you like to spend it on?” he asked. I looked at him to check he was serious. Yep, typical Oli, he loved spending his money on me and I could protest all I wanted, he would have none of it. “hold on” he said just before he disappeared into another marquee. He resurfaced holding the biggest pack of love heart sweets I’ve ever seen in my life, and a pink and grey bracelet that glinted in the sunlight. “I’m sorry it’s not much, but I didn’t have much…and the love hearts were a must as you know…I’m a hopeless romantic.” He told me as he tugged at the wrapper. “Well…that and I have a sweet tooth” he grinned. Breaking into the wrapper, he pulled out one of the giant love hearts and passed it in my direction. “Be mine” I read. He smiled, an expectant look on his face. I opened my mouth to speak with deliberate slowness to check that he was hanging on my every word, “They really need to be more original with these” I said, and his face dropped with utmost disappointment. “I’m teasing!” I laughed, and on a more serious note “you know my answer to that anyway”.


“Race you to the shower!” Oli shouted as soon as we overstepped the threshold of his front door.

“Everything is a race for you, isn’t it? Why so competitive?” I laughed as he took the stairs two at a time. “Hold it you two, there’s only enough water left in the tank for one shower, I didn’t expect you to get so covered in mud!” Oli’s mum exclaimed.

“oh that’s alright, we’ll just share a shower” he suggested brightly.

“Oh that should be fine then” his mum responded.
“Hang on that was a joke right? You’re kidding me right?” I asked, my eyes widening.

“Nope, remember what I said about it being just like a bikini… you’re just going to have to make do, and you have clean underwear so its fine! It’s not like we’re going to be naked, and if my mum’s cool with it, so should you be!” he smirked, pleased with the way things had turned out.


“Again, very convenient” he said as we stripped down to our underwear.

“Don’t look at me!” I scowled at him “I’m only doing this so I don’t get mud all round your mum’s clean house”

“Nice underwear, matching I see, must be a special occasion” he joked, completely ignoring my comment.

“Hey I said don’t look!”

“Sure thing boss!” he retorted. “RACE YA!” he shouted as he dashed to the bathroom with me trailing behind.



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