Undeniable Love

At first, love is unknown.
It’s like a hurricane creeping up on you before it whisks you away into another world.
But April doesn’t know that yet. She’s yet to find out.
When April meets Cain, it just seems like any other ordinary day - just a small conversation between two students on a bus. It doesn’t matter that one of them is dreading the bell for home time, whilst the other is struggling through every day. Or does it? So one day, when something is revealed before Cain’s eyes, what is he meant to do? This girl before him is just like any other girl he’s ever met, yet he feels the need to help her, to protect her.
April isn’t looking for a saviour, someone to rescue her from all this hatred, but she doesn’t have a choice. When Cain comes crashing into her world, life gets better. Somehow, no matter how much she wants him gone, she equally wants him by her side.
Perhaps a lover isn’t what April wants right now, but maybe he can save her. Maybe, after all, there is a way out.


5. Cain


When I reach home on Thursday – four days after I started at Tileford- the house is empty. Brushing my shoes on the mat and slipping off my jacket, I’m glad to be inside for the warmth; it’s getting pretty cold outside now. I help myself to a snack and slump on the sofa like I usually do.
Brrp brrp.
My phone vibrates in my pocket. I pull it out. It’s Dom.
Sorry I didn’t text you back earlier on this week – been pretty busy.
I’m sure he has, making new friends and all whilst I sit here trying my hardest.
How’s school going?
The dreaded question.
I flip my phone to the side and start texting back.
I’m sure. It’s alright though not the best.
I contemplate over the last line, but then decide to be truthful.
Wish I was there with you.
I quickly send it before I can change my mind. The truth is, I would rather be back in my old town and still hanging out with Dom as usual. It was fun, enjoyable, and I didn’t have to worry about what people thought. Now that I’m here, it’s difficult. Dom used to bring all the friends to our group, being as confident as he is, but now that I’m faced alone I can’t even seem to find one person who remotely likes me.
I jump as the front door slams. Didn’t realise someone had entered. Dad pops his head round a few minutes later.
“You alright?” He asks, “Sorry I’m late – had to drop Nancy off somewhere.”
“Oh, okay.” I say, switching off the TV and planning on heading upstairs.
“Dinner’s at 7.”
“As always.” I remind him, shutting the door to my room once I’m up.
Another long day.
~ ~ ~
Today’s Friday - normally the best day of the week. I used to go with Dom to the pizza place downtown after school and we’d just hang out there till it was time to go home. We’d always order pepperoni with a side of cheesy garlic bread, and he’d call dibs on the one with most cheese.
Now, I doubt I’ll be doing anything. Just another day where I end up at home, stuck in my room till it’s time for bed. Fun.
I pull on my uniform and head downstairs for a quick breakfast. The bus is leaving in a quarter of an hour, but thankfully the stop is only down the road.
Nancy and my Dad are already at the table by the time I’ve got there, pouring themselves juice and whatnot.
“Finally. We’d wondered what you were up to.” Dad says.
“Yeah, your toast might be slightly cold now,” Nancy chips in. I hate it when they feel like they have to agree with everything the other one says.
“I know. Sorry.” I say, deciding to skip the excuse for once. I did hear them calling me earlier, I just didn’t feel in the mood to come down yet.
I nibble at my toast as Nancy and my Dad speak quietly amongst themselves. Then I decide to ditch the bread and go. Getting up, I put my plate on the side and grab my coat from hanging over the chair.
“You’re off already?” They say in unison. Maybe they really were meant to be.
“Yeah. Don’t want the bus to leave without me.”
My Dad raises his eyebrows. “Would teach you to get up on time in the morning.”
I ignore him, whatever that’s meant to mean.
The door slams shut a few minutes later.
~ ~ ~
When I get to school, the Friday hype seems to be alive. I, as usual, make my way to the form room (I had time to wash my bruises this morning, not that they’re actually healing). When I reach the room, its empty again. The girl from the bus hasn’t been here early for days – she’s probably avoiding me because I’m such a…freak? I don’t even know anymore.
Time goes on as I sit at the front, scribbling as usual. I’m just sketching a character from a book I read a while back, when I feel someone’s breath hot on my face. I look up.
“Sorry for being nosy, but you’re a pretty good artist.” It’s a girl from my science class – dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. The type you’d pick out to be a model.
“Thanks, but I’m not really. I mean, I kind of…” I start to say, but I trail off because I know I’m rambling. Why can’t I have normal conversations like other people do? I can’t seem to form even one sentence.
“Anyway,” she says, ignoring my comment, “I’ve seen you around lately. Figured you haven’t really got many friends.”
I want to correct her; I want to say I don’t have any at all, but I know it’s best to just stay quiet.
“I joined earlier on this year.” She continues, “This school was so overwhelming at first, but like I am doing now, I fitted in by accepting the lunch offer of someone else in my class. So I’d like to ask you, as a way of helping you on your first week, would you like to sit with me and my friends at lunch?”
I’m shocked at first. Why would anyone like her want to sit with someone like me? But then I realise there’s no time to question it, when really this is the chance I’ve been hoping for.
“Sure.” I say casually, “That would be great.”
“Awesome!” She says rather excitedly, “I’ll meet you outside the lab after science.”
And just on cue, the bell rings, and everyone else crams into the classroom.

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