Undeniable Love

At first, love is unknown.
It’s like a hurricane creeping up on you before it whisks you away into another world.
But April doesn’t know that yet. She’s yet to find out.
When April meets Cain, it just seems like any other ordinary day - just a small conversation between two students on a bus. It doesn’t matter that one of them is dreading the bell for home time, whilst the other is struggling through every day. Or does it? So one day, when something is revealed before Cain’s eyes, what is he meant to do? This girl before him is just like any other girl he’s ever met, yet he feels the need to help her, to protect her.
April isn’t looking for a saviour, someone to rescue her from all this hatred, but she doesn’t have a choice. When Cain comes crashing into her world, life gets better. Somehow, no matter how much she wants him gone, she equally wants him by her side.
Perhaps a lover isn’t what April wants right now, but maybe he can save her. Maybe, after all, there is a way out.


12. April


I feel terrible. It’s like the storm that was already looming overhead has suddenly begun; rain pouring down on me; thunder churning my insides up; lightning striking a hit. After the argument with Cain I feel as guilty as hell. I had no idea he had problems until he said so, but then again, I shouldn’t judge people when they could have it a lot worse than I do.
Half an hour ago, I got home. There’s still no sign of Mum. She must be working extra hours at the Café because she’s usually home before I get here. Helping myself to a packet of crisps, I plonk onto the sofa. I intend to turn on the TV, but then I decide to just sit in silence, to reflect on everything that happened at school.
For starters, Devan Halk’s stupid rumour ruined everything. He picked something so drastic and out of the blue that oh yes, everyone would love to gossip about. Mine and Cain’s friendship had hardly even begun, yet it didn’t even have chance to progress; now he’s angry at me.
Why was I so naïve to think that I’m the only one dealing with problems? I guess I’m so wrapped around my own life that I don’t even think about what other people have to deal with. Yes, maybe Cain’s idea of a problem is not even that bad, but it must mean enough to him for him to get as upset about it as he did today.
Keys rattle in the door and Mum bursts in, giving me a fright. I can hear her going into the kitchen, dropping some shopping bags, and then I feel her eyes on me from behind. Turning around, I see her forced smile.
“Bad day?” I question.
“I was about to ask the same to you.” She nods at the TV.
I look at it, the blank, black screen. “I didn’t feel like watching it today.”
She narrows her eyes slightly, but then shrugs. “It’s probably good to have a break from it once in a while. How was school?”
I hesitate, probably so much that it is noticeable I didn’t have a good day. Apparently it isn’t though, as my Mum comes down to sit beside me and starts to ramble on about something. When I actually start to listen, I realise the words she’s saying.
“…I think his name was Devan – I heard someone call his name. Damn right rude, thinking he could have a free cake.” My Mum shakes her head.
“Devan?” I stare down at my hands, “Did he have dirty blonde hair and green eyes?”
“Yes. I thought you’d know him.” She says, and I don’t quite catch on what she’s saying until she continues speaking.
“He mentioned you.”
I almost choke on my own spit. “He what?”
“He said to me: that daughter of yours, pretty threatening if you ask me.” She explains slowly, “And I replied with ‘what do you mean?’ but he stalked off calling out ‘why don’t you ask her yourself?’ So here I am, I guess.”
“He didn’t.” I hiss at myself. “He couldn’t have.”
But I can’t fool myself. Devan Halk is generally planning on ruining my life, like he used to do. It died down for a few months when he couldn’t think of any more rumours, but now that Cain’s here, oh, he’s making the most of it. As soon as he saw me giving out leaflets for Mum’s Cafe at lunch, he must have decided on ruining my home life too.
“What’s going on, darling?” My mother’s concerning voice shakes me out of my thoughts.
“Nothing, Mum. I’m fine.”
“You’re not. He says you’re threatening. What have you been doing to get that kind of reputation?” The more she continues, the more I want to tape her mouth shut. She doesn’t know anything. She needs to stop presuming.
“There’s nothing going on with me – I’m not being threatening. It’s just some stupid rumour…”
“So you’re being bullied?”
“Mum, just stop it!” I yell, standing up and heading for the door.
“I’m sorry,” she calls out as I stalk up to my room, but I don’t have time to forgive her.
When I reach my room, I immediately set up my laptop. Drumming my fingers on the desk, I wait for it to load up. C’mon. C’mon. C’mon. As soon as it does, I type the letters ‘f-a-c-e-b-o-o-k’ into the web browser and click enter. The blue screen flashes in front of me, loading up my page that I haven’t been on for years. As I scroll down the newsfeed, millions of posts flash before my very eyes. Posts of people that go to my school and photos of pages I’ve liked. It goes on forever so I just stop, clicking the search bar and sucking in a breath.
I can do this.
For once, I must do the right thing.
Fingers slowly moving about the keyboard, I type in that one four letter word. Cain. Cain Silver. 20 mutual friends. Single. I click his profile. The profile picture seems to show a faint figure on the top of a hill, waving, but it’s the cover photo that catches my eyes, the words ‘how can the obvious be ignored?’ scribbled across it. Clicking on it, I see it was uploaded two hours ago. I gulp. Have I got something to do with this?
But before I have time to think, I know I have to do what I’ve been meaning to do. My mouse hovers on the page, considering. Then in one movement I swipe it across the page and click the button. I hold my breath for a second as it passes through. Then, I let it go.

A few minutes later a notification pops up: Cain Silver accepted your friend request.

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