Undeniable Love

At first, love is unknown.
It’s like a hurricane creeping up on you before it whisks you away into another world.
But April doesn’t know that yet. She’s yet to find out.
When April meets Cain, it just seems like any other ordinary day - just a small conversation between two students on a bus. It doesn’t matter that one of them is dreading the bell for home time, whilst the other is struggling through every day. Or does it? So one day, when something is revealed before Cain’s eyes, what is he meant to do? This girl before him is just like any other girl he’s ever met, yet he feels the need to help her, to protect her.
April isn’t looking for a saviour, someone to rescue her from all this hatred, but she doesn’t have a choice. When Cain comes crashing into her world, life gets better. Somehow, no matter how much she wants him gone, she equally wants him by her side.
Perhaps a lover isn’t what April wants right now, but maybe he can save her. Maybe, after all, there is a way out.


8. April


Finally, it’s the weekend. I dump my bag by the door and call for Mum as I reach for a snack from the cupboard. A few minutes later she’s rushing down the stairs with her handbag. Where is she off to at this time?
“Sorry April, I have to take a Friday afternoon/night shift at my Café. The supposedly new employee didn’t show up.” She says, speed-talking.
Although my Mum owns the Café, she gets people to work for her most nights so she can spend some time with me. It’s only Friday in particular she hates taking over for people as we usually have a takeaway and watch a movie.
“It’s fine Mum - I can entertain myself.”
She sighs, stopping and letting herself breath for a minute. “April, there’s no food in the house.”
“I can order a takeaway like we usually do.” I reply, searching behind the stationary for a Chinese menu.
“April, look at me.” She says sternly, and I turn around immediately, “Firstly we still need milk and bread for tomorrow so you’re going to have to go to the supermarket anyway. Plus, I’m not having you open the door on your own to a stranger.”
“But it’s a delivery guy!” I protest.
“And what if you’re expecting the delivery guy and it’s someone else?”
“Mum, out shopping on my own is more dangerous.” I reply, raising my eyebrows, because it’s true. She just stares at me like she knows I’ve won. I laugh and reach up to give her a hug.
“Yes I’ll go shopping Mother because we still need the milk and bread, and I won’t order a takeaway – I’ll get a ready meal.”
She laughs, pecking me on the cheek. “Good girl. I’ll see you later.”
~ ~ ~
After I’ve changed into my jeans and hoodie, I pull on my ugg boots and slip my purse into my pocket (the money my Mum gave me inside). When I’ve shut the door behind me, I shove the keys into my other pocket and slip in one of my earphones. Music blasts through my ears. Ah, peace at last.
When I reach the supermarket, it’s practically empty. I grab a basket and head through the aisles. Milk is the first stop I make, followed by bread, and then I just search around for any things that take my interest. Music still flooding my mind, I dump a few other ‘necessities’ into the basket – hot chocolate, cake bars and crisps. Mum won’t mind; she’s always trying to fatten me up.
Once I’ve got all that, I know I need to pick a ready meal out of the wide selection. Most people seem to have vanished from the shop, now that it’s almost 7’O’Clock, but there’s still quite a few decent meals left. I’m just scanning through them when I notice something right at the top – it’s pasta and meatballs, my favourite. Without thinking, and with the basket being in my right hand, I lift my left arm up to grab it. Before I can take hold of it, I hear someone beside me.
“Hey,” I look to my right and sure enough, it’s Cain. What is he doing here?
“Oh hi,” I say, out of breath, “I’m just trying to get this dish.”
I keep reaching further and further, up on my tiptoes. I turn around, smiling, hoping he’s laughing so this isn’t too awkward, but instead I notice him staring right at my arm.
“What is it?” I ask, confused, “I could do with some help here, please!”
He drops the basket he’s holding and takes a step towards me, reaching up to get the dish for me – thank goodness he’s taller. It’s only when he’s dropped it in my basket that he looks around cautiously before looking back at me.
“What is it?” I ask again, getting frustrated.
“Your arm,” he whispers in my ear, voice shaking, “I saw it.”
He looks at me, eyes wide with shock, but I can see some sort of pain inside him, lurking within his mind. Before picking up his basket and heading off he looks around, like he doesn’t know what to do. I suddenly see a group of people – the people Cain was hanging out with at lunch – at the end of the aisle. They wave him over, laughing and talking amongst themselves. Then, just when I need an explanation, he walks off. Cain just walks off like he was never even here.
Whilst he does so, I look down at my arm, confused. And that’s when I realise. I lift it up again as if I’m reaching for the meal and my sleeve drops down to my elbow, revealing the scars slashed across my wrist. Crimson red blood squeezes out of the cut I only re-did an hour ago – the third cut; the one I did because Mum and I were short of money.
Three cuts meant three problems.
With three problems, I was three steps down.
And three steps down, I was three cuts down.
Three cuts down, I had two cuts to go.
The rhyme repeats in my head as usual, as I begin to even think of reasons why. But amidst the constant replaying is the drop - the one moment I can’t possibly forget.
He saw them.
Cain saw my scars, and there’s no taking it back.

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