An Adventure in Space and Time

*For Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition* In the BBC 2 movie an adventure in space and time William Hartnell sees the 11th Doctor standing by the console- but why?


2. Who are you?

Bill drove back home in a daze and walked into his sitting room where his wife was watching the TV 

"Heather" he said and she looked up,

"What is it Bill?"

"Its about Dr Who" Bill said and walked over to the mantel piece and stared into the fire "They said that it would be better if it went on without me" his shoulders started to shake 

"Well I think all for the best dear" Heather said and patted him on his shoulder

"But I don't want to go" Bill was crying now

"I'll go get you some tea dear and then we can talk about this properly" and she left the room. 

Bill lit his pipe and was about to sit down when he heard a voice coming from his left "I should worry about the show" the voice said "I can tell you its in safe hands" Bill turned around, a young man wearing a bowtie and waistcoat was perched on the arm of his wife's chair

"Who are you and how did you get into my house" Bill asked suspiciously 

"Oh you know me Bill" the young man said "You know me better than most"

"Well I'm afraid I don't and I will have to call the police" Bill was beginning to walk out of the room

"I'm the Doctor" the man said.

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