An Adventure in Space and Time

*For Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition* In the BBC 2 movie an adventure in space and time William Hartnell sees the 11th Doctor standing by the console- but why?


6. When all is said and done

"Time to drop you off back home" the Doctors smiled and walked over to Bill

"No matter what you think may happen to your show just remember- the scene you've just seen is a fixed point in time- nothing can change it"

The TARDIS had stopped

"Take care of yourself Bill" The Doctor said. The TARDIS dematerialised and Bill was left alone with only the night birds for company.


"Well done Bill that was great. If we can do the flight sequence now then you're done"

William Hartnell stood at the console of his TARDIS for the last time, He flipped the switch and the central column started to move up and down, up and down and in that moment it seemed that everything fell away, all that was left was himself, the console and a young man who looked up and smiled at him and flipped the switches that would make the TARDIS dematerialise. Then they were back in the studio and the young man had gone but still Bill smiled-an old sad smile- he knew the show was in good hands.  

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