An Adventure in Space and Time

*For Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition* In the BBC 2 movie an adventure in space and time William Hartnell sees the 11th Doctor standing by the console- but why?


5. Upper Boat Studios

Outside the TARDIS doors amber leaves blew past and people walked past tapping on their smartphones.

"Why are we here?" Bill asked

"Because I want to show you something- follow me"

The Doctor led Bill into a building

"Where are we?" he asked

"Upper Boat studios" Bill looked blank "A television studio- come on"

On the way they passed some guys in the corridor "Hey Matt" one of them said

"Hey" said the Doctor

"Why did they just call you Matt?" Bill asked once they were out of earshot

"He's my double- like you were my double once"

"What do you mean"

"All in good time"

They turned a corner went through a door and suddenly were back in the TARDIS except this one was full of cameras and people. 

"What on earth" Bill said looking around.

By the console there was a man who was the spitting image of the Doctor

"See up there" the Doctor said pointing to him "Thats my double Matt- and recently he's finished filming the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who"

"How?" Bill asked speechless "I'm leaving, how"

"Come on" the Doctor said and they walked back to the Tardis.

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