An Adventure in Space and Time

*For Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition* In the BBC 2 movie an adventure in space and time William Hartnell sees the 11th Doctor standing by the console- but why?


3. Come on then

Bill stopped and turned

"What do you mean a doctor, I don't need a doctor"

The man looked at him and said nothing.

Time seemed to stop as the both of them just looked at each other.

"But you can't be?" Bill said

"I am" a young boyish smile crept across the Doctors face "and I want to show you something" he grabbed and pulled Bill out into his backyard where there was a very familiar object to both of them.

Bill stopped in his tracks "Is that..." he trailed off. The lamp on top of the police box flashed every couple of seconds in the moonlight.

"Yeh" the Doctor stopped to admire it for a second "Well come on don't you want to see inside?"

The Doctor walked up to the door of the police box and got out the key, put it in the lock and opened the door. "Come on Bill" he said "You go first" 

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