Join me

"Join me" I looked at him and studied his face. I took a step forward
"But what will happen to my friends?" He smiled and shook his head his blue eyes turning darker.
"Thats up to you" I thought if I say no he could hurt them or worse
"Fine" His smile grew bigger
"Great now follow me" He turned around and when I didnt follow he beckoned me so I did as I was told and followed

Sorry theres no cover it wont let me put it on for some reason D:


4. Too late


Naill's Pov

As I made my way through the crowd keeping a look out for Liam or the girl in the blue dress I heard a scream coming from the ball room. I ran into the room to see the girl in the peach dress holding a gun pointing at one of the gang members and he was holding a gun as well.

"Listen here girly unless you want to get blood stains all over your pretty dress I would suggest putting the gun down and walking away" The girl smiled then started to laugh

"You really think I came here alone?" then out of no where an arrow was coming out of the mans head everyone in the ball room ran out screaming and yelling some people pulling out their phones and others grabbing friends. I watched as more gang members came rushing in all holding guns so I hid behind a pillar and watched as the other girls came in but not in dresses in stead in shorts, tank tops and combat boots. Then the girl who had been firing the arrows jumped down from the balcony and took two steps forward and then pulled two guns out of her pockets.

"Now unless you want this to get ugly you will tell us where your base is or well have to get it out of you" I released that it was the girl in the blue dress

"Hah why would we tell you anything we out number you 10 to 4 so its you that should give up" The man that was talking started to laugh then I heard a gun shot and he fell to the floor spitting out blood

"Anyone else want to join him or will you tell me what I want to know!!!" She yelled the other men started to talk among them selves when another came forward and said

"If we tell you what you want to know you'll leave the rest of us alone right?" The girl thought about this then nodded

"Fine then so where is your base you have 10 second before I kill one of you" The man swallowed then thought

"Tick tok tick tok" The girl said while wiggling her finger in the air

"Fine its in wildflower grove now please dont hurt me" He cowered down but the girl just smiled then pointed a gun at his head

"Thank you for telling us what we need to know but I dont make any promises" She fired the gun and the mans dead body fell to the floor the other men all lifted up their guns but they all got shot down. I ran out of the room but made sure they didnt see. When I got out there where sirens in the distance and when I looked around I saw a familiar head of curls.

"Guys over here" Lou, Zyan and Harry all ran up and hugged me back I noticed that Liam was missing

"Where's Liam?" Harry looked at Lou then at Zayn

"We thought you knew" My herat dropped what if he was chaught in the shooting?

"GUYS IM OVER HERE" We turned around to see Liam waving his arms like a loonitic

"Where were you we were worried" Harry said running up and hugging Liam

"I was pushed and shoved until I came out here but not seeing Niall I ran back inside" I was releived but one thing bothered me what did those girls want with the Prides base?

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