Join me

"Join me" I looked at him and studied his face. I took a step forward
"But what will happen to my friends?" He smiled and shook his head his blue eyes turning darker.
"Thats up to you" I thought if I say no he could hurt them or worse
"Fine" His smile grew bigger
"Great now follow me" He turned around and when I didnt follow he beckoned me so I did as I was told and followed

Sorry theres no cover it wont let me put it on for some reason D:


3. Party time

Niall's pov I watched as the girls all climbed into their cars wearing party dresses when my eyes see something shining on one of their thighs (I know what your thinking that is a little pervy) I look closer and see its a gun

"GUYS HURRY" Soon Lou, Liam,Zyan and Harry run into the room

"What's up Nill?" Harry asks looking out the window as they drive off

"One of them had a gun" Liam looks out the window and grabs his car keys and runs out of the room towards the garage

"Where's he going?" Lou said as we soon follow and find him getting into his car and starting the engine then driving off. I hop into my car and follow him as he speeds down the road. I notice he's following the girls.

**Skips car ride**

Soon we arrive at a huge mansion and the girls are getting out of their cars there were four of them: One in a dark purple dress with dark brown hair

One in a light orage-peach dress with blonde hair

One in a red dress with really light brown hair nearly blonde

But the one that caught my eye was the one wearing a light bue dress that showed all her curves the dress finnished just before her knees and her hair was light brown and curled.

I climbed out of my car and walked up to Liam

"What we going to do mate their at a party" He pulled out his phone and texted the others the adress and told them to bring some guns just in case

"We are going to follow them" He said shoving his phone back into his pocket

"Dont you think were a little underdressed?" I said looking at my grey t-shirt and torn jeans then at his white top and skinny jeans

"Good point um..... Oh I know follow me" He started to head towards the mansion then pulled two men into a bush I quickly followed and Liam had knocked them out and was undressing them and putting his clothes on them. I helped and dress up in the suit which was a little tight but it still fit.

When we looked ok we walked into the mansion and tried to look for the girls but they were no-where to be seen then I realised what they were up to.

"Liam we need to find a member of this gang now!" He looked at me then realised where I was coming from and nodded

We made our way through the people dancing and grinding when I saw a familiar shade of blue. I ditched Liam and followed the familiar curls towards the kitchen. She turned around for a second long enough for me to see her face though she was beautiful any normal man would love to get their hands on a girl as pretty as her.

She had deep emerald eyes with long lashes. She had a dazzling smile and pearly white teeth but when she saw I was following she sped up her pace looking back accsionaly to see if I was still following. She turned a courner I followed but she seemed to have dissapeared. I frantically turned around trying to find all to no avail so I gave up and tried to find Liam.

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