Join me

"Join me" I looked at him and studied his face. I took a step forward
"But what will happen to my friends?" He smiled and shook his head his blue eyes turning darker.
"Thats up to you" I thought if I say no he could hurt them or worse
"Fine" His smile grew bigger
"Great now follow me" He turned around and when I didnt follow he beckoned me so I did as I was told and followed

Sorry theres no cover it wont let me put it on for some reason D:


6. No!


Harry's Pov

"Well what should we do about them then?" Liam asked as me and Niall sat down on the sofa

"I dont know Li but we need to at least try and stop them from hurting anyone else" Lou said as he paced the room

"How about we try and scare them off?" Zayn said as he got a beer out of the fridge

"I don't think that will work Zyan" I say and think of how that brunett had been holding that bow of hers.She was a very confident woman.

"You guys arnt going to like this but what about killing them as they wont listen to us?" Liam said. We all faced him shocked

(M= Me, N= Niall, Z= Zyan, Li= Liam, Lo= Lou)

"No we will not become murderer's!" (Lo)

"woah calm down mate" (Z)

"Well I dont want to kill anyone you listening?"(Lo)

"Do you have a better Idea?"(Li)

"I do maybe we try and reason with them?"(M)

"Um I dont think they will listen to us Haz"(N)

"Well they might not listen to us but they might listen to another girl!"(M)

"Where we gonna get another girl?"(Lo)

"I got the perfect person in mind now you wait here I'll go and call her"(M) They all looked at me as I walked out the room towards mine.

Hi Sorry I havent been writting for a while I've been ill and have just got over it :( But expect some more chapters over the next few days :D

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