The hollywood scandle



2. living as a band B5:

Brayn's P.O.V.

Bryan Breeding:hey Ray ray wats up.

Raven Sherman:i texted to Raven. i was sitting in my bed thinking of her.

nothing much. u.

Bryan Breeding: well is was wondering if u wanted to Cary with me.

Raven Sherman: sure. y not.i was just watching ur video say yes.

Bryan Breeding: i smiled 10 times harder this time. i don't know what it was. maybe it was the fact that she said yes or maybe it was the fact that she most likely had watched  my video about 19 times.

Raven Sherman:so about wat time do u think i should b ready?

Bryan Breeding: around five is dat cool wit u.

Raven Sherman:yeah. ill b ready by five i promise.

Raven's P.O.V.

i was still sitting at the computer. this time i was looking at the video heartbreak.









it definitely remained me of my ex- boy friend who i dated before i moved Atlanta. but it was time to get over him. i told myself i would.

 Raven Sherman:  I'm goin' to see Carrie tonight.

i texted my best female friend Alli Simpson. she moved here around the same time i did. but she's been my friend even before that.

Alli Simpson: are goin' wit anybody?

Raven Sherman: yea. of course. I'm not goin' 2 a scary movie by myself.

Alli Simpson: who r u goin wit?

Raven Sherman:yes girl. u no i would never lie to u.

Raven Sherman:r u serious?

Alli Simpson:so wat do u think Cody would say about this?

Raven Sherman:yes girl. u no i would never lie to u.

Alli Simpson:wat do u think Cody would think about?

Raven Sherman:girl I'm not worried about him. and u should no that. I'm hoping that today is the day we finally make it official.

Alli Simpson:i hope so too. u guys look like a cute couple. but Cody still thinks u like him. and wonders were he stands in all this

Raven Sherman:i think so too. and Cody's just a friend that's it . I'll tell hem that myself.

Alli Simpson:oh well have a good time on ur date

Raven Sherman:its not a date or at lest i think its not

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