Is It Worth It?!

My name is Leanna Matthews. 3 years ago I dated Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from the world's biggest boyband. The thing is I have a daughter named Darcy Marie Styles- Matthews. Harry doesn't know about her and neither does the boys.......


32. Chapter 24

Leann's P.O.V

*2 hours later*

I woke up in a dark surrounding, no memory of what has happened. I tried standing but each attempt was a failure. The pain in my head became worse each time as well.

The moment that I was finally able to stand on my feet I was yanked back down by something restraining my arms behind my back.

I crawled on my knees to where the chain was holding me and felt a pole. I followed it until I was fully standing on my own two feet. A light switched on and a man stood in the doorway. The room was so small with a toilet, sink, and bed nothing else no windows or closets.

The man takes a step towards me but I back away until I am stopped by a wall.

"Hello princess"

"Where's my daughter?"

"She's in a good place no harm done."

"Please just let her go she's only a child there's nothing that she's done wrong"

He croaked out such a sinful laugh. Something that sounded so familiar to me, like I've heard it a thousand times


"She's fine both of you are as long as you corporate."

He moved closer taking my head into his hands, examining me and leaned in kissing me. I turned my head disconnecting us. He chuckled.

"Come on princess don't be so difficult"

He tried to kiss me again but I pulled away once again. The next feeling was my head being slammed back against the pole repeatedly until everything went black.

*1 hour later*

I woke up once again but not attached to the pole. This time I was on a chair tied up. I kept my head down and eyes closed.

"Oh look there Darcy mommy is awake"

"Yay! Mommy can we go home now"

My head shot up at the voice even though it was causing the worst pain possible.

"No Darc you can't go home yet. Your mommy has been a bad girl and needs to be punished."

"You can't punish mommy"

"Why not"

"Cause she's a big girl"

The man stood up placing Darcy in the chair he was in and walked over setting up a video camera.

"I want you to watch this little one. This is what happens when you miss behave"

He came towards me and knelt to my level. Examining my face then stood back up. His fist collided with my cheek and he repeated this action more than 10 times. Next he grabbed my hair pulling me up while I was still tied to the chair, untied the rope and then threw me across the room.

"Please stop"

I whispered to him he smirked and crouched down in front of me.

"Why should I stop this is fun"

"Please don't do this in front of my daughter. She doesn't need to see this. Please"

He got up and grabbed Darcy taking her out the room. He came back in a couple seconds later.


"No more please"

He grabbed my hair once again pulling me up. My body slammed against the bed, he climbed to the top of it tying both my arms up and moved to the bottom doing the same to my feet. When getting off the bed he laid a punch to my chest cavity. All the air in my lungs escaped. I couldn't breath as the tears flowed from my eyes I've never been in so much pain. The man, who I still have yet to identify, left the room and turned off the lights leaving me in darkness and pain.

Harry's P.O.V

All day the only thing I have read was the last text session Leanna and I had. My flight was cancelled so I am stuck at the airport not able to get to Leanna until it's too late.

*flashback to text messages*


Hey babe, I'm really sorry about everything


Go away Harry


I'm sorry okay. It didn't mean anything I was just completely wasted and caught in the moment. It was a mistake.



You know what Harry you and I were the mistake not your actions. Me thinking you could actually go without wanting another girl but I was wrong.


I'm trying so hard to show you how much I regret what I did but you're not letting me. I'm putting so much effort into this relationship.


Maybe you should stop focusing on what was us and just maintain a relationship with your daughter. She's the one that truly needs you not me. Goodbye Harry.


Stop you don't mean that come back please.

*end of flashback*

That is the last I heard from her. She left me on read and I left her with a broken heart.

"Flight to Philadelphia now boarding"

Finally! I can go win my love back.




THANK YOU TO Emily McCaslin for giving me an idea for the story I really appreciate you helping me.

I love you all

Instagram: _shaemarie & lashae_ayanna

Snapchat: triple_dribble

Twitter: LThomas2018

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