Is It Worth It?!

My name is Leanna Matthews. 3 years ago I dated Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from the world's biggest boyband. The thing is I have a daughter named Darcy Marie Styles- Matthews. Harry doesn't know about her and neither does the boys.......


29. Chapter 23

Leanna's P.O.V
There's no way Harry would do that  to me. He always promised that we'd never be one of those couples. The ones that cheat on each other, that keep secrets, that when one was no longer having feelings for the other we'd talk about it. But he broke those things he promised. 

"Gosh I'm such an idiot!"

I was still on the couch but Bridgit and Jade came over so that I could express how I was feeling. That sad thing is I couldn't but into words how I was feeling. It's like part of me knew it was destined to happen that we wouldn't last long. I guess my nightmares came true. 

"Lea, you gotta open up to us"
"Yeah it's not good to keep these kinds of feelings in"
"I have nothing to say"

My phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID it was Harry of course. I pressed the answer button. I know this is a dumb move but I wanna see if he would tell me about it. 

"Hey babe!"
"Your happy?"
"Yeah why wouldn't I be?"
"You didn't see...never mind"
"See what?"

My heart dropped he wasn't going to tell me what I already knew happened. Great!

"You know Harry there was this really interesting thing in the television today. It has pictures as well. There was a guy that I thought loved me and his child then beside him was a really beautiful woman."
"Lea, babe-"
"No Styles, I'm not finished. There was also a story. How'd it go again? oh yeah the two held hands and walked into Styles hotel where the rest became history. As well as the relationship he had back in America"

Before he could answer I ended the call. The phone rang about 6 more times before I turned it off. His number was blocked on the house phone. 

Harry's P.O.V
F*ck! I'm such a screw up. How could I ever do this to her. I just got her back and she's already gone. 

"Mate, calm down try calling her from my phone"
"Thanks Niall, I appreciate it"

I called her number and she answered after the third ring. 

"Leanna please just"

I have to make it up to her I need her to listen to me. 

"I have to go to her. There's no way she'll answer any calls knowing that it'll most likely be me."
"Mate, do what you have to do but make sure it's the right decision and make sure you give her the space needed"

Zayn was right. I need to give her space to take everything in hit I can't do that I need her to knows that it was a mistake. I took my phone out and booked the next flight to Philadelphia. 
I know it's going to take time for me to finally get her to listen to me but I will do everything in this earth to make it possible. 

Leanna's P.O.V

It's about 5:00 right now Darcy and I have been out at the park. Since three but the sun is starting to set. 
I figured it'd be best to get out the house and away from the social things in life that only revolves around the life of famous people and who they are involved with. 
Ever since having those dreams of Darcy and I getting separated in the park I haven't been able to walk the same path with a safe feeling. It just doesn't feel right. There's no one else here which makes it worse. 

"Mommy can we go get ice cream?"
"Not today sweetie mommy doesn't have the money for it"

She looked up at me with a sad expression but it's true. I don't have enough money for anything lately. Ever since my bosses found out that Harry and I were together they cut back my paycheck switch some excuse of me being over paid and not needing the money. 
A hand came up and touched my lower back. I stepped forward clutching Darcy closer to me turning around to keep Darcy out the reach of the unknown person. 

"Hey babe, how've you been?"
"Once again there is nothing between us anymore do not call me that"

I turned and walked away. He jogged up in front of me. 

"Okay I'm sorry but I overheard Darcy wanting ice cream and I was going to buy you ladies some"
"No thanks we're fine"

I stepped around him. He followed in silence behind us. I didn't care but once we got to the end of the block it was time fir him to go. 

"Alright, thanks for walking with us since it's dark now but you should probably head home now. "
"Yeah you're right, Goodnight ladies"

I watched him turn the corner and leave.  Once he was no longer in view I turned to finish walking holding Darcy in my arms. 
Stepping into the house the surrounding areas were completely trashed. F*ck I swear it's one thing after another. Taking out my phone I began to dial 911. 

"Do you think you wanna do that sweetheart?"

My heart dropped instantly 

"Please we don't have anything to give I swear. If I could help I would but we're in a bad situation at the moment."

Another man appeared and snatched Darcy away from me.


A sharp pain ran through my head as everything around me went dark. The last thing I heard was the sound of my angel yelling my name. 

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